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Today was -- sort of productive and sort of not. I got stuff done, but it was stuff that took a long time, so I fell behind some other stuff and -- yeah. Still, I have some lovely fruits of my labor to show off, so. . .

First up my official sticky "Related Journals" post, with a gorgeous muselist chart courtesy of [community profile] tookthestars! [personal profile] martyfan organizing her muselist inspired me to do something similar with mine, and one of my fellow citizens of [community profile] mallowhallow has a CR-chart that was created by that community, which led me to check them out. I fell in love with the Electric Chapel design and tried to use it as a profile code -- only to discover that apparently DW profiles don't like pretty coding.

So I decided "my 'mini-bio' could stand to be a bit more mini" and made a sticky post instead so it would show up properly. I also transferred all the information on the muses over to their journal's profile, since that's where it should be. They don't really show up much here anymore, so. . .

Anyway, I've now got my RP and other related journals all nice and neat in that sticky. Please take a look!

And my other major accomplishment for the day: Chapter 19 on and on AO3

"Finding You" IS DONE! :D

Whew -- that was some pretty intense editing, but I'm glad I did it -- I think the final product is much, much better for being poked and prodded at like that. Same with "Losing You!" Now I can get back to "Forgetting You!"

. . . Mind, I may get back to it by do some editing of the first eight chapters, but that shouldn't take quite as long as these previous efforts have. Besides, graduation's next Friday -- let me get through that, THEN we can get to the next chapters.

Other than that, not much to report -- been a pretty quiet Saturday, in fact. O.o Thought there'd be more people out and about, but -- guess not. *shrug* Probably because it's still finals time for a lot of people. I've done my duty there! :)

Now -- I kind of want to do a CR chart for [personal profile] forgotten_vows too. . .
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Largely because my school-related stuff is done. Finito. Over with. Well, until next week, when I have graduation rehearsal and graduation itself -- but that doesn't require me to write anything, so. . . Anyway, I have a couple of updates for you today:

-->Chapter 18 of "Finding You," on and AO3

-->Updated Headcanon Page for [personal profile] forgotten_vows

-->Updated Headcanon Page for [personal profile] butterflyboy

:D Said headcanons are also available on their tumblrs too. I feel productive. ^^

Nothing much to say about the day, except that it was 71 degrees and goooorgeous. I had an excellent walk. :D I also got Mom's Mother's Day presents, so that's a plus. :) Forgotten Vows is also having some nice convos with people on tumblr, and is starting his first log on [community profile] mallow_logs. :) So all in all a good day!

And it's not quite over yet -- there's some more editing I'd like to do around here. . .

More Edits!

May. 6th, 2013 11:33 pm
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Chapter 17 of "Finding You" is back up, on and on AO3. In the home stretch now, people! :D

In other news -- pretty good Monday, honestly. I got my Literary Narrative edited for inclusion in my final Comp II portfolio, got that chapter up, and got some tagging done on DW and tumblr. Butterfly Boy's gotten broken out of his asylum by Amber in one thread. XD
-TTV: Amber?-
The tiger girl -- who went full-on extra-big tiger to get him free.
-TTV: Oh dear, I see. . . Uh, any survivors?-
Maybe? BBV survived. . .

Anyway, not too much else to report -- it's a pretty quiet night, and I'm gonna be getting up a bit earlier to prep for going to Mystic, Connecticut tomorrow, so might as well call it here. Night!
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Not that I mind -- it's nice to be welcomed so warmly into the game. :) I think I'm gonna like it in [community profile] mallowhallow. And he's made at least one new friend on tumblr, so that's a plus too. All hail my crossover Victor of DOOM!
-TTV: I would have thought that would be Butterfly Boy.-
Nah, Butterfly's too upbeat for Doom. It really is funny how I have this one crossover Victor who's generally like "everything is awesome let's do some SCIENCE" and the other is all "this world is a joke I'm gonna study my spellbook." Ying and Yang, people. Dark and Light. Romanticism and Enlightenment. Pepsi and Coke.

Anyway, speaking of crossovers, I have TWO chapters of the edited "Finding You" for you -- although, granted, that's largely because one of them, Chapter 16, was one I'd ALREADY edited to try and correct something about Victor's characterization. In fact, part of the reason I ended up redoing both this and "Losing You" was because I wanted the rest of the fics to match that chapter. So yeah, here we are:
Chapter 15 on and AO3
Chapter 16 on and AO3
Please enjoy!

