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Have a completed table with links to all the pages. Whew, feels good to have that done with!

Granted, now I have to start the 2012 drabbles. . .but I think that can wait a couple of weeks. There's only so much of Weebly's HTML editor I can take, and I'll soon be starting on putting up newly edited chapters of "Forgetting You" anyway.

In other news, still sunny today, but much cooler -- ended up doing the elliptical instead of going for a walk. Also:

-->maxed my DragonVale dust -- proud owner of the Path of Stars
-->caught up on Linkara and Nostalgia Critic -- both very amusing if also very weird
-->watched some Sims 4 tutorials by TheSimSupply -- need to find him on the gallery and maybe grab some of his houses
-->Did a little writing based around the "Some insects eat their young" memory from Bumby -- got to wondering how Victor might respond
-->Played some A:MR -- finished off Tundraful, just starting the Deluded Depths
-->Just completed tumblr queues -- a long-lost Alice is back!

So yeah, I guess it's been a pretty good day for stuff. We'll see how things go as the week goes on -- cool and rainy, bleeeh. :( I'm gonna go answer a tag on Dreamwidth, then --

Oh, wait, I owe you a quick Sims 4 update don't I? Okay, let's see what happened to Geeker yesterday:
Off We Go To Learn Stuff! )

Not the most exciting day for my Sim, admittedly, but hey, they can't all be. Once Leslie moves in things will probably get more interesting.

Okay, time to reply to Daniel, then bed. Night all!
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Though once again I find myself feeling lazy and intending to link you to the tumblr posts I made earlier -- it's just EASIER than fiddling around with the code and whatnot here! Besides, on tumblr I can put funny captions on the pictures. :P Anyway, hit Victor and Alice's house again today, and after a bit of a worrying start -- Alice getting Sad thanks to her Gloomy trait, an awkward interaction or two -- things progressed so well between them that they went on their first date! Which achieved Legendary status and ended with them as both best friends and boyfriend/girlfriend. :D You can read all about it here and here! Ah, my Valicey little heart is pleased.

In other news, to my shock and pleasure, it was actually spring-like out today O.O I dunno the temperature, but I was able to take a walk in just a sweatshirt. :D Man it felt good to get outside again! It was breezy, yes, but the warmth more than made up for that. Now if only it'll stay this way for a while. . .keep your fingers crossed!

I've also caught up with Helloween's LP of Bloodborne -- game continues to intrigue me with its style and coolness and just general w000-ness. XD I can't help it, I'm a sucker for Victorianesque steampunkish fantasy, and I like the Dark Souls formula in general, so this is my bread and butter. I also looked up a vid on its character creation, and you can actually get some pretty awesome face shapes with it! I could probably make fairly decent Victor and Alice characters for the game if I ever got my hands on it. (Unlikely, but still.) Looking very much forward to future sets!

Not much else to say -- got some writing done, still chasing after a few last bits of Star Dust in DragonVale, OWNING Spellfall thanks to spending the cash to get a new legendary weapon (an axe that lets ME surprise-attack monsters, and also has a high chance of STUNNING them for extra moves -- it kicks all the ass, let me tell you), and catching up on RP replies. I've got one left in the inbox, so let me take care of that right now. Later!
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It's been a pretty decent one for me -- got some writing done, watched the Nostalgic Critic/Angry Video Game Nerd crossover review of the latest TMNT movie (has an absolutely hilarious opening, you should probably check it out just for that :P), caught up on some messages/tags, and played some video games. DragonVale threw me for a loop when I first logged on -- it's a Double Weekend for Easter, which was expected, but when I went looking for the special "Hidden Egg" (a golden egg sprite that lurks in your park and gives you bonus eggs and a gem when you find it), I instead found a GREEN Egg. Which only gave me 10 eggs instead of the expected 30. My first reaction:

"What the FUCK? Did they seriously change the rules this late in the game? Now I've got to find THREE eggs instead of just one? Fine, let me see where the other two are. . ."

After finding a purple Egg that only gave me 4 eggs:


After finding a few more Eggs -- and abruptly realizing I had MORE than 30 eggs all of a sudden:


Turns out that, for this last weekend, they're hiding EXTRA Eggs. The golden one is still around, but now it's joined by green and blue ones worth 10 eggs each, and a purple one worth 4. You can find three each of green and blue, and five purple, so that's actually a lot of extra eggs. Um -- sorry for the intense rage and swearing, Backflip. ^^; At least this guarantees I'll be getting both Monoliths.

