Jun. 17th, 2017

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It was kind of high-key gloomy most of the day -- you know, where it looks like the sun might be breaking through at points, and sometimes it just about does, but then it gets all cloudy again? Yeah, like that. Temperature was decent, but I could have used some sunshine. And less mugginess. I can already feel it building up again. Meeeeh.

It was a pretty decent Saturday overall, though. Mom and I went out after I had my breakfast smoothie (which today contained some pretty tasty mango, would recommend) to get Dad his Father's Day present. And birthday present, actually -- I'm getting him the same thing for both occasions (Kona coffee), while Mom got him fig preserves for his birthday (with the promise of making fig squares) and Costa Rican coffee for his birthday. Ended up not going to Trader Joe's, as I expected, but instead to a Homegoods where we were able to snag all the items for a pretty decent price. :) I was hoping to go by Newbury's to see if they had the latest BTTF comics, so we called ahead -- no dice, sadly. Meeeh. Unless I can think of another comics place I can visit, looks like those will have to come from BTTF.com as well. So instead we picked up lunch stuff at Dave's market, a couple of Father's Day cards at Rite-Aid (no birthday cards we liked) and came home. Not a bad little trip, and at least I'm set for presents for a bit! (Well, presents I have to buy -- have two fics to plan for the end of June. ;) )

Watched more Big Fat Quiz of Everything with lunch (British quiz show, hosted by Jimmy Carr, very funny), then it was on to fic-writing and video-watching. Got some more done on "First Time" (Alice and Victor talking about the famous "Instructions and Advice for the Young Bride" fake-article that I'm using for a bit of humor in the story), then moved on to catching up on my Helloween! Watched the Emil boss fights of Nier: Automata -- yes, you can fight him, and some of his clones, if you do the right things. It's depressing as all hell, but then, that's the Nier universe for you. Then there was more Dead Space 3 co-op, featuring Helloween giving us a summary of TV show Helix (which I looked up on TV Tropes -- it's a SyFy original series, which dear lord Helloween what did you do to yourself), multiple stupid deaths, much snarking, and interminable rope-descending-after-an-elevator sequences. Seriously forgot how stupid-bad this game could be... And then there was another S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat video, where Helloween managed to kill a lair of bloodsuckers in the dead of night with only a bit of panic-firing when some wild ones snuck out and tried to take him down. Short but sweet. XD

After that was our MST3K feature -- new season, with the episode Starcrash! I'd read on tumblr before that Linkara considers this the episode where things really start to pick up, and I agree. The riffs so far have been pretty damn funny for the most part, but they were really good this time around. More importantly, though, this is pretty much the first time I started finding the SKITS truly amusing. In my eyes, they've been struggling with those in earlier episodes, but here, things finally started to click. And the celeb cameo was fun too. :)

Then it was shower time, then some WhatCulture videos and a ten-minute build by The Sim Supply (of a very cramped cube house -- not your best work, James -- but it was funny to see him constantly changing his mind on design decisions despite the clock running), then catching up on tumblr and doing a little RPing. Emphasis on a little -- quiet over on The Valice Multiverse. Hmmm. People must be busy this Saturday. *shrugs* I'm still behind on a bunch of other stuff, like the Comics Curmudgeon and Cake Wrecks, so not complaining too loud. In fact, I might just get on the former right now. . .well, after I do a Secundus Sunday post on VictorLuvsAlice before I forget/get too wrapped up in games and videos tomorrow to make one. *nods* Night all!
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