Sep. 7th, 2017

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I MEANT to make a 10:04 post, but got caught up in catching up on tumblr/doing my ValiceMultiverse queue and missed it. Kind of goes with the rest of my day, honestly:

-->Came within inches of having an accident when I was leaving our neighborhood this morning (some lady who decided she was going to go through a stop sign when it was my turn -- I put my brakes on just in time)

-->Traffic again horrible getting onto the highway -- good thing we left five minutes earlier!

-->Some idiot on a bike NEARLY went out in front of me at one intersection, and two kids on bikes (without helmets) came flying up the middle of the road when I was going to turn at another -- again, braked in time, but goddamn

-->Afternoon was spent fighting with our database program to do a specific import file (we use it to sync up our gifts with those from our processing company) -- it would get ALMOST all the way to the end, then go "disk full." Tried it three times, at about an hour each time. First time it just failed, second and third it full-on crashed. So that was fun.

-->More awful traffic on the way home, though less people nearly running into me (though a lot of people passing me because I wasn't going the 90 mph they wanted)

-->Patriots are doing awful in a night game that seems poised to go on forever

So yeah, not the best day. Very glad tomorrow's Friday, even if it's a "have to stay there until 4:30" one.

Okay, so I don't end this on a totally grumpy note, a couple of good things that happened today:

-->Reviewed two Corpse Bride fanfics I've been meaning to review because I had some time after queuing

-->Got my main tumblr queue done up through half of Sunday

-->Wrote another page or so on "Fixing You" (Victor and co are finally entering the town)

-->Weather has gone back to being halfway decent and is not too hot or wet to sleep tonight

Now let's hope that latter list outpaces the former tomorrow. Fingers crossed. Night all!

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