May. 22nd, 2017

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As, once again, I made the mistake of watching Dirk Gently clips on YouTube (and stumbled upon the sad/creepy ones, no less!). One of these days I will know better:

-->Busy day at work -- another import, late start on the GL thanks to telemarketing pledges needing to be put on, had to fix something on the GL when things didn't match up, direct debits, credit cards, got another CAP thing hanging over my head now...whew. Very glad it's a short week.

-->Miserable weather -- rainy and chilly all day. Bleeeeh.

-->Wrote some more on "Fixing You" -- I actually had the section I'm working on drafted out already, so I copied that over and started editing. Already some significant changes being made, but it's all for the good. And hey, we're finally into the wedding stuff, so yay :D

-->Did some more queuing on my tumblr -- Sims 4 Wednesday taken care of, and part of Thursday -- and I think I already know what I'm posting for the rest of it. Nice~ (Plus I finally got a fresh Secundus Sunday post drafted during my work downtime, so that's good too)

-->Have promise of Valice Beauty and Beast fic from my friend Nebby forthcoming, as well as a cool beastly Alice design (since her various transformations and generally snarky nature make her fit that role best)

-->Seriously, though, when Dirk Gently gets dark, it gets DARK. I feel sorry for characters I've only just met and have no idea of their backstory. Gotta find a way to watch the show properly...

Aaand I am up too late again, so off to bed I go! At least I got all my stuff answered... Night!
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