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Though I did get the first draft of my next Comp II paper written, so that's good. :) Dad and I had Subway for lunch and watched part of a program on exoskeletons and using them to enhance the human body. It started off good, but about twenty minutes in it started going on about things that were clearly VEHICLES, so Dad and I shut it off for being silly. Later the parents and I went through two shows about the ocean -- one that threw way too much information at us, and one that was good but made Mom upset when it showed killer whales going after a grey whale calf (and being surprisingly wasteful with it for six hours' work -- only eating the lower jaw and tongue).

One other thing I did today was come up with a ranged weapon for Victor in his little Wonderland adventures. No, it's not that Wine of Ages poison sprayer -- that's still being a pain in the ass. No, this is based on his love of drawing:
The Paper/Quill Bow

  • Equivalent To: The Teapot Cannon
  • Look: Large origami paper bow with a string that looks like a line of ink; the projectiles are writing quills with long curled feathers
  • Attacks: Shoots quills at targeted enemies. Victor can pull the string farther to “charge” a shot and send the quill farther
  • Upgrades:
    1: White paper bow, string of black ink; quills are white
    2: Blue paper bow with designs of lines, string of dark blue ink; quills are light blue
    3: Green paper bow with curlicues, string of dark green ink; quills are light green and make a distinct hissing noise while in flight
    4: Black paper bow with blue butterflies, string of red ink; quills are black and make a cawing sound like ravens when in flight

I haven't quite decided which I'm going to call it yet, and all of this is open to change. I just thought this was better than throwing the quills like darts (or the Playing Cards, a weapon that's rather useless in AMA). What do you guys think?

In the meantime, congrats to Brave for winning "Best Animated" (still need to see that), and I have YouTube to catch up on. :p
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You know how, on my tumblr (the personal one) I like to design outfits and weapons for Victor to use in Wonderland? Well, lately I've gathered all that into a WordPerfect file -- "American McGee's Corpse Bride" -- and been adding to it, finalizing the designs of certain things and suchlike.

And lately, I've been building Victor his own Wonderland.

I've sort of done this before -- back in the good old days, [personal profile] forgotten_vows had a thread on tumblr where he and Alice went into his mind to basically kill the last of Bumby's influence on him -- Thirteen. I'm actually thinking of adapting that basic plot into a follow up to the "You" cycle (or possibly as the fifth entry, since possible titles are "Fixing You" and "Returning To You," which of course fit the naming theme), which means expanding on the Wonderland presented. And I mean expanding -- the original concept I had never moved beyond a version of Burtonsville. Now, though, I'm actually giving Victor a few different domains. Here's what I've got so far:

BurtonDead: You could call this the "hub world" of Victor's mind. In its diseased form, it's pretty much a completely black-and-white Burtonsville with "Silent Hill"-style fog and lots of Slithering Ruin. The healthy form is a much more colorful, off-kilter, nature-invaded town -- think the Land of the Dead mixed with Londerland. Representations of Victor's anger (often-repressed) and libido (temporarily corrupted into Thirteen) live here.

Butterfly Jungle: Based off of one of Victor's childhood dreams, it's pretty much just what it says on the tin -- a jungle full of butterflies. There's other insects too, but butterflies are the dominant species. I'm thinking of throwing in a Ferdinand ref by having a race of giant ones you can fly around on. Fittingly, the representation of Victor's inner child/whatever innocence he has left lives here.

Magic Tower: Based off of Elder Gutknecht's tower from the Land of the Dead, this is a very new area, both for me and Victor. It and its resident, the Wizard, are representations of Victor's growing knowledge of magic. (Yes, I plan for Victor and Alice to learn magic. I designed a goddamn magic system for Corpse Bride, I'm going to use it.) I'll probably figure out more of what it looks like later.

So yeah, any thoughts? I love suggestions -- that's how I got the Grim Scythe, after all. And the best version of the Vorpal Fork (thank you [personal profile] doyousuppose for suggesting "sword-like" -- what a nice adjective). (Still need to figure out what to do with the Wine of Ages, though. . . Everyone agrees it should be a weapon, but I can't quite find a design I'm happy with in my head. >.<)

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