Jun. 3rd, 2017

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Let's have a list of important info:

-->Started my period today! Fun, huh? Done horrible things to my motivation and writing skills (I only managed about 400 words on my latest story, and had to resort to queuing on my RP account), but at least I saw it coming when I went to bed and managed to avoid ruining any clothes. And better to have it over with now, I suppose.

-->Dentist appointment went well -- the hygienist was nice, and my teeth are still in good shape. I ended up not setting up my next appointment, though, simply because of the impending move. So instead I'm going to let them know once we're settled into the new place and get my files transferred to a closer Thundermist center. I'll kind of miss the South County one, but it really doesn't make sense to take an hour bus ride for a dentist appointment in the future.

-->Mall trip next -- though we hit a major traffic slowdown on the highway, meaning I didn't get in until about 12:45-12:50 when I supposed to do so at 12:18. The jam was for a good reason, though -- apparently a tractor trailer truck CAUGHT FIRE earlier. When we passed the wreck, the cab was a burnt-out mess. Hope the driver got out. :(

Mall trip itself was all right. Newbury's was again lacking the latest BTTF comics. *sigh* (Though at least I did get to read my new ones on the way to and back -- "Stowaway to the Future" was a fun little story, even if the artist has NO IDEA how to draw Clara, and I'm intrigued to see how "Hard Time" will progress with the story of Joey Baines. "Biff To The Future" remains well-done and really freaking creepy -- it's fascinating to watch how the world goes to shit as Biff abuses his growing power. Case in point? Latest comic shows just how President Nixon got all those extra terms in the Biffhorrific timeline.) Got a nice Philly cheesesteak for lunch, though. Dave & Buster's was busy, but I still got in most of my favorite games, plus a couple of new ones! They now have a giant version of Pac-Man, plus a giant version of Space Invaders where you aim a light gun at the aliens. Fun times. :) And I capped things off with a nice dessert at Pinkberry's -- chocolate hazelnut froyo with brownie bites, dark chocolate crisps, and mini M&Ms. Yummy. :) And I managed to avoid most of PVD, which was good. What little I did see of it involved MASSIVE CROWDS of people, something I very much do not like. Hopefully everybody there had fun!

-->Got home to find the home inspection report ready -- which turned out to be largely a load of nonsense designed to convince us to buy anti-mold stuff (the company that did it specializes in mold removal). Mom and Dad even pointed out stuff the guy had gotten more or less completely wrong. So that was fun. -.- Well, at least we can be reasonably sure we're getting a good house just from our own inspections, and we're willing to deal with other problems as they come. The bank still has to appraise the place, but things are still moving forward, I guess.

-->Another new MST3K tonight. This one took a while to get going, I feel (which, ironically, was something they were complaining about in the movie), and I'm still rather ambivalent about most of the skits in between riffing segments. I admit, this may be at least partially a result of me getting into MST3K through the Mike Sci-Fi era episodes, while Jonah is more a productive of the Joel Comedy Central episodes -- there were a few good ones in this episode. I like the fashion show one, anyway. But still -- I'll be glad when they're fully out of the "revival growing pains" era.

And now -- well, with my head the way it is, I'm thinking either TV Tropes or YouTube. At least I have less to catch up with on the latter, and more time to do it in. . .either way, night all!

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