Mar. 20th, 2017

crossover_chick: Doc in goggles and holding a big old plug with the words "feeling sparky..." (BTTF: feeling sparky/creative)
Most in terms of credit cards -- a lot of people made CC-based gifts over the weekend! Lended my coworker a hand in matching them all up with the right people. . .and I had my own import to do, plus the monthly direct debit and credit card payments on pledges. . .the latter of which decided not to work for some unknown reason. *grumble* I left it with my supervisor to play with when I went home this afternoon. Hopefully she can figure out what happened!

Evening has been pretty busy too -- writing more on "Fixing You," catching up with comics, tumblr, finally answering a long DW PM, doing some queuing on VictorLuvsAlice (my Sims post for the week, which features mainly Victor and Alice being cute with their daughter), and all that good stuff. Better to get it done now than later, of course, but I wish I'd had a little more time to breathe. Maybe tomorrow will be a little better in that regard.

Still no word on the house, btw. Kind of annoys me that the guy would set a solid deadline for "final offers" and then not get back to anyone. *grumble* I guess I'll find out about that tomorrow too. As it is, I really need to get to bed -- night all!

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