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Michael J. Fox turns 51, and Johnny Depp turns 49. Neither of them look it at ALL, do they? O.o
-M: *really hopes he inherited that good aging*-
-TTV: *him too*-
Anyway, I've been going around and doing birthday-related things. There of course is a party in the Inkwell, and I gave Forgotten Vows a silly hat for the day. Though I also gave him a nice enchanted night light, since he's arguably the one most afraid of the dark. The best present he got was his Alice finally coming back for a little while. I will be taking full advantage of this. :D
Anyway, I believe I have two final prompt fics to finish off two tables, so let's have those:
Drabbles88 -- Prompt 75: Solistice )

25 Foods: Prompt 16 )

Okay, that's two prompt tables OFFICIALLY DONE! *throws confetti* Now, to answer tags of all kinds to keep the birthday mojo flowing. Later!
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Have a 25 Foods:
25 Foods: Prompt 11 )

Anyway, that just leaves one 25 Foods and one Drabbles88 to finish off those tables.
-RPD: And just in time for the 100 Drabbles of Summer at Charloft. Are you doing that this year?-
I dunno. I'm gonna have to think about it more -- I enjoy doing drabbles, but I want to get some other stuff done too. . . Mainly Forgotten Vow's backstory, finishing up the ball chapter of "The Tale," and more on "There's Always Tomorrow" (remember that?). So we'll see.
As for now, I should catch up on the "Not Always" sites -- laters!
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Yup, we have lift-off! The Secundus Epilogue is up! Enjoy a wedding scene.
-VD2: That just leaves "The Tale" for NaNos!-
Yup! Hopefully I can finish that this November.
-OD: How's the other fic coming? "Losing You?"-
Actually, I -- I think I'm almost done.
-O.Os all around-
-M2: Wait -- seriously?-
-J2: Almost done?-
It turned out to be remarkably short! And I've been writing at a pretty good clip on it. Probably because Forgotten Vows has been noisy as of late. And the fact that I've been wanting to get this written for ages now. . .
Anyway, to celebrate me finishing one thing, how about I get one step closer to finishing another? Let's have the last Secundus-themed 25 Foods:
25 Foods: Prompt 10 )
And one more crossed off that list! Hooray for progress!
-D: Yes indeed! Now just keep it up.-
Hey, if writing remains -- no, I shouldn't say that, I'll jinx it. . .
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No, something hasn't gone wrong with Chester -- I'm actually on him right now. Our router has decided to die, so in order to get any internet, I've got to be plugged in directly down here. Fortunately it'll just be for tonight, I hope. Dad plans to get a new router in the morning.
-D: At least you can keep on your own computer.-
Indeed. The pleasures of having a laptop sometimes. . . Anyway, I'm trying to complete a few prompt tables, so let's have a 25 Foods:
25 Foods: Prompt 3 )

Hope you enjoyed that! I'm off to -- well, get my bathrobe. I'm a little chilly, to be honest. Might get my headphones too, see if I can get some better sound quality for listening to music. . .
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Otherwise known as I've gotten all the "Victor memories" I wanted to add to the game written up, AND got screenshots of the areas they'd be in! Thank you again, Helloween. :P You can see the whole thing here.
-TTV: I'm a little surprised you haven't started writing for his verse yet.-
I probably will this weekend -- I'm just trying to finish up a few other things first. Speaking of which, anybody want a 25 Foods?
25 Foods: Prompt 6 )

-VD2: Keep going at this rate, and you could have both the 25 Foods and the Drabbles88 tables finished by the end of the month.-
I know -- shocker, right? We'll see how things go. As it is, I gotta prepare for bed, because tomorrow I gotta get up around 6. Razzum frazzum early final. . .but I should be able to get to the mall afterward, which will be nice. Wish me luck!
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I've been a busy little beaver when it comes to celebrating. Observe:

