May. 28th, 2017

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Most of my day, honestly, though it wasn't bad either (certainly not like Victor's wedding rehearsal!). To whit:

-->Trip today did NOT involve shoe-shopping or going out to lunch. We ended up seeing two houses instead. The first was a wreck (and openly being sold by a flipper), the second -- well, the second is workable! A little dated, but with good-sized bedrooms, a nice yard, a decent-sized living room. . .yes, there is a good amount of work to be done, but we liked it enough to actually make an offer on the place. Who knows if they'll take it, of course, but hey. At least we're getting possibilities again. After that was a trip to Dad's friend Paul, where he picked up some new books -- we would have stopped for lunch if he didn't need to get those home. New plan is to go up to Westerly tomorrow, look at some places for shoes, and maybe go to Dunn's Corners if they're open (they're usually closed Mondays, but Dad thinks they MAY make an exception for Memorial Day). So there's that.

-->Ended up watching the Linkara episode from last Monday today after all -- an episode on the Infinity Gauntlet! Which was pretty awesome stuff, I gotta say. Characters dealing with cosmic power is amazing, whether wielding it or fighting it. :D And it's nice to see Linkara review good stuff too. Especially since I think the ending episode might be a review/recap of a bad event comic. . . (He mentioned it's another case of DC resetting their continuity, which makes me think he might be covering the transition to New 52.) Also some more RabbidLuigi stuff -- I found some more titles that intrigued me, because that is what I do!

-->No RP on ValiceMultiverse! I was going to active RP, but it's pretty much dead over there. So I'm just going to queue in a little bit like I normally do on Sundays. I actually only had one thread going yesterday too, when I usually have at least two. . .which I attribute to a usual partner not being on her RP accounts. (Taking a break because of long weekend, perhaps?)

-->Honorable mention: No videogaming today. But then again, given we were going out for most of the day, I wasn't really expecting to. Kind of wanted to play Sims. . .I'll try and fit it in tomorrow.

In fact the only thing that I did that I was really planning on doing was writing more on "Fixing You" -- Victor and Alice have been sufficiently surprised by their dead pals/family (including some friends from Burtonsville) decorating Houndsditch for their evening reception. :) June's just about to reunite with her mother and finally meet her brother, and Victor's going to get another special surprise himself soon.

Okay, time to see if I can peel myself off TV Tropes and actually catch up with some stuff. (Yet another thing I didn't expect to happen. . .ah well.) Night all!

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