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Doc Brown
Back To The Future/Changeling: The Lost
An alternate version of Doc Brown, who was kidnapped by one of the Fae in 1965 and altered into a steampunk cyborg. During an escape attempt with his friend Marty, he fell through a Rift and ended up in another alternate universe's Chicago, where he eked out a life for himself until a mini-Rift threw him (and fellow Riftian Victor) into an empty reality pocket. He's making the best of things, working on his inventions and regularly visiting the Nexus. It helps that he has a family now consisting of Victor, best friend Marty, Victor's girlfriend Alice, and daughter/time machine Dee. Plays in: [community profile] multiverse_nexus, [community profile] inkwell_bar

Marty McFly
Back To The Future/Changeling: The Lost
An alternate version of Marty McFly, who was kidnapped by a Fae in 1983 and forced to perform near-endless concerts while being altered to look more attractive. He escaped with Doc and actually made it home, only to find he'd been replaced. He also found the Nexus while looking for Doc (whom, very happily, he also found). He moved into Doc's little pocket verse to be with his best friend, and soon gained a whole family with Doc's new friend Victor, Victor's girlfriend Alice, and a Rift-affected DeLorean that became little girl Dee. And he's still making new friends in the Nexus. Plays in: [community profile] multiverse_nexus, [community profile] inkwell_bar

Victor Van Dort
Corpse Bride
An early-canon version of Victor Van Dort, who got as far as meeting Victoria, screwing up the rehearsal, and accidentally proposing to Emily the Corpse Bride before a Rift took him to Chicago. He did his best to adapt to his new situation, but after about half a year, he ended up being eaten by a mini-Rift that took him to an empty reality pocket. Fortunately, Doc was also there to help him, and he soon formed a family with him, Marty, Dee, and became romantically involved with fellow Nexus visitor Alice. Plays in: [community profile] multiverse_nexus, [community profile] inkwell_bar

Alice Liddell
American McGee's Alice
A first-game-only version of Alice Liddell, who managed to battle her way through Wonderland and save it from the Queen of Hearts, and thus save her own sanity. She's currently living with her aunt and uncle, getting reacquainted with the ordinary world. She discovered the Nexus by accident mid-trip through Wonderland, right before entering Looking-Glass Land, and now visits fairly frequently. Especially since she found her boyfriend there -- one Victor Van Dort. She now has a second family in Victor's friends Doc, Marty, and Dee, along with her other Nexus buddies. Plays in: [community profile] multiverse_nexus, [community profile] inkwell_bar

Dee Lorean Brown
Back To The Future
An alternate version of the DeLorean time machine from the end of Part III. After taking Doc and Marty on numerous time trips, and right before it was about to be destroyed by a train, the DeLorean was brought through a Rift to the empty Chicago reality pocket Doc, Victor, and Marty inhabit, thanks to Doc's attempt at a time travel experiment with his own DeLorean. The trip gave it the ability to change in to a six-year-old girl. Initially pretty shocked, the boys and Alice have adapted well to their little charge -- Doc in particular has grown to quite enjoy playing father. Plays in: [community profile] multiverse_nexus, [community profile] inkwell_bar


Lucy Leech
Original Mildly Urban Fantasy/Rift-Inspired Universe
Inspired by an Emile Autumn song ("Miss Lucy Had Some Leeches"), Lucy Leech is a confident 30ish woman who spends her time acting and traveling around the United States, fulfilling both her love of the stage and her wanderlust. She's also a muse, meaning that she has the power to inspire people just by snapping her fingers or touching them. She adores plants and getting to know new people, and is always open to have some fun. She discovered both the regular Nexus and a splinter Nexus while she was planning a trip to Europe, and is happily exploring the sights. Plays in: [community profile] randomplaces, [community profile] multiverse_nexus, [community profile] inkwell_bar

Simon Garfunkle
"I've Got Some Falling To Do" and "Bad Idea"
An ordinary guy with incredibly weird luck from two Lemon Demon music videos, Simon Garfunkle has survived both falling out of a plane at 20,000 feet and having to fight off an entire town of zombies by himself. He discovered the Nexus while trying to get back to his hometown. He eventually made it home, but still pops into the crossroads of realities from time to time. Plays in: [community profile] multiverse_nexus, [community profile] inkwell_bar

Steve & Gary
The two Portal turrets featured in A Day in the Life of a Turret. Steve (the Halo 3 fan) and Gary (the Call of Duty 4 fan) try to survive the monotony at Aperture Science, slack off with videogames and tic-tac-toe, and occasionally attempt to kill Chell. Or, at least, that's what they did before the center blew up. They managed an escape to the Nexus, where they now live in a corner and do the above -- only replace "occasionally attempt to kill Chell" with "occasionally make nuisances of themselves to the other Nexus residents." Plays in: [community profile] multiverse_nexus, [community profile] inkwell_bar


Victor Van Dort
Secundus (Corpse Bride base)
This is another version of Victor, but unlike the DG-Victor, he isn't canon at all. He's from my 2010 NaNoWriMo project "Secundus," an AU steampunk crossover between Corpse Bride, BTTF, and "American McGee's Alice" (and a bunch of other stuff in setting/cameos). Victor was accidentally kidnapped by Doc and Marty's flying steam train a couple of weeks before his arranged marriage, and he choose to live with them in Secundus rather than go back. Depending on his canon point, he's either playing Igor to his mad scientist friends, or playing God as a mad scientist himself. Plays in: [community profile] bakerstreet, [community profile] inkwell_bar, tumblr

Cast of Secundus
Secundus (BTTF, AiW, AMA bases)
A group journal for Butterfly Boy's friends and relations from "Secundus." For some reason, the idea wouldn't let me go after I'd thought of it. It's mostly for Inkwell birthdays and RP where I need to play a few of the other "cast members." Plays in: [community profile] inkwell_bar

Victor Van Dort
Corpse Bride/Alice: Madness Returns
Yet another version of Victor. This one's actually lived through all of Corpse Bride -- but things went very lopsided for him after the movie ended, and he ended up a patient of Dr. Bumby's at the Houndsditch Home For Wayward Youth. He became best friends with (and eventually fell in love with) Alice Liddell, but briefly had his memories stripped and his will broken by Bumby while Alice was fighting her way through Wonderland. Fortunately, Alice saved him and helped restore his memories. He spent some time in Mallow Hallow, but now is a "free agent" again. Plays in: [community profile] bakerstreet, [community profile] inkwell_bar, tumblr

Eight Docs & One Victor
The shared journal of my muses -- as indicated by the name, 8 Docs and 1 Victor. They used to be a regular staple of my own journal, but as time's gone on I've started using it for just more personal rambling, so they're now down to guest appearances. This is the account they use for any RP they may have -- mostly over at the Inkwell. They like to visit my regular RP characters. Learn more about who's there on their profile. Plays in: [community profile] inkwell_bar

Inkwell Secundus
Various/Sims 2
A chronicle of the lives of the residents of Inkwell Secundus, a shopping neighborhood attached to Desiderata Valley and populated with younger, vaguely steampunk versions of almost all my RP characters (and one Wheatley). Stories are told in simple caption style. With a hell of a lot of snark. Sims 2 Journal

The Inkwell Bar
The home of all my RP characters out-of-game. It's the museverse's local bar and grill, owned and run by [personal profile] clockwork_doc. The muses also regularly visit for drinks, food, and the occasional game of pool. The main attractions are the birthday parties and Halloween party. Musebox Community

Credit: [community profile] tookthestars, Electric Chapel
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