As for my other video game, dropped by Sims 4 to see Geeker. Was rather startled by the new patch changing how you move between worlds now (you have a new screen instead of just a tab in the corner) -- would appreciate a heads-up about that sort of thing in the patch notes from now on, guys! Still, had a fun time playing. Geeker didn't have a particularly exciting couple of days, though he did get a promotion and level up his garden's quality a couple of times. He also transitioned from Young Adult to Adult! I forewent a party because he only has one real friend, but I went ahead and had him make himself a birthday cake:
Let's Age Up )

So yeah, that's been my day in a nutshell. Right now, though. I do have a standing chat date to keep with a friend, so let me just go set up Forgotten's queue. G'night all!
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Among other things, but the Sims 4 stuff has pictures to share, so that's what gets put in the title bar. I'll give you the other events of the day in a quick list:

-->Weather: Woke up to it snowing again, which was icky. However, it stopped by about one o'clock -- and then, over the rest of the day, pretty much entirely melted away! :D There's still globs here and there, but there's also lots of visible ground. Maybe spring IS coming after all.

-->Wrote some of a story scene for personal reading purposes -- just wasn't feeling "Triskaidekaphobia" today. I gotta work on happier stuff, even stuff only I will see, sometimes or it'll just bring me down. :(

-->Caught up on the adventures of Detective Budget in Helloween's LP of The Evil Within. Silly game is silly, but Helloween has been stumbling on some enjoyable sections. And some very much not enjoyable ones, mostly involving Roombas of Doom. These last chapters are going to be fuuuun. XD

-->Got all my eggs in DragonVale -- despite apparently messing up my math or the game glitching and giving me extra habitat eggs while withholding food ones. O.o Very weird, though as long as I get everything. . . And, in fact, I got more than I expected.

I FINALLY HAVE A GOLD OLYMPUS IN THE NURSERY :D So freaking happy, seriously! Now there's just the Seasonal and the Third Snowflake to get! And the Monoliths, but one thing at a time.

-->Got in a half-hour on the elliptical, listening to some very good music (go check out Fitz and the Tantrums, people) and watching two more episodes of "Over the Garden Wall." Still weird, still a little too short per episode, but now that we've gotten to the truly creepy/depressing stuff, it's finally starting to work for me. Hooray for reaching the bits tumblr always talked about!

And now, time for Sims 4!
A Little Geeker, A Lot Valice )

Whew! Busy day in video gaming! Now I have to get back to answering tumblr replies. G'night all!
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2 hours' worth of Helloween today -- latest No More Heroes 2 set, and latest The Last Door set (which was a full one-hour block! Usually he splits up long sets like that). Both were fun rides, and while I do enjoy Hell's rants when he plays a game he hates, there's something equally as fun about hearing him go on about games he enjoys. :) Besides, we can't let him get too stressed out, otherwise we might not get any videos at all while he takes a burnout break.

I also played Sims 4 today, and I FINALLY actually PLAYED a bit of Victor and Alice's lives. Now, I fully expected making them friends to be an uphill struggle, what with Alice's traits and the general slowness of Geeker making his first friend.


Now granted, they had an advantage in being set as acquaintances from the start, instead of total strangers, but STILL! They were constantly getting whims to chat with each other, hug, cloudgaze together, be friendly to each other, tell jokes to each other. . .it did my little shipper heart good, it really did. XD Currently I've got them focused on their Aspirations -- Victor's learning how to play the piano, and Alice is working on her painting skill, and they're both doing very well at it. I have pictures, but I have neither the time nor the inclination to mess around with photo-hosting sites, so excuse me as I point you to my tumblr for more details.

Between that, the videos, and some fussing around with "Triskaidekaphobia," some things fell by the wayside -- answered a monster PM I had sitting in DGVictor's inbox from a friend, but actual tags will have to be answered tomorrow. I really need to get back into the swing of five-day workweeks. . . Right now, though, have to get into bed. Night all!
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Both because I finally have those other house pictures I promised you, and I spent today's Sims 4 session working on Victor and Alice's house in Willow Creek. Spoilers: I have still not actually done anything with them in Live Mode. XD Figuring out their house (specifically, trying to convince myself I should not used Styled Rooms for everything and failing miserably) and then making adjustments and adding extra decoration took longer than I thought, and I really wanted to get some time on the elliptical, sooo. . .

Anyway, here's some houses, made mostly out of Styled Rooms because I am laaaazy:
The Night House )

The Day House )

Valice House )

Bonus Pic )

Not much else to say, really -- the vast majority of my day has been taken up with Simming and marathoning Helloween's LP of "The Evil Within." And now I'm going to have dessert, watch another of his videos, then get cracking on RP stuff. Enjoy the pic spam -- later!
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Played a few more days of Geeker McTest's life, as the title indicates. Not only has he gotten into gardening, he also:

--> made his first real friend with a girl he met on vacation, Leslie
--> got into gourmet cooking (which is a separate skill from ordinary cooking!)
--> got promoted at his job (now an Ace Engineer)
--> fulfilled another milestone in his aspiration (they have those now, they're mini-goals toward a bigger reward, usually a new trait)
--> and found some new uncommon collectibles, like a couple of MySims statues and a Sunflower frog.

