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-TD: About time, huh?-
Yeah -- stupid printer problems. I've been waiting on this for months! Anyway, the book itself looks great. It's even got a few extra pages in the back with some of the images they previously offered as donation wallpapers. :D And the bookplate sketch is AWESOME. Since my scanner is being a little bitch, you'll have to settle for pictures of it after we framed it:
Gil Is The Best )

While that's the obvious highlight of my day, I have to say that Linkara was pretty damn awesome today too. He took on "Batman: Fortunate Sons," a 1999 graphic novel about Batman and Robin fighting this crazed rock star. It's basically about how everything connected to rock is evil.
-M: *jawdrop* WHAT THE HELL?!-
-M2: That's screwed up! Is this one of those idiots who thinks rock is from the devil or something?-
I don't know! Maybe he likes Jack Chick! (Somebody has to.)
-Martys: *fume, muttergrumble*-
-VD2: Moving along, how's the fanfic coming?-
Got some more written on "When Worlds Collide," got the first prompt of 30 Dances written in my notebook. I should also mention I've gone back and put tags on a lot of the fanfic in my memories -- I wanted an easy way to identify all of it, particularly the prompt fics. I'll be including all the tags on this entry so you guys can click back and see what's what.
So yeah, today, all told, has been pretty good.

Which means tomorrow's probably going to suck. *braces self*
-HD: Oh, don't be so negative.-
I can't help it. You've seen what happens when I'm happy!
-D: Go play some more Spymaster and try not to think about it.-
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Yup -- with this fic, we officially hit the end of the 30 Kisses table for Victor and Alice. Roll the footage, so to speak:
Kiss 8 -- In A World Of Our Own )

So, is this the end of the Victor/Alice minific?

Nope! [ profile] 30kisses happens to have alternate lists, and I'm doing one of those. Next up is 30 Dances.
-TD: Why that instead of the music list?-
Honestly, I see Victor and Alice dancing a lot whenever I picture them. This list has a good chance on focusing on some of the Victor/Alice pairings outside of the "Solicitor's Ward" universe, particularly the Victor and Alice of "Love Will Find A Way," since they meet at a ball. Victor and Alice from "The Tale" could find their way into there as well, given I do Cinderella at one point.

Your random note of the day, which I kept meaning to say something about:
Live action, no less -- the monsters are CG, of course, but -- wow.

How long is that book again?
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From [ profile] anonymoose_au: Top 5 Muse Moments

1. The flood of OckDoc plotbunnies that preceded the arrival of OckDoc himself. Has to count as one of the weirder moments of my virtual life.

2. TeenDoc and company showing up RIGHT BY MY SHOULDER as muses, scaring the crap out of me. Seriously, that came out of fricking nowhere for me.

3. HatterDoc randomly declaring himself the humor muse after setting up shop in my headspace. I seem to have a talent for muses randomly appearing and refusing to leave.

4. The trip to Florida, and the highlight of the trip for Tie-Twister Victor being seeing The Truman Show for the first time. I just thought it hilarious that he was such a Jim Carrey fanboy. XD

5. Handing over the deed to the Inkwell to Clockwork, then called Rift!Doc. I had no idea it would lead to all the things it has in this headspace.

It has been too hot and sticky for real inspiration today, I'm afraid. Though I did get a few things done -- I finished off "Love Will Find A Way" at work, and I rearranged Overly Plotted Bunnies to show that "Solicitor's Ward" is now it's own universe with distinct fics. I still need to write up plotline summaries for the new ones, but at least there's spaces for them.
Speaking of fic, I'm in the mood -- let's have some Victor/Alice:
Kiss 18 -- Sick Day )

And now I have a comment to go answer. Hi-ho LJ, away!
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Because I couldn't get into Spymaster at all today. Stupid Twitter issues. . . .

Kiss 2 -- The Coming Of The Stork )

Harry Potter movie tomorrow! I hope it's halfway decent, at least.


Jul. 28th, 2009 10:12 pm
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Doc and Dan are still having funtimes in the junk shop (though there was a little awkward for a moment), Alice got to get out and about because of a new Cheshire in the Nexus, I've been reading Sugar Wiki, Linkara was quite funny, and the latest Girl Genius page got posted early on the LJ mirror -- and it is HILARIOUS.

