Sep. 2nd, 2017

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Well, they're ALL cleaning Saturdays -- I'm trying to make that a habit so I don't have the same issues I had back at the old house -- but today was a little more intense because I also did the living room (at Mom's request). Nothing too major -- it still only took me like an hour to do both rooms, vacuuming and dusting -- but pushing around that vacuum does give you a workout. But hey, my room is clean for another week, and I even dusted my ceiling fan. So that's good.

As for the second part of the title -- not only did I play Sims 4 today, I marathoned the three most recent episodes of The Sim Supply's Parenthood LP! On my end, Marty was invited out to a surprise dance party in the Windenburg Ancient Ruins -- I had him accept and bring Jennifer along. They had a good time -- in fact, they got to woohoo in a bush. XD Jennifer STILL hasn't had the baby/babies yet, though. Darn it, woman, get a move on! I need to see who and how many kidlets we're dealing with! *shakehead* On The Sim Supply's side, Max is almost completely an awful person! XD He's gotten four of Max's Core Values -- Responsibility, Conflict Resolution, Empathy, and Manners -- completely into the red, resulting in negative traits. All that remains is Emotional Control, and that's pretty darn close. Max also has a sucky fast food job now for after school, which James is actively making him do awful at. There are also plans for him to get a girlfriend, only to immediately lose her to his younger brother once said brother, Angel, ages up. Gotta make him as miserable as possible, after all! (The idea of this LP is that it's a "prequel" to one of his other ones, the Super Sim Challenge -- Max in that one is all about fulfilling every aspiration and basically doing EVERYTHING a Sim can do in the game. This series shows WHY Max is so obsessed with excelling -- he had a shitty childhood in a poor house with neglectful (if not actively cruel) parents, and thus had a bad start in life.) I'm looking forward to the next bit -- this LP is such a delightful little train wreck. XD

Pretty quiet day otherwise. Mom made brownies, which was nice. They're really good too, very chocolately. I wrote some more on "Fixing You" -- added a quick bit to Chapter 3, since I really wanted to set up Alice realizing she could take Victor to Wonderland and them making plans on when to do that, then moved onto the start of Chapter 4. Which is a super-creepy nightmare! No, seriously, I am going to have to tag the shit out of this, I think. There is -- disturbing imagery. Why am I so good at that in this universe, seriously. . . At least I know for sure this fic is going to end very happily. And we watched the Christmas-themed episode of the new MST3K with dinner -- which, amusingly, started off with a joke about watching it around Labor Day from the Mads. XD Awful Italian film about Santa nearly having to give up all his Christmas presents to a miserly fellow who somehow bought the North Pole and is now charging him rent he doesn't have. Did have one good idea I liked, though -- the idea that Santa remembered this one kid (now all grown up and a kindly lawyer), simply because he's the only kid who ever sent him a thank-you note. You could probably build something genuinely sweet and good around that.

And now I'm doing the RP thing, catching up on my main tumblr dash, and preparing to upload another chapter of "Secundus" to AO3. So back to work I go! Night all, sleep tight!

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