Sep. 25th, 2017

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Mostly because I slept like SHIT last night -- less because of my cold and more because I was HOOOT. It can get pretty damn warm in this room, and my fan didn't help much until I stopped it moving around and just had it blow on me. Miserable, honestly... I don't mind the summery weather so much until it's time to sleep, and then I wish it would freaking cool down. Of course, you all know I'm not a winter person either... Can we just have the happy spring/fall medium of warm days and cool nights? Those are the best.

Anyway, rather quiet day at work -- two coworkers out, so it was just me and one other person. We had plenty to do, so the day went by, but it was just weird to have so few people around. *shrug* Another day, another dollar. I also wrote more on "Fixing You," trying to wrap up this chapter -- even with me cutting vast swathes of content out of it, it's still super-long. Might divide it in two if I can find a good split point, might not. We'll see how I feel later. At any rate, they're out of the tea and almost to Victor's room -- after that brief detour, it's finally down to the Land of the Dead! Good times~

Not much else to report -- got my VictorLuvsAlice queue done through the first part of Thursday, which is good. Did a review on a fanfic I liked, which is also good. About to do my nightly reblog burst, answer two more comments, then get myself to bed. Need my sleep to fight off this cold. Took some Dayquil before supper, so I assume it's still working now... I'll check the directions to be on the safe side, but I think I'm good. Or, as good as I can be with a stuffy nose... Night all!

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