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We had snow today, and I didn't have much to do after editing some of Chapter 3 of "There's Always Tomorrow" and fixing up a little of the Forgotten Vows Verse magic system, so --

I played Sims.

And I did an Inkwell Secundus update.

Yeah, after a very long dry spell, I figured it was time to get back to these guys. And with more snow predicted Wednesday, and this upcoming Sunday and Monday, there may be more updates just because. Either that or more of me playing A:MR with the X-Box controller. I still have two bottles to hunt down in my Victor profile. . .and I might just try for all the peaches in the scrolls too. Might as well full 100% it, right?

Not much else to report -- it was snowing all day today, so no chance to get outside for anything. Mostly I DragonValed. Doc, my Lightning, has been busy doing all the breeding today -- his adventure with Petal gave me a Flower, he produced an Iron with Army (my Scoria), and he and Sunny gave me a Cactus and what looks to be either a Firefly or Scorch. Spiny and Sunny gave me a Pepper earlier (irony -- I tried for so long to get one of those, and now I'm getting them when I no longer want them. Meh.)

I also got the Fifth island, and discovered the horror of Huge Trees -- a million and two days to clear. Hmph. Fortunately, there's only four, so I can clear them gradually -- and I had more than enough to clear off the rest of the junk on the island. Once it's mostly clear, I plan to start rearranging things for best boost placement. I'm using this post as a guide (thanks to [personal profile] gigs_83). It's a bit out of date, and I've removed the Opposite dragons since they're never positively affected by boosts, but it's a good starting point. I have enough dragons to make this all worthwhile too -- I'm up to 57, counting Kairos and my duplicates. But hey, that's pretty good. And once my new eggs hatch I'll be up to 60! I just hope I have room for everybody. . .

Other things: Blazing got me a Gold Trophy in Air, Monty's taking on the Cold Event in the Colosseum. The Racetrack keeps giving me food and experience -- I'm actually pretty close to leveling up again. I've upgraded a few more of my dragons to Level 11. I keep getting visitors apparently flying off the sides of my islands. :P

And now I'm thirsty, so I'm going to get a drink. Later!

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