May. 19th, 2017

crossover_chick: Victor on the ground with one hand up with the text "Nooo! Anything but the fangirls!" (CB: save Victor from the fangirls!)
Yup -- have actually managed to do something semi-productive with my evening and watched Linkara's "Secret Wars" review/retrospective! Not being a comics person, I really only knew of it as "how Spidey got the Venom symbiote," so it was interesting to see just how complex and kind of awesome it was. Doom's arc in particular is pretty fascinating. Good stuff! :)

The rest of the day has been pretty typical for a Friday -- quiet day at work, followed by me goofing off and hitting TV Tropes for a while. Managed to pull myself off before I got in too deep for a change, mostly because I did want to watch at least ONE video. My shoe-shopping expedition tomorrow with Mom is going to make catching up on the YouTubes a bit tricky, after all. Thinking I might watch the next Obscure 2 set from Hells too. . .or maybe go through my Watch Later queue -- the finale of The Sim Supply's Vampire series is up. :D So much to watch, so little time. . .

I did get another page on "Fixing You" -- Victor talking to Dr. Wilson and Abigail, the latter bookending the beginning of the fic as Victor finally tells Abigail WHY her (and the other kids) stealing his sketchbook gets him so pissy. (It's not just because it's, well, his sketchbook.) A little wrap-up with Alice to set up the wedding stuff, and then we'll be into the final chapter! Already seeing a lot of spots where I need to revise and add stuff, but it's been a fruitful first draft so far. Can't complain.

Not much else to say -- I really should get up at least my Saturday queue on my main tumblr, though. I know what I want to put up, at least. And there's some PMs to answer. . .think I'll give myself the night off the Valice Multiverse, though. I'm not feeling particularly inspired for RP, even queued replies, and I'll have a lot more time to indulge next week.

So yeah -- gonna answer my shizz, catch up on tumblr, and see where the potential video-watching takes me. Night all!

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