Also enjoy this edition of Sunday Sweets on Cake Wrecks, which includes an awesome Star Wars cake for the Warsie crowd, and the most adorable BTTF cake I've ever seen: 80s Movie Night. Look at Marty and Jennifer! And Doc too! *squee* :D

Okay, as per usual I have tags to answer, so I'll head off now. Night all!
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Been doing a looot of tagging. [personal profile] forgotten_vows's first post at [community profile] mallowhallow is popular. XD And he's been getting meme stuff, and tumblr stuff, and --
-FFV: *pops his head in* I don't know what to say about the tumblr stuff, but you were the one to tag me into two new memes today.-
Yes, guilty as charged! I just like playing you -- and you had a new friend in one of them, soo. . .

Anyway, between all that tagging, I also managed a fanfic update: Chapter 14 of "Finding You!" and AO3. I also got one section of the next chapter of "Forgetting You" properly edited, and I'll see about doing another before I go to bed. It should be ready to post by tomorrow, it just might be in the evening. I've also got all the presents lined up for Alice's birthday tomorrow, so that's good. Now we just have to hope for good weather tomorrow so I can get my ice cream.

As it is, I am very busy, so for now, laters!
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[personal profile] forgotten_vows is fitting in very well so far! He's made his first post to the community at large, and is learning lots of thing about his fellow residents and his new home. :D There's also some memes I'd like to throw him in, but I'll have to get past my "historical accuracy" mental block on one of them. Why did cotton candy only have to become widely available in the 1890s? STYMIED AT EVERY TURN, I TELL YOU.

Besides that, I have to say, I had a good day! I got my paper finished in the morning, just how I wanted to -- submitted it by noon. I had lunch with Helloween and Nier -- he's working on wrapping up the final two endings -- then took a walk around the neighborhood. It was so freaking nice out today, I swear -- just made you glad to be alive! Granted, it got cloudy in the evening, and it's supposed to get cold overnight, but so long as that clears out and warms up by tomorrow, it's fine. And so long as it stays nice for Saturday. I want Alice's birthday to be decent.

Also, fanfic! I bring you Chapter 13, on and AO3. We've got some good chunks of new material, so I hope you enjoy it! I'll be bringing out the next chapter of "Forgetting You" on Saturday in honor of Alice's birthday, so watch for that!

And now I have tags to answer, so I should get to that! Later all!
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On Dreamwidth's 4th birthday, it appears! So happy birthday DW! Thank you for being more awesome than LJ!

Anyway, it looks like [personal profile] forgotten_vows has wrapped up his thread with Rory, so I have time to give you the latest update on "Finding You!" :D Chapter 12 is up, on and AO3. Read it wherever you like -- there's a lot more Victor introspection and sweetness, I think.

And now I have more tags to attend to and I'm in the middle of a chat, so I'll be off!
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As promised, your Garfunkle update at [personal profile] ink_sec_sims! And it's actually a pretty long one, so yeah.

I also bring you more fanfic: Chapter 11 of "Finding You," on and on AO3. This one actually has a lot of new material, so I'd recommend checking it out!

Other news -- I'm making good progress on my last Composition II paper, so that's nice. Butterfly Boy has had steady RP on tumblr lately, and [personal profile] forgotten_vows is having a good long thread with Rory. I still need to finish getting all his [community profile] mallowhallow stuff settled, though. . . I'll do that in a minute. And I've made header logos for most of the stories in the Forgotten Vows Verse, since the cover images I made for won't look good in the header image. So yeah -- despite some stress, today's been surprisingly productive. Yay.

Okay -- off to catch up with Forgotten Vow's necessary things!
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Chapter 10 is up on and on AO3! Enjoy!
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Lots and lots of tags to get through in the afternoon hours! It's all right, though -- once the initial "OMG I gotta catch uuppp" is taken care of, it's nice having some steady RP fun. :) Good times, good times. . .

I also got out a double update for "Finding You" -- Chapters 8 and 9! I figured I ought to pick up the pace a little, since I want to have Chapter 8 of "Forgetting You" out on Alice's birthday in a week, and I'd want to have at least the majority of "Finding You" back up by then. Anyway, you can read them at Chapter 8 & Chapter 9 and AO3: Chapter 8 & Chapter 9. Please enjoy!

And now I've got a lot going on (adding stuff to the website, chat, RP), so I'll be off for now. See you later!
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Well, mostly. Forgotten Vows has gotten a bunch of new followers on tumblr, and I'm planning on tagging him into a new meme, so there's that. But it has been pretty quiet today. Both my parents were at work, so I had the place to myself. Didn't do much more than eat at the computer (I had dinner while catching up on FV's dash) and take a good walk/jog around the neighborhood, but it was nice nonetheless. Weather's finally getting better, so that's a definite plus.

