Sep. 3rd, 2017

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In contrast to how weekends usually work lately, today was the truly awful-weather day -- off and on heavy rain right up until the evening, when the clouds finally broke. Fortunately I had no big plans for the day, and indeed spent most of it just hanging out online. The highlights:

-->Wrote some more on "Fixing You" -- Victor waking up from his nightmare and the aftermath. I'm having a bit of trouble getting everything into words lately. I mean, I KNOW what I want to say, it's just -- saying it is a bit tricky. I'm muddling through, but there's going to be further polishing needed later, I know that much. (Although maybe part of the problem is simply that part of the aftermath involves some manner of Victor and Alice fight, and I've never enjoyed writing those. Hmm.)

-->Played more Sims 4 -- Jennifer finally had her baby! Yes, singular -- she and Marty are now the proud parents of Douglas McFly! I am both a little disappointed it's not twins and a little RELIEVED it's not twins. Sims 4 babies aren't too hard to take care of, but two at once might be a little taxing. So far so good with Douglas, though. Marty also got promoted at his job, so that was nice. :) Got them a bathroom renovation with the funds (was going to buy them a hot tub, but there wasn't any room on the lot). So yay, another baby in the world, and I can finally move on to Emm -- wait a sec. Hmmm. Actually, if I skip over to Nikal and Eric just this once. . . I think I can get Emmett to Geekcon! That should be next up in the festivals. . . I'll try it! Poor guy's been waiting to go for a while. (And so have I. Only festival I haven't attended yet!)

-->Did a Helloween marathon after a video looking at some of the changes between the various installments of the Sims series and some OutsideXBox stuff. Watched him play some Destiny 2 beta (no clue what that's all about, but it looks pretty!), the first few nights of Darkwood (a surprisingly creepy top-down horror game about survival and escaping a mysterious wood that's grown all over a certain town), and the last set of Illusion of Gaia (which got confusing at the end with Kara suddenly becoming the Light Knight counterpart to Will's Dark powers? And them having to defeat a comet that supposedly accelerates evolution but had apparently put the Earth's continents back in their Pangea state, more or less, and made human civilization vaguely medieval? I don't know. Helloween seemed to enjoy it).

-->And, since it's a long weekend, I'm doing a double round of the RP thing. Starting a new thread with my friend Nebby featuring Nell at her character's bakery. This is gonna be interesting. XD

-->Also, tumblr fanart announcement: Battle ready Victor and Alice! I'd completely forgotten about sending her that ask, actually. XD That was a nice surprise today.

Okay, back to catching up on things and preparing for reblog mania. Night all, sleep tight!

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