Sep. 4th, 2017

crossover_chick: Doc in goggles and holding a big old plug with the words "feeling sparky..." (BTTF: feeling sparky/creative)
Pretty quiet one over here -- once again, spent the day in. At least the weather's taken a turn for the nicer. Here's the highlights:

-->Wrote some more on "Fixing You" -- got past my block and finally wrote the Victor/Alice fight that scene always needed. It's short, but still kinda painful. And the ending, with Victor not even letting himself think of Alice as beautiful because he thinks it just encourages his "sick" thoughts. . . Well, it is partially about helping him through that, so. . . Starting the "going Downstairs" chapters tomorrow!

-->Watched the two latest Linkara episodes (a silly Thunderbirds Are Go review that contained some good story stuff -- plans are being made to take down the threat once and for all; and a crossover with the Critic on the comic adaptation of Burton's first Batman -- comic just okay, Critic discovering Linkara's storyline segments aren't skits but are supposed to actually be happening was hilarious); a guy talking about why he likes Bloodborne for an hour and a half (he likes the playstyle it encourages and the level design a ton, both things I can get behind), and a short video from Helloween on a mobile game coming to Steam about flinging little creatures into baskets of sugar (Fjong! . . .That's the name). So, uh, a bit all over the place there. XD

-->Played BioShock -- spent some time getting killed while desperately searching the level for those audio diaries I missed. Finally gave up, restarted from an earlier save, and decided to just follow the plot arrow.

THE DIARIES I WAS LOOKING FOR WERE IN THE SPOT I WAS SUPPOSED TO GO ANYWAY. *facepalm* Freaking figures. . . Well, anyway, collected those, got a bunch of other goodies, somehow managed to avoid getting killed by turrets and security camera (and even managed to hack the lot), got the plot-important item, and got rolling again on restoring those trees. Sort of -- lady who was going to help me ended up being killed by Ryan. Figures. But she left the recipe for the tree-reviving stuff in her safe, which she gave me the combination to before dying. Also left me a chemical thrower -- nice. :D I also tried out the Hypnotize Big Daddy plasmid -- got one splicer off my back, which was nice. And I saved another Little Sister, as you do. Next up -- the Farmer's Market! After I make sure I've got all the goodies in Langford's office. (Had to rush a bit because her security lockdown only lasted so long...)

-->Did a bit more of my main tumblr queue just now -- Sims 4 posts up! Hopefully people will like them.

And that's it -- which is good, cause I gotta get to bed. At least it's a short week. And I've got another long weekend right ahead, which (if the weather doesn't turn horrifically nasty thanks to Irma) should include a Cape Cod trip. Fingers crossed, people! Night all!

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