On the updatey side of things, I once again bring you an edited chapter of "Finding You:" Chapter 7 on and Chapter 7 on AO3. I'm also continuing work on the website -- I've gotten the initial set of stories for the Other Stories page settled, but now I'm starting to wonder if I shouldn't break it up into multiple pages or something. . . I have written TOO MUCH FANFIC over the years, seriously. *eyes all those prompt fics* I also have to start figuring out how to get all the other stuff I want to get on there up and suchlike. Organization away and all that. . .

That's about all I have to say for now. Off to go tag people and suchlike!
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My teacher had to cancel class because she had to fly to AZ -- she's mentioned before that her dad had a stroke, so I suspect he's gotten worse. :( Poor guy -- I hope everything's okay for her.

Still, I took as much advantage as I could of this unexpected day off -- after finishing up the final draft of my rhetorical analysis, I set to work on getting a final copy of Chapter 6 of "Finding You" up. And I succeed! You may see it here or here. This is another one that hasn't changed too much, but there's a little new material.

I've also been working steadily on the revamped version of my website. It's still very much in progress, but I think I made some good advances today. At the very least, every page has text on it now. I'll be continuing to work on it throughout the weekend and into next week. The ultimate goal is to get not only all my AMBTTCB-style stories up there, but also lots of bits of backstory and biographies and other fun stuff. :)

Right now, though, I think I'm gonna go check up on tumblr -- been a good day for tagging too, at least with [personal profile] deadgirlslikeme and Butterfly Boy. Do wish there was a bit more going on with [personal profile] forgotten_vows though. . . *probably will go tag him into this hugging meme she saw*

Anyway, later!
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Mostly because I managed to oversleep -- just a little, but I find it very annoying that I apparently forgot to set my alarm. And honestly, waking up later than I intended to just throws my whole day off.

Then, I was supposed to have some sort of phone conference with my Composition II teacher about my latest essay -- but she never called me. So I sat around waiting for over a half-hour before I had to say "screw it" because I had to get my bus. I e-mailed her after my Spanish class to see if she could e-mail me her comments, but no reply. Hmph. Guess I'll do my own editing tomorrow.

After that it's been all minor annoyances, like the noisiest people in the world sitting near me as I tried to eat or smacking my leg into the couch while exercising with Mom. And still no word from [community profile] mallowhallow, even though I've seen mod activity in the OOC comm. . . *shakehead* And of course I'm still on my period, so I'm still feeling rather blaaaaah.

Can't say it's been all bad, though. [personal profile] deadgirlslikeme has gotten a good airing out in the Nexus with Clark Luthor. Butterfly Boy's been reasonably busy on tumblr, and Forgotten Vows got a bit of play there too. And I got the new Chapter 5 of "Finding You" Up! Find it here on or here on AO3! And yes, I'm aware the rest of the story is missing from -- I deliberately deleted it for freshness purposes. I'm hoping to alert anyone who has it on Story Alert that new content is coming.

I'm also working on my website, which I've renamed (at least on the site itself) American McGee's Back To The Corpse Bride. I'm making it a go-to place for my major crossovers of this sort, since I've got all sorts of fanfic and background information I want to share. It's far from complete, but you'll notice there's now pages for The Secundus Verse and The Forgotten Vows Verse. Watch this space for updates. :) (And hey, I finally got a logo I can live with!)

And now, I'm off to keep an eye on tumblr things, and maybe see if there's been any change with Mallow Hallow.
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Well, in some small measure -- I've posted updated versions of the first four chapters of "Finding You!" I've been meaning to do that for a while, so -- yeah. Here they are on Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, and Chapter 4. And here they are on Archive Of Our Own (which only has the first four chapters, so direct link): Finding You. I hope you enjoy -- these first few chapters haven't had any MAJOR revisions (though I have altered and added some bits), but future chapters have had some real work done to them. So I'd recommend reading them over again.

Other than that, not too much to say about today. Kind of gloomy and rainy. Watched Helloween do a Binding of Isaac run (which he completed successfully, though it got close near the end!) -- I think hearing some Alice music in the background (he puts on his video game music playlist while he plays Isaac) put me in the mood for editing. I also cleaned up some answers for the Ultimate Backstory meme for Forgotten Vows -- I'll have to start posting those soon.

And now I should run, as there are chats to reply to and videos to watch and all sorts of other fiddly things I need to do. Later!

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