I also learned that fish apparently can go bad in your inventory, so I mounted a bunch of his catches. These apparently make Sims Confident when nearby, so now his house is a den of confidence. XD I should probably rearrange things so he has better-themed decorations for all the areas of his home. . . I'm looking up guides now to help with this. Sims 4 is complicated, yo~

Right now, though, I shall share with you pictures of his little plot of earth:
Gardening Boxes For All )

So yeah, he's set with raw materials for food for a while. :P

In non-Sims news, visit to the dentist went fine this morning, despite some utility work blocking the entrance I was going to use. Got there in plenty of time, got teeth cleaned, scheduled next appointment, and all is well with the world. Gave the house a thorough cleaning once I got home, then caught up with a bunch of stuff (mostly Linkara's ROMtrospective), played Sims 4, did 40 minutes on the elliptical (working on getting back into the exercise habit), and did a page on "Remembering You." So I guess it's been a pretty productive day. Currently I'm catching up on all my RP replies (no surprise there), so I probably should get back to that. Later!
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Had a VERY nice Sims 4 session with Geeker McTest this afternoon! After a rather ordinary day with him at work most of the time (he's still low-level in his career, which means long hours), I got him energized with a Brisk Shower, which resulted in a late-night trip to the gym. Which resulted in a bit of a downwards need spiral that wasn't entirely fixed by the time he woke up and was getting ready for work. I found him in a spot where his fun need wasn't in a good place, and he was feeling tense and wanting to go on vacation. I waffled for a minute, then figured "Why not? He has four days set aside, and as long as I can find a cheap campground. . .and I've been meaning to explore what the game pack has to offer." So I used his phone to book a two-day minication at the campground. At first, I wasn't entirely sure what to do with him, besides throw horseshoes to get his fun up. . .

And then I saw the ladybeetles crawling all over the ground in one spot.

CUE THE COLLECTING! The rest of the trip was basically all about him finding bugs, wild fruit, unidentified plants and berries, and frogs around the site, along with going fishing and stealing produce from the campground's garden. XD I had him buy a starter packet of seeds for a future garden of his own to make up for that, don't worry. :P In between he socialized, ate lots of s'mores, and leveled up a fair few skills, including cooking and fishing. Also discovered that Sims REALLY hate bear mascots. Must be ancestral memory regarding how annoying the Cows and Llamas were back in Sims 2 University, but it was kind of annoying how his mood immediately switched to "Tense" every time the damn bear was near. On the plus side, he loves collecting as much as I do -- he gets a special "Confident" moodlet for it. And he met a nice girl named Leslie he stargazed with all on his own, which I find cute. I might have them get a little romantic with each other. Friendships take a while to build, though, so don't expect anything on that front anytime soon.

So, in honor of Geeker's very successful minication, I have my very first Sims 4 screenshot! Which can actually be saved as a memory of the Sim, which is cool. Here it is:
Cut For Bigness )

So yeah, lot of fun with the game today. Felt good to just sit down and PLAY for a while, you know? I'm thinking tomorrow I might do some house building, just to get more of a grip on that. :)

Other things that have happened today:
-->Wrote another page on "Remembering You," though I struggled a bit in the beginning with what stuff Victor should and should not know. Thinking of adding a scene somewhere where Alice has to re-tell him she's an orphan and he feels horrible for not remembering. On the plus side, I had him pop a pillow by punching it XD

-->Watched the ROMtrospective from Linkara -- Pollo has a new voice, and it is -- well, it's kind of weird after we've gotten to know his old voice so well, but I think I can dig it. And it's nice to see Linkara enthusing over something good for a change. :) And being sometimes snarky at it too, but it's a comic series based on a rather silly toy, so. . .

-->Watched one of Helloween's The Evil Within videos -- he managed to complete a shockingly short chapter in one 20-minute set. That's WITH dying at one point and having to redo a portion. Game continues to be more goofy than scary, and Helloween's bitching about it is in fine form.

-->Did the RP catch-up thing, at least on tumblr and with one DW thread. . .and I'm getting somewhat sporadic e-mails about replies now? It's not always a sure thing, but they're popping up. Hmm. I guess we're closer to a solution about the whole "Hotmail/Yahoo thinks DW is a spammer" business.

-->Have been taking a very relaxed attitude toward the end of the Gathering of Roses event. Can't be arsed if there's no hope of the last prize. I'll get my food and that'll be that. Kind of nice not to feel like I have to check on it every fifteen seconds.

And now, I should get back to keeping an eye on replies -- g'night all!
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