Apr. 1st, 2017

crossover_chick: Victor leaning over to look at a blue butterfly in a glass jar (CB: i has a happy thing)
As promised, a good chunk of my day was spent watching Helloween's LP of Nier: Automata! It's been a good run so far -- the story concerns an android fighting force trying to take back earth from an invasion of alien machines while the humans wait on the moon. Except that these "machines" are looking less like enemies and more like people now. . . Also there's a bit where a bunch of them are simulating an orgy, then attack the heroes, then form a sort of womb and "give birth" to another android -- and another android climbs out of HIM when the heroes manage to kill the first.

It's THAT sort of game, much like the original Nier. I'm enjoying it, and I'm looking forward to just how much weirder and depressing it's going to get (because the studio that does these games rarely does happy -- I was honestly shocked when a sidequest ended with someone safely being returned to their sibling). Glory To Mankind! (Also, thanks to a comment referencing the "Android Hell" bit from Portal, I'm already fighting off AU thoughts with Chell and Wheatley. My brain, seriously. . .)

Things I have managed to do aside from the N:A marathon:

-->Write some more on "Fixing You" -- Victor got jumped by a Slithering Ruin; Alice killed it and then felt bad because she promised him he wouldn't get hurt. He assured her it was okay, and the Vorpal Fork was reintroduced. :) Next up, montage sequence! I already know all the places I want to hit. :)

-->Play Sims 4 -- Eric Embers finally had a day on the job again! Wasn't TOO exciting, but he got some fingerprinting and evidence analysis done, and took Victor's crime report about somebody playing with matches near a playground. The real draw of the day was the romance festival coming into town -- once Eric was out of work, I had Nikal take advantage of it to have a sort-of-date with Emmett. Went well, mostly -- for some reason, Nikal got jealous just as I was getting their romantic relationship up to a decent level! I didn't SEE Emmett flirt with anyone else. . . But I made her get over it enough for them to have their first kiss. And she got a new t-shirt out of the deal too, which ended up in a whole new outfit. So yeah, that's cool.

-->Watched an April Fool's video from Helloween -- he more or less recreated one of his early F.E.A.R. sets, right down to the crappy video and audio quality. I thought he'd sneakily reuploaded one of his older videos until I read the comments. XD (Though I did start to wonder when he made a comment about the enemies moving when you kicked or punched them after death on higher physics levels, a clear reference to the famous "party bodies" of his reLP. . .)

-->Watched another Sims 1 set from The Sim Supply -- he finally repaired his shower, and got his adult sims into the crafting business -- his "father" makes paintings, his "mother" makes gnomes and gargoyles. He seems to finally be getting the hang of the game again. We'll see how long he lasts!

And I'm currently finishing up catching up on tumblr and doing some things there. . .will have to go to bed soon, though. I have to get up early thanks to the Sunday brunch thing with my coworkers I'm attending with Mom. Over in West Warwick, 10 to 1 -- and then Mom wants to stop at the fabric store and maybe pass by a house on the way back. Hoping we can also stop at a Newbury's so I can see if I can catch up on my Biff To The Futures. . . At any rate, it should be a decent day out. I just kinda miss not getting to stay up late and then sleep in. Ah well, get the chance next weekend. . .and then I have an extra-long one after that thanks to Easter, yay :)

But that's for the future. For now, I should do my final few messages and then hit the sack. Night all!

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