Apr. 22nd, 2017

Sick Day

Apr. 22nd, 2017 11:14 pm
crossover_chick: Doc snoozing on his couch (BTTF: exhausted)
Fortunately I'm not THAT sick -- if it's a cold, it's the mildest one I've had in a while. A few stuffy moments and a slight sore throat -- the main symptom has been a solid whack from the "tired" hammer. As a result, I haven't done much of anything truly "productive" today -- no writing, took the day off RPing (though, since I'd managed to get some replies drafted on my lunch hour at work on Friday, I was able to do a queue tonight), and no video games. I didn't even get out of my pajamas all day! Today has been all about two things:

-->Catching up on my main tumblr (did a massive read-through this morning of my dash, and I did manage to do my Song Saturday and some other reblogs)

-->Watching YouTube videos -- mainly, Helloween's Nier: Automata sets (which featured some boss fights with super-cool music, and our first "main" ending achieved (Nier: and its mother franchise Drakengard goes in for the "stacked" endings) -- we've finished "A," and now we're going for "B!") and his latest Chrono Trigger set (more Ayla goodness in prehistoric beat-em-up times, and a visit to a magical floating kingdom). Chose those because a) good times, and b) they're the longest sets -- I'm going out tomorrow with the parents to some open houses (assuming I don't feel worse, but I'm feeling better now, so I doubt it), so best I save the shorter stuff for Sunday afternoon.

So yeah, at least something got scratched off the to-do list. . .I don't really mind, though. I think I needed a day where I could just screw around and watch YouTube stuff. Maybe my brain and body just said "nope" after the stressful week I just had. *shrug* Gonna try and be more proactive tomorrow, though. I'm up to a decent place in "Fixing You," and I want to play Emmett in Sims 4 and have him try to fulfill the PlantSim Challenge.

Right now, though, I think I'm gonna watch some more WhatCulture videos, and try to be in bed by one at the latest, just like last night. Night all, sleep tight!

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