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House buying woes + PMS = not a good combination. I was all wound up today because of everything that we've had to fix at the last minute (and I'm still not convinced on the insurance stuff) and the fact that I've been waiting and waiting to get my frickin' period already. Now that it's finally shown up tonight, and that means I can have it done and over with and maybe feel a little calmer about things. Maybe.

Work day was okay -- we had our meeting about the new capital campaign that'll be starting next year. No early dismissal afterwards, meh. But I did get both free barbecue (ribs, pulled pork, and sausage, plus potato salad), and free cake (the CAP manager is officially being replaced (though not fired -- she has a job in the diocese proper now, like what happened to me) and so had a little leaving-the-second-floor-because-that's-the-school-office-floor party). So that was nice. And there's enough leftovers of the former (plus extra sandwiches from ANOTHER meeting one of my other coworkers had) that I should be set for lunch tomorrow too! So yay, two days of free food! I can dig it.

Also, back to writing today -- got another page on "First Time," with Victor and Alice being snuggly and romantic and a bit silly. Something I really needed today. Fortunately my friend Helen on tumblr also came through with one of her cute Brotzly fics that's even cuter than normal this time around :D I don't know if any of you know anything about the 2016 "Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency" but I'm linking it anyway because I can.

Okay, gotta post one last comment and suchlike, and then hit the sheets. One more day to go. . .hopefully it'll be all right. Night all!
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