Jun. 25th, 2017

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Really nice, really warm Sunday -- just near perfect weather. I got out for an early walk, and it felt great. :) And we had our ice cream about an hour after supper -- went over to a little place called Swirls Scoops (or possibly Swirls & Scoops, wasn't paying that much attention to the sign). Mom had a small cone of blended coffee and vanilla soft-serve, while Dad and I had hot fudge sundaes -- him a large with chocolate soft serve, me a medium with Mississippi Mud Pie regular ice cream. Yummy :D If only it weren't Sunday and I could look forward to another day like this. . .but, well, gotta work for the money. . .

Wrote the first draft of my Gigs gift fic today -- definitely be ready by Friday, though I'll do another pass before the day actually comes. Just a bit of cute fluff. :) After that was Bloodlines, in which I finished penetrating Ming-Xiao's temple and took on the boss-lady herself!

Thanks to Fortitude and a well-stocked flamethrower, she was pathetically easy. She didn't even get a chance to clone herself! *points and laughs* After that was a stop by Mercurio's to pick up ammo (I almost got the body armor he sells, but figured I didn't need it with Fortitude in my life), and now I'm currently fighting my way up LaCroix's tower. I tried to convince Chunk (the front guardsman) to skedaddle while I started my campaign of terror and blood, but for some reason, after ducking and covering, he started shooting at me! O.o Fortunately I was able to chomp on him and leave him in a trance in a side hall. I really didn't want to kill the poor guy -- but hey, it was a good top-up. Currently about halfway to the second boss battle, I believe. So next weekend, I should actually finish this game off! Will have taken me about a year, all told. Wow. . . Been a good ride, though. :)

Rest of the day has been mainly YouTube videos -- listening to Helloween read the weapon stories of the Nier: Automata swords, large and small (they are all depressing), investigating creepy horror game bathrooms (goodies in the toilet! *finger guns* Also death and gore and general unpleasantness), seeing Max Power's family desperately struggle to pay their bills in the latest Parenthood set (made it at the last second!), and how various game designers screwed over their Kickstarter backers. Fun times! Though more proof that I am way too easily sucked in by YouTube. Gotta start blocking out my time more effectively. . .

Ah well. ValiceMultiverse and VictorLuvsAlice queues are done, I just did my nightly tumblr reblog spree, and answered all my FF.net reviews/PMs. Time to hit the sheets. One full work week ahead -- with my supervisor off for most of it. Should be interesting. . .night all!
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