Sep. 8th, 2017

Oh Friday

Sep. 8th, 2017 11:29 pm
crossover_chick: Doc snoozing on his couch (BTTF: exhausted)
It was rather exhausting, so let's do list form:

-->Traffic in morning -- still pretty bad, but a slight improvement on yesterday (I was right on time thanks to leaving a bit earlier). Traffic in the afternoon -- NIGHTMARE. Mom was a bit late in getting me thanks to being tied up just about everywhere, and the jams for me started pretty much right out of the gate at work. The worst part was people trying to shove their way across intersections and getting stuck there, and then nobody getting to go. Absolutely miserable. Took almost a full half-hour to get home. REALLY hoping that's not the new normal. :(

-->That import file I was trying to make at work crashed and failed yet AGAIN. My supervisor managed to run it from home (she was working from there), and I got the two littler ones done, but the last export -- well, first it didn't save in the format it was supposed to, and then I got an out of memory error message and the application crashed once more in the middle of try #2. I eventually had to give up and upload just what we had to the file-sharing site, after writing an apologetic e-mail. Feels like I had a super-unproductive Friday.

-->. . .although I did get the PM sitting in my inbox done. So that's something, at least.

-->Was too worn out after all that nonsense (mainly the traffic getting home) to do anything on "Fixing You" -- but I did get writing done. On Thursday I talked about an old prompt I liked where everyone starts out with vision in shades of gray, and as they meet their romantic and platonic "soulmates" the colors fill in. I'm fond of this idea as it supports my poly feelings for Victor, Victoria, Emily, and Alice -- they can all give each other a color. And near the end I mentioned I could probably get a series of shorts out of the idea. My Saturday post is a reblog of a song I connected to the AU a while back, "The Technicolor Phase," and in the tags I mentioned that, if I was to do those shorts, I'd probably use the song title as the story title.

Guess what the new LibreOffice document in my Documents folder is called. My original idea was to do them all from Victor's perspective (and in fact my writing today was his first color chronologically -- brown), but I'm thinking I might actually mix it up a bit and do it from a bunch of different ones. Mostly because I've expanded out the idea to "anyone who is going to be important to you gives you a color" and -- well, I got to thinking what color Barkis gave Emily, and what Bumby gave poor Lizzie and Alice. . . The original "backstory" to it was also more Forgotten Vows, but I think I might go in a more poly direction instead. . . It's a good backup series for when I'm not in the mood for "Fixing You." :)

-->Played BioShock, because even if I don't have the extra time on Fridays I still like my vidya games. Besides, I had a very simple goal -- finish off Arcadia and get to the Farmer's Market. A goal that I achieved with a minimum of being shot at, happily. Hacked a bunch of stuff, killed a bunch of Splicers, studiously avoided upsetting a Big Daddy, got the last audio diary I was missing, and got out of the level with a good amount of both health kits and EVE hypos. I am now in the Farmer's Market, hunting down honey samples and distilled water. Gotta make me a tree-reviver! And, uh, pick up a certain Plasmid. . . I feel like Insect Swarm is probably useful, but DAMN does the manifestation hit my squicks. D: Still, angry bees are angry bees.

-->Watched some YouTube videos (PopCulture Detective -- some interesting stuff on "adorkable misogyny" and "toxic masculinity") and caught up with tumblr. Currently going to do the Valice Multiverse queue (not a lot to it, but then again, kinda glad of that. Need a low-key one).

-->Project of the weekend looks to be my headboard bookshelves. Am taking the position of "believe it when I see it." Apparently we're going to get the case for my jacket tomorrow, so we'll see. . .

And that's about it from me now. Time to do that queue. Night all!

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