Apr. 17th, 2017

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One of these days I will set out to do something and not get distracted halfway through -- tonight's example being catching up on my favorite webcomics and ending up going through a chunk of the archives of El Goonish Shive. I mean, good comic, but I had a bunch of other stuff to catch up on too! Brain, why do you do this. . .

On the plus side, I did get caught up on most of the things I wanted to get caught up on:

-->Victor Luvs Alice tumblr dashboard


-->Comics Curmudgeon and Cake Wrecks

-->My DW Reading page (because I've been kind of skimming over that lately)

-->One fanfic that updated like a week ago that I skimmed over the latest chapter of and that I've been meaning to read properly and leave a review

Of course, that still leaves some other stuff I meant to do (finish off an answer to a DW PM, get the pictures for my upcoming Sims entry edited, post an RP comment, read the other fanfic that popped up a week ago that I've been meaning to properly read and review), but it's 11:30, so those are going to have to wait. I also didn't do anything with "Fixing You," though I did write -- I just did a random scene from a different AU (that coffeshop one my friend Auntie Keith came up with on tumblr, in fact). In fact, it hit about a page, so yeah, won't complain about my lack of focus there. Maybe I use it all up between writing and work. Which, better than NOT being focused while at work, especially during this time of the year (lots of money coming in), but still. . .

Bleh. Don't want to end this on a sad note. I got some shit done, so there's that. Just have to figure out how to use my time better. I used to be able to get through stuff quicker -- I can manage that again. Maybe if I wasn't so obsessed with keeping up with every damn post on my tumblr dashboard (this is why I'm not currently following anyone on Valice Multiverse -- too much to deal with)...

Figure it out later. Bed now. Night all!
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