Shock and awe, all -- I'M IN A GOOD MOOD.
-D: *deadpan* Shall we rejoice or run screaming in terror?-
Go ahead and rejoice, it's shortly before my bedtime anyway. ;)
-MF: . . . Is the sugar wiki responsible for all your plotbunnies turning into chocolate Easter bunnies?-
Could be -- that a problem? I know it's not exactly healthy for canines. . . .
-DW: We're anthromorphics -- we should be all right.-
-HD: And if not, more for the rest of us!-

In that spirit, I have a funny, perhaps somewhat heartwarming Victor/Alice fic to share. I've been looking forward to putting this one up:
Kiss 9 -- You Ran Into A Doorknob? )

Okay, to keep up my good mood, I think I'll go listen to "Ever Ever After." Anything to do with "Enchanted" always makes me squee.
crossover_chick: gif with Doc and Marty trying to get out of being written into twisted AUs (exhausted)
Though I do have a few complaints:
1. Please, employees who work the bank drive through, notice when somebody's sent back an empty tube by accident quicker. It's kind of annoying to wait for you to notice. Also, to the person who sent it back, WTF??

2. Lady who came in needing some stuff pressed -- we're happy to have your business, really. Even if it's a rush job, it's all good.


And get a new sundress that ISN'T cut down to there. Really, no one needs to see thy sagging boobies.
-M: . . . Ewwwwwww.-
Yeah, not exactly a pleasant moment at work. And this was an older lady, so. . . .
-VD: Does this happen often, people wearing things they really shouldn't?-
Luckily, no. I've only seen a couple -- mostly older women wearing stuff that really looks like it belongs on a younger crowd. Please, everyone, age gracefully. Don't try to fit yourself into a hot pink minisundress or something.

Anyway, to take my mind off things, let's have another Victor/Alice that's been on my mind:
Kiss 1 -- Deeper and Deeper )

*yawns* I'm tired. I think I'm gonna go mess around with Spymaster some more. Bought all the safehouses so I could try and play the money-making game. Seems to be working out pretty well for Ael, so. . . *shrug*
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Well, I've been browsing a certain section on TV Tropes a lot recently, so I think it's time to pull out this fic.
-TTV: Should I leave the room?-
If you want. It might be for the best.
-TD: That's not a good sign.-
No, it isn't. Everyone, it's time for the Bad End Victor/Alice fic.
Kiss 13 -- So Much For My Happy Ending )
Annd on that lovely note, I really ought to hit the sheets.
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Victor and Elizabeth have defeated the zombie! All rejoice! :D
-TTV: *looks conflicted*-
Definitely evil zombie, Tie-Twister.
-TTV: Oh, all right.-
-VuM: Is it pathetic we have to specify that, these days?-
Nah. Also, Alice and John are chatting about mental issues, poor guys. And I think once I'm done here I'm gonna tag Doc in somewhere. Plus I'm planning on a "second-stringers" post in the Inkwell soon -- a post dedicated to just Simon, Lucy, Dee, and Steve & Gary. They deserve one to themselves.
-RPD: Technically, I'd classify them as third-stringers.-
-RPD: Well, look at the facts. The ones you play the most are Clockwork and Rift!Victor. Museical and Alice come out rather less often -- they're the second-stringers. Then Simon, Lucy, Dee, and Steve & Gary barely come out at all, hence third-string.-
Hmmm, true. But they're still getting a post.
-RPD: I didn't say they shouldn't get one. It's all more work for me, even if you're just indulging in a little 'talking to yourself' play.-
-DW: Steve & Gary have visited the Nexus from time to time, at least. And she's been thinking about putting Simon there.-
Yeah, just to see what would happen. Hell, maybe someday I'll throw Lucy and Dee in there too. Everybody goes to the Nexus!
-MF: Dare you to put everybody into one post in there.-
Hey, that's hard enough to manage at the Inkwell!
Anyway, fairly typical Saturday -- hung out, tooled around on the computer, that sort of thing. Spymaster is annoying me a little these days -- I've been the target of a lot of assassinations lately. And energy and health recovery is SLOOOOW. Not to mention this weird little quirk I seem to have where I succeed more at assassinations when the odds are AGAINST me. 45% nets me the most wins, but I've been wounded twice now in assassination attempts with the odds of winning at around 60%.
-TD: Interesting! You have some sort of opposite luck in effect.-
I must! Though it is getting annoying. I want to succeed, damn it!
-HD: Then try a high-risk assassination where the odds are really against you!-
. . . Point.
Before we do that, though, it's time for some more Victor/Alice fic. Not much more to go, though once I'm finished with these, perhaps I'll try the Thirty Dances prompt table.
-D: You're getting obsessed with them.-
I know. How the hell did this even happen? Well, anyway:
Kiss 14 -- Looney Tunes and Merry Melodies )
And now, I shall be off to do more stuff with my characters.
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The showing of "Up" I want to go to is the 11:25 show, which means I want to catch the 8:55 bus to get there with enough time. *misses her chance to sleep in* Ah well, I should have a good time up there. Disney Digital 3-D movie and all that.
-D: And another one of the Discworld books, I'm sure.-
LOL, I'm still not done with "Pyramids" (though it's really good), and "Guards, Guards!" is another thick one -- I think I'll hold off until I'm at least halfway through the latter. I don't have much space left on my bookshelves anyway.
-TD: Weren't you going to get rid of a few of these books?-
Yeah, I really ought to do that soon. *reminds self*
Anyway, since it was actually nice today and it's supposed to be lovely tomorrow (keep your fingers crossed!), I present you with a summery Victor/Alice fic:
Kiss 29 -- By The Sea Forevermore )
Aaand, now, bed. I'll see you all tomorrow afternoon, most likely.
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I'm posting now because the weather has taken a turn for the thunderstormy again, so who knows how long I'll be able to stay on. But I couldn't let the date I picked for Victor and Alice's wedding anniversary pass without comment. So here's some anniversary fic:
Kiss 10 -- Ten Years And Counting )

