Apr. 11th, 2017

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TRAFFIC FROM HELL coming home today. I don't know what happened beyond "there must have been an accident or five," but we were just CRAWLING most of the day home. I got in at like 5:42 -- for reference, usually I get in at 5:10. A whole half-hour extra of sitting around on the bus and slowly growing to hate life. >.< God, I hope we can find a house closer to work. . .

Work itself wasn't bad -- it was busy, but not really crazy-busy, which helps. Just more parish reports, imports, GL, the usual. A few questions here and there on stuff, but nothing too bad. And tomorrow we should have full staff, which'll help. Hopefully I can get all my maintenance cleared up at last. That would be nice.

Fortunately for my continued sanity, tonight's episode of "Whose Line?" (we're rewatching the whole thing thanks to CW Seed having all the American episodes) was a hilarious classic -- the Richard Simmons episode! Featuring the "jetski," yes. XD I was literally worn out from laughing afterward. XD And then I managed to get a page on "Fixing You" detailing Victor's problem with moving between worlds now. I really do plop a lot of shit on his head, don't I? At least this problem's relatively easy to fix and avoid, so. . .

Okay, I'm coming up on "stayed up too late" again -- time to finish up things and head to bed. At least there's only one more day to get through. . . Wish me luck! Night all!

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