Sep. 24th, 2017

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Mostly -- it's definitely a cold, folks. I have progressed from sore throat to stuffy nose stage. Fortunately it remains a fairly mild cold -- this evening required a bit of nose-blowing, but it hasn't been super-terrible yet. Hoping I can fight it off soon.

Ways today was better than yesterday:

-->Got a page written on "Fixing You," though it's a rather depressing page. Victor getting his things from his room has taken a dark turn in that I think I've semi-wrecked his relationship with William. Mostly because Will was still laboring under the delusion that Victor would come back and take up the family business, and -- well, Fixxler made it clear that the townsfolk would never accept Victor there. Ah well, the relationship was already pretty damn strained thanks to Emily and Bumby. Victor wasn't really expecting (or wanting) anything more than a visit at Christmas anyway.

-->Played more BioShock -- I have actually managed to complete three out of the four necessary pictures! Victim #2 was an annoying ice-themed Houdini Splicer who froze and posed me, while Victim #3 I actually stumbled on by ACCIDENT while exploring for goodies and was one of those explody Splicer pricks. Ended up getting him to kill HIMSELF via hacking a health station he tried to use while wounded. I also had to fight off a wave of Splicers when Cohen had a hissy fit about me apparently looking at his art wrong. You'd think he would have been more pissed off when I started off my latest session trying to frag-grenade it. . . Though admittedly, all that did was prove it was undestroyable for plot reasons. Ah well. Next session will focus on finding Little Sisters and getting myself some more ADAM for upgrades. Got Incinerate 2, which is nice -- and Insect Swarm has actually proven to be pretty useful in some situations. Well worth the body horror.

-->Caught up on Helloween's Darkwood sets -- poor man is starting to die a lot more often. At least he's trying to stop himself hoarding so much shit, though his desire to loot means it's not going so well. :p He has killed a giant monster pig, and a number of savages with a pitchfork. It's a genuinely unsettling game, and I'm interested in seeing more of it. I also watched the latest Secret of Mana set, which saw two of the three mains getting some magic! Now they can heal themselves with water sprites and use gnomes to drop earth on their enemies. Good times~

-->Patriots won their game, which was good -- a close one, but they pulled through in the end. *nods*

-->Got myself a Frozen Hot Chocolate, because hot day and I wanted one. Guy making it gave me WAY too much whipped cream. This is in no way a complaint. XD Delicious stuff, and perfect on a day that feels plucked right out of the middle of summer. I'm starting to think the seasons are slowly shifting toward a more Southern Hemisphere-style of turning. Wouldn't mind warm Christmases, but I don't really approve of cold Junes, so...

Okay -- I've cleaned up what I can in queues and inboxes, so I'd better get myself to bed. Need my sleep for another week of work, especially with this cold. Night all!

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