May. 16th, 2017

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Started off a touch cool, but the high was around 77 F -- in fact, I think I saw 80 on one of the electronic signs coming home! Dressed light and took a nice walk around the block at lunch. :D Good times, good times. . .

What wasn't so good was the building STILL BEING FREAKING FREEZING. I actually had to put the little heater on again in the morning! Took forever for the office to properly warm up, yeesh. At least I had my jacket to wear. Opening the windows seemed to help too. Still, hoping it's not as cold tomorrow. Makes it rough to work.

Not much to report on for the day. Work was pretty much entirely about getting the Parish Weekly reports out. Takes rather more time when there's just two of us working on it, rather than three, but it all got done in the end. At least tomorrow I can play catch-up a bit with the things I didn't get to.

At home, I got another healthy chunk done on Victor designing his own Wonderland -- ditched Burtonsville entirely for a forest scene with strong Land of the Dead elements. (As well as some stuff borrowed from the Vale of Tears and Nier: Automata's Forest Kingdom.) And I hinted at the other domains I came up with for him, which was fun. Almost done with this chapter, then there's some final clean-up work, then the wedding! :) And then letting the story sit for a bit so I can come back to it with fresher eyes for editing. Although I'll probably go back and add in some bits first from my notes.

Queues for both tumblrs are set -- I had a nice burst of inspiration for an AU Thursday post, so that was nice. And I know what I'm doing for Friday too, so I'll get that up soon. I've also cleared out my inbox of all comments and PMs, go me. In fact, I'd say I'm just about done online!

...So I should really just go to bed right now before something comes up. :p Night all!
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