Apr. 16th, 2017

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Not that we actually did anything -- my Mom even forgot that it was Easter! I'm not too fussed, though. The one thing I really wanted -- those Cadbury mini-eggs -- I got on Friday. All the celebration I needed. :P

Weather was absolutely BEAUTIFUL today! Good enough that we officially took the plastic off the windows and switched back to the screens. Felt good to give my room a proper airing-out! I also took a walk, which was nice -- got a bit hot and sweaty, and ended up chewing up my heel a bit (I did put a band-aid on it before I left, but I ended up sweating it off during the walk), but all in all good times. I also went ahead and FINALLY took the opportunity to wear the Doc Brown shirt I got for Christmas (or my birthday? Can't remember just now). It's freaking huge on me but I don't mind. Between that and watching a bit of Part II with lunch (it was playing on TBS), I feel like I got a good dose of Backie pride today. :p

Oh, that reminds me -- I forgot to mention that me and the family watched the first episode of the new Netflix MST3K last night! Reptilicus, an awful Danish monster movie. XD My thoughts so far are: "They're clearly still trying to find themselves, but the jokes that hit are really good." I'm still getting used to Jonah as a host, and I'm not sure what to make of the Mads yet either. (Other than, did you really have to name the new Forrester Kinga? What is that. Patton so far as TV's Frank's son Max is good, though.) And I'm currently not a fan of Tom Servo's new voice -- it's such a radical departure from the one I'm used to. We'll see what happens as we watch more episodes (we're planning on making it a new Saturday thing for a while -- dinner and a show, basically). I think part of the problem on my end too is that Jonah's tenure so far is very Joel-inspired, while I am admittedly more of a Mike girl because I was introduced to the show during its Sci-Fi days. Not to say I don't enjoy Joel episodes, Mike just feels more familiar to me. Like I said, we'll see what happens.

As for what happened today:

-->Started next chapter of "Fixing You" with Victor a ball of nerves about what he and Alice are going to find in his mind; Alice manages to give him a pep talk saying she's sure he can defeat whatever they come across

-->Played the "Italian Dinner" mission in Bloodlines -- Harry snuck into the Giovanni mansion under an assumed name, got some dirt on some of the family members (and then $200 for ratting out two of them to a third), got another member to show him the room where they make the zombies (though I think her script glitched out a bit -- she disappeared just as we reached said zombies), and then killed zombies before coming across the Chang brothers, killing them, and retrieving the sarcophagus. Also a XP-boosting artifact and a book Pisha wanted. Sarcophagus was delivered to the prince, who started complaining when he couldn't get it open, and I got my next quest from the delightfully sarcastic Beckett (who also upped my Protean discipline for free, even if I don't use it much -- you are amazing Beckett). Finished off Pisha's quest by giving her the book in exchange for a defense-boosting artifact, then grabbed some money from Venus at Confession, then had to reload after my attempt at getting a snack went sour and ended up in a very persistent policeman looking for me. *grump* Safely back in my Downtown haven for now, prepping for the professor-hunting!

-->Watched Linkara take on an episode of the Iron Man animated series (which I didn't even know existed!). Silly clip show stuff, handily snarked by my favorite comic guru. XD

-->Watched the next DS3 set with Helloween and Rufert, which involved doors that the protagonists SHOULD have been able to shimmy through but couldn't because reasons, and a side mission that reveals more of Carver's fairly tragic backstory. It's actually handled interestingly (Helloween, playing Carver, is actually seeing different things from Rufert, playing Isaac), but a lot of it is still just standard "monster corridor" stuff. Also a horrible strobe-light section that just -- bleeeh. Also watched Helloween, Rufert, and Kikoskia take on the last bit of "The Eye of Argon" -- much snarking was done, much laughter over stupid words and phrases was had. Seriously, I love these guys. XD Kinda hoping they do another stupid read-along at some point. Or at least more Goldhawke.

-->Did an Easter post for the Inkwell: Egg hunt time! Because one of the characters is (or at least prefers to be) a small girl, and egg hunts are required at Easter for them.

-->And I just managed to finish catching up on my tumblr (someone stop me from leaving it on weekends) and do some queuing. Busy busy busy~

Okay, I have a couple of last-minute messages to attend to, and then I have to hit the sack. Back to regular work weeks tomorrow *deep sigh* Wish me luck! Night all!

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