And now we'll see how long I can stay on. I hate this summer and its lousy weather.
-Muses: You're not the only one.-

Oh Dear

Jun. 28th, 2009 10:17 pm
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This is what I get for not drinking coffee stuffs.
-VD: o.O? What's wrong?-
Metody offered to split a frappachino with Victor because the poor guy was looking so hot. Now, I knew a frap was a kind of coffee drink from Starbucks, and you all know Victor's rather exaggerated reaction to caffeine. However, I thought, "Half a cup of that slushy sweetened stuff? It shouldn't have too bad an effect on him."

I look it up today. Apparently it's made with espresso.
-RPD: *facepalm* Vic!-
Mea culpa! At least the soda incident taught him about his reaction -- he'll stop drinking if he notices his speech suddenly speeding up. Hopefully it'll be good otherwise, though -- there's extra chocolate and whipped cream involved. :D
-HD: . . . *has a look on his face that clearly says "I cannot believe I'm considering drinking COFFEE."*-
Anyway, not much to note today -- more RPing, watched "Terminator 2" (it's been AGES since I saw it), and played on a Twitter-based Spy Game. Currently at Level 3 -- I'm the casual, weekend spy. :p
-VD2: More accurately, it's Clockwork, since he's the one with a Twitter account.-
Hmmm, true. *tries to imagine Clockwork as a spy -- it's a difficult picture to call up*
Anyway, I feel like posting some Victor/Alice. As T2 has me in a somewhat-angsty mood, let's have that fic I was forced to poke around with:
Kiss 16 -- So Long And Goodnight )