-->Wore my official AMA shirt, and my Tim Burton's Alice Cheshire sweatshirt (it's been chilly lately)
-->Had a small waffle bowl of cake batter ice cream with M&Ms mixed in (yum)
-->Played Alice in her asylum in Restful Springs, and did updates for both her and Victor at the Restful Springs site. As usual, hers is the more interesting one.
-->Made a simple birthday graphic for my tumblrs -- not the best, but I like it anyway
-->Had Forgotten Vows give his Alice some cake and an umbrella, which she appreciated (yay for getting to play with Alice again a little)
-->Did the party for Alice over in the Inkwell -- Secundus Alice showed up and got a present too, just 'cause.
-->Had Butterfly Boy wish all the Alices he knows a happy birthday
-->Had Victor Plush wish his Alice a happy birthday on Twitter
-->Posted an Alice fic! Vorpal Blade -- I've been sitting on it for a while. I figured I'd clean it up a bit and put it out there in honor of the occasion.
-VD: Cripes, that's a lot.-
I know. And there's one more thing I'm gonna do -- post a 25 Foods!
25 Foods: Prompt 22 )

Enjoy that final bit of Alice-mania -- I have tags to answer, then YouTube browsing to do.
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So let's get right to it:
25 Foods -- Prompt 9 )

In other news -- played a bit of Restful Springs today. Houndsditch continues to be irritatingly well-behaved, but things may be about to change. Mike's been openly sobbing about his aspiration these days. Is it horrible that I kind of hope there's a stove fire just so it might fulfill a fear and knock somebody on their ass?
-RPM: You really want this place to end up like Rutledge?-
Ugh, point. With Rutledge, the fires are starting to get completely out of control. I had another round of three last session. I've stopped documenting them all just because they're starting to get old hat. Maybe I should hope for someone finally wetting themselves or something instead.
Anyway, I should probably think of getting to bed soon. Still have a couple of weeks of school to get through. Oh, and here's a thing for you all to chew on: In my Fantasy class, we're reading Alice's Adventures in Wonderland; in my World Lit class, we're reading Holocaust literature. Talk about mood whiplash. . .
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So here, have Prompt 12:
25 Foods: Prompt 12 )

I hope you enjoyed that -- now exhaustion is catching up with me, so yeah, later.
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If only because I'm doing a rather -- interesting Victor/Alice thread over on tumblr. *nervous giggle* Tends to inspire you shipwise.
-TTV: *puzzled* "Interesting?"-
-DW: Don't ask.-
Yeah. Anyway, 25 Foods:
25 Foods -- Prompt 7 )

Other news -- working on finishing up Carpe Jugulum (good stuff, as always -- oh Verence I just want to hug you), and played a little of EMMETT BROWN, TECHNO-WARLOCK! Who just got a Bronze Pottery badge and raided the Secret Society's pile of cash to get himself a bunch of stuff.
-RPM: Still sore over the burglar?-
More over my own stupidity at not having an alarm. Ah well, at least I managed to replace everything. Next time I play him, he'll be going out on a date with Carmen. Fingers crossed it goes well!
Now, back to tumblr! And maybe to posting a few more Winter Bingo prompts.
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We have:
Twosday, Prompt: A Pair of Cufflinks for [ profile] 8butterflyboy8's [ profile] charloft prompt,

feast for his Winter Bingo card,

and the piece de resistance,

Chapter Twelve of Secundus!

Yeah, I finally got one of the chapters up! It's a little on the short side (especially compared to the previous chapter), but I hope you enjoy it regardless. I'll try to get Chapter 13 up when I finally figure out where I want the chapter break (there's two good spots). In the meantime, let's continue the ficsplosion with a 25 Foods from this universe:
25 Foods -- Prompt 17 )

Anyway, enjoy all that reading -- I've got stuff cooking on tumblr.
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I'd be remiss if I didn't post something Victor/Alicey:
25 Foods -- Prompt 14 )

My Valentine's has been okay so far -- my parents were very nice and got me both a dark chocolate pop and a new MP3 player. Unfortunately, I've run into a snag -- while I can get music on the player, now I can't get the music to play one right after the other. It's all on there, subdivided into folders, but the only way to get the songs to play is to go to the menu and go into the folder itself. *shakehead* My older version doesn't have this. I know the music is still arranged in folders on it (I've seen it), but. . .why the hell do they make things HARDER to use in newer editions?!

