Apr. 14th, 2017

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Yes, those were two of my main activities -- bingeing on Helloween's Nier: Automata sets (all about an hour long! Plus a sixteen-minute "okay here's some backstory on the lore and how it ties into Drakengard 1 & 3 and the original Nier" vid) and getting out for a proper walk! Weather was finally nice enough to allow for that. :) Of course, since I'm unused to it after staying inside for the winter, I got a couple of little blisters -- stopped by the local drugstore to pick up some band-aids so I can wrap the affected areas and avoid the situation in future. Also got a mini-bag of Cadbury chocolate mini-eggs, as those are my favorite candy in the world and I can only get them around Easter. :D Delicious!

But yeah, the N:A stuff was good -- shit is starting to go down, and we are preparing to have the feels. And the giant robot fights. Of which we've already gotten a fair bit. Incredible stuff, honestly. Helloween loves the game, and I'm loving it right along with him, frankly. If I had more time for vidya games, I'd probably play a lot more of the less-explicitly-horror titles he plays. As it is, I already had to skip my planned Sims 4 session to catch up on the YouTubes today, so yeah. And I'm still not fully caught up -- tomorrow I might dedicate to Chrono Trigger, since he uploaded the next set of that early.

Other stuff I have done includes:

-->Writing Victor trying to insist he got Bumby out of his head and thus he is fine now and forever, and Alice not buying that for a second in "Fixing You"

-->Getting both the next bit of my old "Rabbit Hunt" series and a Secundus short inspired by the A:MR artbook up on the website

-->. . .actually, that's about it as I'm currently in the middle of catching up on/RPing on tumblr. Like I said, long N:A sets are LONG. Though I did have a convo with a friend where I learned some necessary information about her AU that I have to do a write-up for on my Valice Multiverse account -- hopefully I can find the time and brainpower to polish that up this weekend and get it up!

Anyway, as above, I'm in the middle of a massive tumblr catch-up and keeping up with a few replies on Valice Multiverse, so I'd better get back to both of those. And so the long rolling Saturday continues. . .Night all!
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