Okay, that was a little depressing. I'm off to read Etiquette Hell for a boost.
-MF: Yeah, wedding thoughts are a lot nicer than funeral thoughts.-
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To the point where I'm playing wedding dress-up games. That quiz yesterday was RIGHT to insult me.
-J: Any nice dresses?-
Some. Others are just plain weird. There's a few that look more like NIGHTGOWNS than anything else to me. And the "fluff" on some of them is unbelievable. How do you move?! I'm still figuring out how Amy Adams did it as Wedding!Giselle in "Enchanted." That dress had to be the heaviest, most awkward thing on the PLANET.
-M: I'm glad guys are just supposed to show up in a tuxedo or a nice suit.-
-J2: Lucky bastards. I know my wedding dress isn't going to be too fluffy.-
-AJ: I was thinking a nice simple A-Line or sheath, maybe made with that nice shimmery material?-
-J: With or without sleeves?-
-AJ: I dunno -- guess it depends on whether we get married in summer or winter. Maybe we can compromise and have a lacy jacket?-
-VuM: Can I point out we're still only 17 here?-
-VJ: Heh, it's still nice to talk about. Besides, she's doing a wedding fic for one of the universes, right?-
NonTrilogy, yeah. Of course, that hardly ends up a traditional wedding, given it's about people eloping.
-DW: And I don't think they wear actual wedding dresses either.-
Nah, just fancy things -- remember what Gypsy in the Sims got married in? Like that.
-TTV: I suppose you've done a bit more research on Victorian weddings then, given the couple.-
Indeedy. And found out an interesting tidbit I'd missed before -- apparently, the whole "you may kiss the bride" thing wasn't done!
-Jennifers: Wha?-
Yeah -- the etiquette mavens of the day warned against it. God help us all if you display ANY public affection, I guess.
-TTV: . . .What if I want to kiss my new wife?-
Relax, you, Victor and Alice aren't the only ones bucking tradition. I wrote in a kiss for "Bonds of Holy Matrimony," and it's staying.
-TTV: Thank you.-
-VD: Given all this, I suppose you have Alice's wedding dress planned out.-
Yeah, pretty much. I'm actually thinking a short-skirted, short-sleeved thing, in defiance of the usual gowns back then. Their wedding date is July 7th, after all, and they're getting married in Wonderland. It's all white and blue -- white dress with blue butterflies embroidered on it, white and blue striped stockings, white boots with blue laces, white and blue flowers for the bouquet. . . .
-TD: *chuckles* You know, you kind of steal Emily's theme with the butterflies here.-
Hey, the butterflies are Victor's thing too! Incidentally, he'd be wearing pretty much his usual suit, only with a white vest that matches Alice's dress and a black top hat with blue headband (gift from the Hatter). And they get married in the White Castle's chapel in the Chesslands. (Interesting thing I just realized -- practically all of the Wonderland segments in "Solicitor's Ward take place in LOOKING-GLASS LAND. Except for a couple of dream sequences and visiting the Gnome Elder's house at the end, the card-based Wonderland isn't seen at all. Hell, I'm not even sure the Gnome Elder's house counts, given that the gnome people are kind of not in the books. (Unless I missed something while reading. Hmm.))
All this discussion has put me in the mood for fic. It's not the right mood for one of the depressing ones -- let's have a goofy and slightly steamy one!
-TTV: *on guard* Steamy??-
Kiss 27 -- Tasty Treats Gone Terribly Wrong )

And now, sadly, I should be off to bed. Hopefully Victor won't murder me in my sleep.
-VD2: Don't kill her until she finally posts all those JustPrompts fics she has for Clockwork.-
Incidentally, RPD, would you mind telling him the reason I'm stuck on those a bit is that I keep getting into humor moods and fic for him tends to devolve into angst? (Of course, if he hadn't banned a certain prompt. . . .)
crossover_chick: gif with Doc and Marty trying to get out of being written into twisted AUs (feeling flirty)
Not that's necessarily a bad thing, I suppose -- it's a definite change from the angst. So let's have a reasonably sweet Victor/Alice:
Kiss 20 -- No Place Like Home )

And now, I ought to head to bed -- least I don't have to go in until nine. Also, lists -- completed three, about halfway through the other two.
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Blame it on freckles238 on YouTube -- she has all these neat songs for Corpse Bride and other stuff, but most of them are kinda downbeat in nature.
-HD: X( Hmph.-
Hey, I watched some Unskippable earlier, you can't say I didn't make with the funny today.
-D: Someone send help -- between the Escapist, YouTube, and That Guy With The Glasses, she's finding too many ways to waste time!-
*sticks out tongue at* I've been working! Been working on the meme, anyway. Moose, Shego, I'm getting those lists together -- though the ones involving Marty and Victor might take a bit. Gotta think up some interesting situations for those.
Aaanyway, let's have some Victor/Alice:
Kiss 4 -- Like The Way I Do )

Aaand that's all I have to say for today. Later!
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Not as cranky as I was most of the day (work was hot and miserable), but I can't say I'm at my best. Let's have a fic that reflects my mood:
Kiss 17 -- The Sound And The Fury )

Right, better get back to Victor in the Nexus -- he and John are exploring his ghostly powers.
crossover_chick: gif with Doc and Marty trying to get out of being written into twisted AUs (feeling sparky/creative)
Seriously, his videos are really, really growing on me. I actually had to pause one of them in the middle simply because I COULDN'T STOP LAUGHING. I seriously just kept laughing until I had to force myself to breathe.
-VD: *little worried* I suppose that explains why you didn't go on a full-on archive binge.-
Yeah, I figured I ought to pace myself a little. But yes, venturing away from the Nostalgia Critic has proved to be a fruitful endeavor. I'll have to try some of the other videos later.
-VD2: Please tell me you did something creative today.-
-RPD: She did finish off that Lucy, Alice, and Victor thread in the Inkwell.-
And although the vids kinda kept me from writing on any of my angstful stuffs, I did work some on the RP Characters page.
-D: We'll take it.-
-OD: Though you really should do something about your actual stories. *Jules* At the very least, you should post something tonight.-
*patpats Jules* Right you are. And there's still Victor/Alice fic around:
Kiss 5 -- Ceiling Cat Is Watching You )

And now, to play another round of "catch up on friends lists."