Well, the chocolate pop was good. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a card to leave for my parents.

#1 -- I forgot to mention that Cucumbers here serves as a sort of prequel to Strawberries.
#2 -- Also, apparently today is the one-year anniversary of the 25 Foods table. I'd forgotten I first posted it on Valentine's Day.
#3 -- My Mom had this exact same problem with her MP3 player of this type -- and apparently I fixed it. I have no memory of how I did this. *lost and confused*
#4 -- Mystery of the day: I woke up this morning because my right arm had gone numb, like it would if I was lying on it wrong.
I was lying on my left side.
I suppose what happened is that I rolled over in my sleep, and then rolled back again, but that's still weird to wake up to.
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Not much else to report on today anyway (I nearly went for a walk, then felt how cold it was outside and went "Never mind!"), so have some Victor/Alice fanfic:
25 Foods -- Prompt 23 )

Okay, I should see if I can write something, or at least update my tumblr -- have a good night!
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All caught up on LJ, tumblr, and twitter. How amazing is that? I've actually got some quiet time.

Not that I'm spending it productively, I'm just saying. XD

And the most pathetic thing is, I can't think of any decently-sized journal entry! I mean, we're doing the French Revolution in History, learning about preschoolers in Developmental Psych, and I'm drawing a hat and gloves for my art project this weekend. Also get to spend part of my Sunday in a museum with the art teacher talking about art. *sigh* At least next weekend is a three-dayer. Also, I may be able to use a free cookie coupon I got from Subway while up there.

You know, I haven't posted a 25 Foods in a while. Before we get into the last grouping of Backie Days, let's have one:
25 Foods -- 19. Lime )

All righty, I really ought to write something tonight. Apparently if I'm not doing NaNo November is a low-productivity month. Hopefully I can pick up the pace once the Backie goodness starts.
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I was a little grouchy after fighting with a website for school, and then having to rearrange some of [ profile] 8butterflyboy8's memories because I mistagged something, but this afternoon -- well, I got my refund check from my school for the money I didn't use, and it turned out to be quite a bit more than I expected. And just a little while ago, I was informed by a Charloft mod that I'd won the 100 Drabbles of Summer writing contest.

So, yeah, today's pretty damn good. Who wants to celebrate with one of my long-neglected 25 Foods fics?
25 Foods -- Prompt 13: Honey )
Hope you enjoyed that! Now, I should see about working on another story -- like wrapping up this double chapter in "Secundus" so I can look it over and find the appropriate break.

Sigh. . .

Jul. 20th, 2011 11:37 pm
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So, my computer performed another random shutdown today while I was in the shower. No idea what triggered it, beyond possibly my MP3 player being plugged into a USB port to charge. (And I'm iffy on that, because when it pulled this shit twice in a row on Sunday, I don't think my player was plugged in the second time.)

I can't figure it out. It could be a hardware failure, a software failure, the heat getting to the computer -- it could be magical gremlins for all I know. We're working out a plan of attack -- Ael suggested we bypass Best Buy altogether and contact Samsung directly. Of course, this will probably mean that my laptop still has to go away for a while. . . *grumblemutter* Necessary evil, I suppose, though frankly part of me just wants to back up everything and start over.

Well, on the plus side, I've discovered how to back up my bookmarks in Firefox, so if I do get a new computer (or need to have this one wiped for whatever reason), I'll have everything I need in one convenient package. I'm also all caught up with drabbles for the 100 Drabbles of Summer -- and fortunately, it appears I'm AHEAD of the game. The full list is in this comment. I've also done all the photo posts I had planned on my Tumblr. And I've got pretty much all the backups I need on my drive (need to update a few photo and WordPerfect files, natch, but that won't take too long). And, again, at least it waited to pull the major shit until AFTER I finished Alice.

