May. 20th, 2017

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Me Last Night: Okay, watched Linkara -- should now really catch up on tumblr and maybe watch that Obscure II set from Helloween too! Although. . .my friend Auntie Keith on tumblr has really got me interested in this Dirk Gently show. . .maybe I can find a clip or two on YouTube? [proceeds to indeed find a clip or two on YouTube--]

[and spends the rest of the night watching them because OMG wow this show looks as good as she says]

Yeaaah. Practically as bad as TV Tropes, that. But everything I've seen so far, I've liked. Annoyingly, though, despite being partially a Netflix show, I can't FIND the series on Netflix. And I don't know if we have BBCAmerica. . .gonna have to figure out another way to get the full episodes. Because watching this thing properly, instead of in disconnected two or three-minute chunks, has got to happen.

In other news -- no comics and no shoes! Drove up through East Greenwich and into Warwick to hit Newbury and DSW for the BTTF comics and new shoes for me. The Newbury's hadn't gotten any new BTTFs in, and we couldn't find anything good at DSW. O.o I'm not used to striking out like that on these shopping trips. We even stopped at Payless on the way home -- still nothing! o.O We're planning on going over to Marshalls for a little bit tomorrow -- keep your fingers crossed! The more wintery shoes I can wait on for a few months, but it would be nice to have a pair of simple slip-ons for when it's jut a BIT too cold for sandals.

No video games either -- after we got home and I banged out another page on "Fixing You" (finishing off the "cooldown" chapter with Victor and Alice setting their wedding date), I decided to go straight online and do some YouTubing. Did eventually watch that Obscure II set (poor Helloween, forced to continually backtrack to pick up the "right" character -- and then subjected to a brief fake-out ending because these people XD), along with the latest DS3 sets with Rufert (they've had to switch characters thanks to connection issues -- there was much ado to be had with killing space monsters and Helloween blowing himself up while Rufert rambled on about butchers and the show Nip/Tuck). Good times, good times. . .

And finally, no real RP because I just didn't have the motivation tonight. Again, I blame the Dirk Gently clips -- I can't get enough! I did at least do a queue to catch up on some replies. But yeah, today is looking like a "no ____" Saturday. At least I got my writing done and got caught up on some of my videos!

And now I should try and get caught up with some other stuff. Don't know how well I rate my chances, but I ought to try. *firm nod* Night all!

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