Mar. 25th, 2017

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Temperatures were decent, though, which is nice. I thought it was going to be a lot worse. No driving though, as my parents first went to see a house in Smithfield (verdict from outside -- looks okay, on a hill but isn't steep on both sides, seeing the inside on Monday), and then went grocery shopping as we basically had almost no food. We'll see what tomorrow brings, since I believe it's supposed to be icky-awful.

Rest of the day has been pretty good:

-->Reunited Victor and Scraps in "Fixing You," and brought Elder Gutknecht into the bar so I didn't have to bug him in his tower. I think Chapter 4 is close to wrapping up now -- Chapter 5 will focus on Wonderland stuff, mainly Victor and Alice exploring some of the domains (including the intro of Victor's Wonderland outfits). And then we'll move onto getting into Victor's head. . . So far it doesn't look like there's going to be a lot of chapters, but I'm fully expecting a lot of rejiggering and possible additions of extra adventures (one half-formed idea -- introducing June and Bonejangles somehow) once the first draft is done. We'll see how it goes!

-->Watched Helloween's RE7 sets of the week. Which included a giant gloppy boss monster with obvious glowing weak points.

IT'S A RESIDENT EVIL GAME AFTER ALL! :D No, seriously, the game has suddenly taken rather a hard swing, at least in Hells' and my eyes, from pants-wetting to kinda campy, and I am totally on board. Suddenly I feel like I'm actually watching a Resident Evil game. Hooray, I don't have to worry so much about this series giving me nightmares! (It hasn't, actually, but the early stages, PARTICULARLY the mother's bug-themed area, are not stuff I'd watch without Helloween's commentary. Yick.)

-->Played some Sims 4 -- well, after getting the game to patch itself after the update got stuck "in queue." Just another day on the job with Emmett -- he's upgraded his Sim Ray to make people change clothes (though I haven't actually tried that out yet), and created a satellite dish to contact aliens! And mind control the neighborhood, though since I chose the "just be happy" option there, I didn't see much effect. Ah well. I also took a moment to place a Maxis-made nightclub, Club Slate, in Forgotten Hollow to give Sims a reason to visit beyond dropping in on someone's house (which -- I have not actually done yet since you couldn't in Sims 2 and I'm not used to having the option). I made it a Vampire Nexus to encourage the bloodsuckers to patronize it -- now any of my Sims who visit can make vampire friends! :) Though I don't think Marty will be wanting to go down there anytime soon. . .

-->Watched Linkara's latest review -- "Reagan's Raiders," a goofy-in-concept-but-kinda-bland-in-execution "parody" comic that makes Reagan a superhero going up against rather incompetent terrorists. Linkara was not particularly impressed. XD There was also storyline, yay! . . .Not particularly pleasant storyline, as Linkara is getting pissy beyond all belief about events in his life, but still.

-->And I've been spending a good chunk of time on TV Tropes, because -- well, you know me. I have free time, I have to fill it with tropes. :P

So yeah, typical Saturday I suppose. Nice to just have a quiet day to enjoy with games and videos. :) And now I'm off to Valice Multiverse to answer a few things. Night all!
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