I need something to bring my mood up. We haven't had a 25 Foods in a while, and it's been hot enough lately to justify bringing up this one:
25 Foods: Banana )

Okay, I feel better having posted silly. Time for more web-browsing.
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Today started out with a major thunderstorm, got okayish for a while (Mom and I got in our walk, anyway), then there was another thunderstorm this evening. Which means we're still better off than Massachusetts, which got TORNADOES. Seriously, Springfield up there is WRECKED. We were under a tornado watch ourselves until 11.
-D: Great Scott!-
I know! This is freaky. It's calm outside now -- Dad even says it's kinda warm. But man, to hear that tornadoes came anywhere near RI. . . . I bet Florida and the like get HAMMERED when the hurricanes start up. It seems to be that sort of year. :(
To try and take everyone's mind off weather-related shenanigans, I offer updates. First, an [ profile] ink_sec_sims update from the Liddells. There's not much there, though -- I only ended up taking 14 pictures. I gotta get these Sims out into community lots again.
-RPD: To be fair, shorter updates probably mean quicker ones. And with your other games coming up. . . .-
This is a point, yes. We'll see how it all works out, since I'm pretty sure my Lucy Sim is due a birthday.
And for ficcing, I'll go ahead and share a 25 Foods:
25 Foods: Prompt 5 )

