May. 26th, 2017

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Yes, Helloween's latest set of this game is sort of the last -- at the very least, he assures us that we've seen all the "main" endings by this point and the actual main story has been wrapped up. He plans to make at least one more set showing off some sidequests he feels important, and probably read us some important intel, but otherwise, that was it!

It was a hell of a ride, let me tell you. That last set -- whew. Terrible secrets were learned, there were many epic battles, a really dizzying yet strangely beautiful set piece where you rapidly switch between the two mains while fighting the final machine bosses and rapidly ascending a huge tower. . .and then there's the actual three final endings, which are a thing. Quick spoiler cut here:
Spoilery )

Yeah, it's the sort of thing that messes you up a little. I spent the afternoon after watching that set devouring the TV Tropes article. Depressing, but damn good stuff. Kudos, Nier: Automata team.

Okay, other, less-depressing things I did today:

-->Wrote some more on "Fixing You" -- slightly slow going, as I kept looking up things that might be relevant (like the name of a hotel in Brighton -- Victor and Alice are going to be honeymooning there, and as I have plans for a story set on the honeymoon, it's important to know where they'll be staying), but I got over a page, and it was nice. They're off to the Land of the Dead tomorrow!

-->Played some Bloodlines -- Harry has very successfully battled his way through many of the lower levels of the Hallowbrook Hotel. Many vamps have been dusted, many human allies been drained for blood. Part of me feels like I'm doing the vampire thing a bit wrong by relying so much on conventional weapons and only really using my Fortitude discipline, but eh -- Harry's a hands-on kind of guy. Plus Fortitude is great, gotten me out of some jams. I can be more "magical" on a later playthrough (since of course I have to try it out with different clans -- if nothing else, I HAVE to do my own Malkavian run).

. . .And cripes, that was about it o.O Well, it's an extra-long weekend where the weather's been kind of shitty, so hanging out and watching videos is where it's at, I suppose. Did just do my Valice tumblr queue, though. And tomorrow's supposed to be nicer, so hopefully I can get out for at least a walk. . . We'll see. Keep your fingers crossed! In the meantime, I'm either going to catch up a bit on tumblr, or watch some more videos. (I think we know what's going to win, but shhhhh) Night all!
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