Jun. 1st, 2009 10:24 pm
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Mondays suck. The end.
-TD: Need me to deathray some customers?-
Heh. Nah, I'm okay -- I watched some Nostalgia Critic and listened to some Tom Lehrer, so I'm all right. Just a little worn out. (And my left leg hurts for no discernable reason.) I'm also annoyed that's it the first of JUNE, and it's CHILLY.
-M: I know, WTF?! My birthday's in a week! Isn't it supposed to be warm by then?!-
-D: There's still time, kid.-
Yeah, and I don't care what the weather's like on your and Victor's birthday, I'm getting my ice cream. Maybe I'll give Coldstone another go, I think they have a birthday cake thingamabob.
Lists are coming along, though I've run into a slight roadblock with Victor.
-TTV: Pardon?-
Just trying to decide whether the King of Hearts counts as an alternate or not.
. . . Okay then.
-HD: :( Did you really have to do that to him?-
He gets better! I swear to God!
Anyway, why don't we have a Victor/Alice fic before I head to bed?
Kiss 11 -- Golden Afternoon )

And now, to possibly make some last-minute posts but more likely to just dick around on the net until sleepytime comes.
-DW: One of these days -- one of these days we're going to figure out how to disable the internet until you do what you're supposed to.-
Aha, but --
-TD: We'll make sure to take out Spider Solitaire as well.-
Ah nuts.
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Since it's getting late and I really need to hit the sheets. (Insomnia and the like SUCKS.) Quick question before I do, though -- anyone else having trouble with the PM feature here on LJ? I'm trying to send a message as [ profile] deadgirlsliekme to [ profile] allmydiredreams (RP stuffs, obviously), but the message box to actually send the message never actually shows up on the screen. B| Apparently there's a tagging issue for plus accounts at the moment too, so maybe it's just LJ being cranky.

Anyway! Fic! Victor/Alice, as per usual these days. (I really need to find some inspiration for a Drabbles88.)
Kiss 12 -- The Morning After )
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I'm still making my way through the first "Ladies" section in this etiquette book, but I came across some interesting things while walking together -- namely, according to the authors, in England it was all right for men and women who weren't lovers to go arm in arm if they went walking.
-TTV: *jawdrop* What?! That's not -- really?-
Yeah! I take it your mother and father said differently?
-TTV: Everyone in Burtonsville said differently!-
I think you're getting more of your etiquette from the Continent then -- the authors did mention it was different over there.
-TTV: *frown*-
Also, apparently a young man can indeed go walking with two lovely young ladies. *waggles eyebrows suggestively at Tie-Twister*
-TTV: *resigned tone* I'm not in a threesome.-
:p It's proving to be an interesting read -- I'm looking forward to seeing how the Gentleman's section differs. And the rules for the ballroom -- and they even have a section on how to cut meats!
-M2: Seriously? Sheesh, they were thorough in the old days.-
Leave no stone unturned when it comes to etiquette. Anyway, I've been rounding up songs for my possible music meme, AND I'm writing the ballroom scenes for Victor and Alice in "Love Will Find A Way" -- I think it's time for some fic.
Kiss 26 -- So Close, But Still So Far )

Great, now I'm all depressed. *goes to put on "Ever Ever After" or something to make with the happy*
-TTV: I don't even want to know about that other fic she hinted at.-
-DW: No. No you don't.-
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New "Corpse Bride" fic up at has inspired me to post another one of my Victor/Alice shortfics. Before I do, though, where's Tie-Twister?
-D: I believe he's in the bathroom. He should be out in a minute.-
Right. *leaves*
*click of a lock heard*
*comes back* Now that that's settled --
-VM: Wait a minute, what the hell? Did you just lock him in the bathroom?-
Yup. After the "pants" thing yesterday, it's probably best that he not be present for this.
-VD2: . . . Perchance, was this new fic posted to the "M" section of
Yup. And this current fic, while not quite that level, probably would send him into conniptions. Good thing Rift!Victor and Alice live at the Inkwell and not here, too. . . .
-M: This one's gonna be interesting.-
I believe I warned everyone before that I had "worse" than some of the other fics:

Kiss 6 -- Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These )

*indistinct banging noises and cries of "Hey, let me out!"*
-DW: You're going to have to let him out sometime.-
I know. Here's the key -- give me a five minute head start.
-DW: Three.-
Hey, now --
-MF: Who's been having to eat your little porn bunnies again?-
Fine, three. *flees!*

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