So that's the update for today. Well, unless any of you want to hear me go on about how tough it is to make a good Victor/Alice snuggling picture.
-TD: Tried to do a new take on that icon you made?-
I was aiming for a cleaner cut -- but then I got hung up on a)trying to cover Victoria properly and b)resizing Alice. I thought three-quarter's size might be too big, but half-size looked too small, and. . . You know what, skip all the other biographical stuff -- what I want from "Madness Returns" is a definite answer to how TALL Alice is! Or at least an answer to where a 5-foot-5 girl would come up to on a 6-foot-3 boy. Ugh, if there was only two pictures where they were BOTH roughly in proportion to each other!
-OD: I think the main problem is, all your Alice pictures are larger than your Victor screenshots.-
I know. *sigh* Ah well. I think I'll go ahead and upload the one I made, just to have it. If I get a better one in the future, I'll replace it. Now, off to do other stuff.
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Okay, I've been dying to get out of the house and up to the mall for a trip. I meant to go this past week, but the fact that it's been nothing but rain down here effectively killed those plans. This week looks better, sort of. I was hoping to go tomorrow, but I've been hearing conflicting reports on how nice it's going to be. Both seem to agree on some form of rain, though, and that Thursday should be pretty nice, so I think I'm gonna wait until Thursday. Ugh, if it could just be SUMMER already. . . .
-M: Memorial Day's coming up. That's sort of the semi-official start, right?-
For beachgoers, sure. God knows if the weather will actually cooperate, though.
Today was pretty quiet -- spent most of it looking up Alice stuff. Found a playthrough of the A:MR Storybook app. It's -- well, it's really for the benefit of those who HAVEN'T played AMA. I get the feeling the newspaper sections are the ones I'd be most interested in, and the quality was bad enough that I couldn't read those. *grumble*
-TTV: *looks traumatized*-
*wince* Hon, I told you not to watch over my shoulder. . . .
-TTV: How could they -- and she was a child at the time, not like they show --
-M2: *not getting it* What?-
Let's say one "mini-game" involves sticking leeches on her.
-TTV: *face in hands* I hate my time period.-
*patpat* All I can say is Dr. Wilson probably genuinely thought it would help. And you're not even the one dating an Alice -- God help me if [ profile] deadgirlsliekme or [ profile] 8butterflyboy8 ever sees that shit.
-VDM: God help Mr. McGee, you mean.-
I think Alice has first dibs on giving him a bloody nose -- he's her creator, after all. Anyway, I think we need a dose of comedy after that -- I've been rereading funny food-related Victor things, so let's have an amusing 25 Foods:
25 Foods -- Chocolate Syrup )
And now -- huh, I dunno. I kinda planned this night around retiring early. Maybe I'll do some late-night Sims, build that other Steampunk Gulch college family and/or play some more EVL. Either that or tackle that damn "Grapes" prompt from this table -- deleted the fic I first came up with since I wasn't very good. Hmmm. . . .
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Today is apparently important to Star Wars fans (May the Fourth be with you), "Narbonic" and "Skin Horse" fans (happy birthday, Shaenon!), most importantly from my point of view, Alice In Wonderland fans -- happy birthday, Alice! :D Party's over here, though it's shorter than ones in the past -- I honestly don't think I can come up with regular present ideas anymore, so (with the exception of Butterfly Boy) I'm drastically cutting down the present threads. Significant others and best friends (and BBV, since he's new) only from now on.
-TTV: I think Alice is perfectly all right with that, considering what everyone got her.-
:p Yeah, I figured. Hooray for the new weapons! Butterfly Boy also sent out birthday greetings -- considering he knows more than one Alice, I thought he ought to do his own post.
-RPM: Sheesh, I think that's the first time you've posted anything even vaguely in-character in that journal.-
I know! Had to happen sometime. Anyway, I also feel I should honor the occasion with fic, so here, have a 25 Foods:
25 Foods -- Prompt 24. Writer's Choice: Baby Food )
So yeah, there's your fic of the day! Now I'm off to watch an Alice demo or two.
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Went with a fairly general, short one, since I'm not sure which of any of the others I want to talk about next, and besides it's getting late:
Prompt 25: Writer's Choice - Fish )
In other news, the Sunday prompt over at [ profile] charloft directed people to a LOL-like event over at [ profile] charloft_rpg. I finally went ahead and joined with Lucy and Butterfly Boy so they could eat weird Easter eggs. Butterfly Boy is now rather taller than before, and Lucy's feeling rather green -- literally. Also, she has flower-growing feet.
-RPD: *shakehead* Should have known you'd never pass up a LOL like that.-
-TTV: At least Butterfly Boy is still clothed.-
Not that mean -- at least not for his first outing. And certainly not so soon after that angstfic on Thursday.
And that's about it for today. Yes, I know, my weekends are so exciting.
-TD: Savor it now -- your finals and final paper for history are coming up.-
I know, but the history paper at least sounds interesting -- one of the prompts you can do is an examination of marriage.
-TTV: . . .Please remember you haven't actually STUDIED my time period in this class.-
I know, but the link, however tenuous, doesn't hurt. :p
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-TTV: Oh good lord, what has my canon gotten into this time?-
It's not yours, it's Alice's! AJ LoCascio lists in this interview (I only just found it) that "American McGee's Alice" is a favorite game of his!!
-M: O.O-
-M2: . . .Right in front of "Super Mario World."-
But right behind "Resident Evil 4." I just -- what the hell is going on here?! Why are all of my fandoms linked in the weirdest ways?!
-TD: Maybe the universe strongly approves of "Secundus?"-
Maybe -- I need to get writing on that again. After I do my taxes, though -- we got the newest TurboTax today. I might still need to fiddle around with deductions, but so far it looks like I'm in good shape.
Anyway, two things I mainly wanted to show you today (now that LJ has recovered from yet another DDoS attack). First up are some Sim pictures I forgot the other day from Steampunk Gulch -- my attempt at making the Corpse Bride church.
Two Pictures Below )
And the promised 25 Foods, focusing on a subject that's been on my mind thanks to How To Train Your Dragon fanfic:
Prompt 20: Mustard )

And that's that! Now time to write up this idea for a new 25 Foods I had, and finish off the rest of that interview I linked to.

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