Apr. 15th, 2017

crossover_chick: picture of Alice (Wonderland) in front of the swirling purple Wonderland tunnel (AMA: Alice down the rabbit hole)
Chillier and windier today (plus it started looking like it was going to rain later in the afternoon), so it was another day spent largely catching up on video stuff. Here's the basics:

-->Finished off the next chapter of "Fixing You," with Alice convincing Victor to let her into his head (and me coming up with scenes to add later to help flesh his problems out more) -- fairly emotional stuff as Alice points out that, while she loves him, she can't marry a man who keeps pushing her away out of a misguided desire to never need help again. Hits Victor hard, but it's a smack he needs, honestly. And they'll be even stronger together after the "fixing you" of the title, I think.

-->Played Sims 4 -- Victor and Alice day! And new challenge day -- there's one going on that involves the old PlantSims! Basically, they've randomly turned some NPCs planty, and you can gather magic beans from them, put them in a special stump, and grow a tree portal to another world where you can find a fruit to turn yourself temporarily into a PlantSim. Unfortunately Victor and Alice didn't meet many PlantSims, and my playstyle makes it unlikely I'll get any of those beans before the challenge ends on May 4th. Unless I go full ham with another Van Dort family day. . .or have Emmett do it on his day in the interest of science. Hmm.

Well, at any rate, the Van Dorts did get to do something special -- visit the Humor and Hijinks festival with their daughter Emma! Not too much to it, but it proved that you CAN travel to other lots with a toddler, and there was some cute play interactions while they were there. :) Have five million pictures to sort through, of course, but hey, worth it.

-->Watched Helloween's two latest Chrono Trigger sets, which remain loads of fun. :) We have seen Ayla beat a metric fuckton of dinosaur ass, and learned the backstory of Frog, who was once called Glenn. Also went up against one of the big bads, though not the biggest bad. That's for later. :p It's so cute to hear Helloween get all enthusiastic about the game as he plays and cheer the characters on whenever they get a crit. Nice contrast to the Snarkoween or Rageoween that shows up in his main LPs sometimes.

-->Caught up on some stuff from my Watch Later list -- more WhatCulture and OutsideXBox videos (including more RE7 stuff -- they kindly played some of the DLC, so that was interesting).

-->Currently doing some RPing on Valice Multiverse while watching some more videos in between replies. Because multitasking! (Hey, might as well kill two birds with one stone, right?)

One more day of freedom -- and it's supposed to be beautiful out. Plans include more writing (either more "Fixing You" in some form, or possibly a brief break to fool around with other AU snippets); a walk; finishing off the last of the Helloween sets (another DS3 with Rufert and the end of the Rufert/Kiko/Helloween read of "The Eye of Argon"), watching the latest Linkara video at last, and getting more of my queue done for my main tumblr. Oh, and at least starting the Giovanni stuff in Bloodlines. The usual busy Sunday.

Right now, though, it's technically still Saturday, so let me see what replies I have. Night all!

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