Apr. 10th, 2017

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As expected, my morning was rather busy -- scrambling to get stuff like the credit cards and last Friday's import done so I could get up-to-date numbers on our totals to give to one of my bosses, while my supervisor had a physical and one of my other coworkers ended up coming in late as she wasn't feeling well (bad heartburn). And one of those credit cards looked weird, so I had to hand it over to my supervisor later -- turned out to be just a guy making both a pledge and a one-time-gift, which we don't get often. And then I still had GL to do, which took a bit, and then a stock gift, and then we decided to get a head-start on tomorrow's weekly reports. . . Yeah, it was just one of those "don't stop for nothing" days. On the plus side, I got out a bit early (building closed for a religious thing) -- on the minus side, there was a NASTY accident on the way home and I got held up. (Genuinely horrible accident, though -- the entire side of the car was caved in! D:) Still got home earlier than normal, though only by about fifteen minutes. Between all of that and my period fucking with my concentration levels anyway. . .yeah, I'm about ready to just bury my head in the pillows.

I want it noted I did get some writing done! Not on "Fixing You," but I did a little Secundus drabble based on a piece of art from the A:MR artbook I reblogged for "Secundus Sunday" on my blog. I also, despite my brain's best efforts, caught up on Comics Curmudgeon, Cake Wrecks, and my Victor Luvs Alice tumblr dash. No additions to my queue, but I got the pictures I need resized and saved in the right place. And I got 99% of a PM I need to answer written on my lunch break (even WITH having taken a walk -- weather was decent, about 65F in the city), so I can probably get myself to do the ending sentences and post that. Man, am I glad the worst of my brainfog only lasts one day. . .

So yeah. Let me finish my postings, and then I'm off to bed. Two more days to go! Night!
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