Mar. 28th, 2017

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Another miserable, rainy day today. This morning was more just foggy (hella foggy, in fact), but the rain moved in this afternoon and has been on and off ever since. It's coming down pretty heavily right now. Tomorrow's supposed to clear up and be reasonably nice, same for Thursday --

And then Friday they're calling for rain and possible wet snow.


*headdesk* And it's supposed to rain Saturday too! Sunday's the only decent day of the three, and I already HAVE something happening that day! *grumble* It's not like I haven't taken mall trips in less-than-decent weather before, but wet snow sounds like a bit much to wade through. Mom's telling me they might change the forecast -- cross your fingers, I guess!

On the plus side, it was a pretty productive day today -- we got the weekly reports out pretty smoothly, which is good. And I managed to get a ton done on my lunch break -- namely, writing up real summaries for my Forgotten Vows and Secundus explanatory posts on the Valice Multiverse. So those have been edited, and the Queen Wins verse post queued up. Holy crap, I can see the finish line for getting my Verses page done over there. . .

I also started a new chapter in "Fixing You" -- Victor and Alice are off to Wonderland! The beginning's a bit rough, and I'm feeling like I there should be more of a buffer between the Land of the Dead bit and Wonderland, but I can fix that later. For now, I'm gonna concentrate on the fun times that are coming up. And the more angsty times, since this brings up the plot point that Victor's not quite over what Bumby did to him. . . But first funtimes with Wonderland costumes. :D

And I did some more queuing on my main tumblr -- got another snippet of Londerland Bloodlines up. It's a darker one than some of the others, but I hope people will enjoy it nonetheless. And for those that won't, I did try to tag the hell out of it.

So yeah, even with the lousy weather making me grumpy, I suppose this was a good day. Hopefully tomorrow will also be decent. Better get to bed and see -- night all!
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