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As [ profile] gigs_83 reminded me, it's been four years since I passed the deed onto [ profile] clockwork_doc. Doc's posted a message in the Inkwell to commemorate the occasion. I think I will try for a little party next year for five -- I just have to remind myself of the date. (Though, really, you think 8/8 would be EASY for me to remember. . .)

Speaking of which, I'm pretty sure this is the date I chose for Einstein's birthday. So happy birthday Einy. :D *woof woof*
-D: *proudly pets his loyal pup*-

And our final note of the day -- I have a new prompt table! It's one based on those I saw for a "7 Sins, 7 Virtues" community. As you might guess, it's 14 prompts about the Seven Deadly Sins and Seven Heavenly Virtues.
Below The Cut! )
Now, I'm off to look up videos. And hopefully get my hands to stop hurting -- had an issue with the extendable tube refusing to come out of the vacuum cleaner hose. >.< Ow.
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It's been kind of a busy one for me, simply because I've been messaging with one of [ profile] 8butterflyboy8's pals and taking care of lots of tags. Alice came to the Nexus in tears, but Victor's found her in April's thread, and they're well on their way to reconnecting. And Butterfly Boy found someone to show off to in HIS timeshifted!Creative! thread. Not to mention he made a Dear Mun post.
-M2: *surprised* DG-Victor and Alice want to share a room?-
Yeah -- apparently they're (justifiably) cranky about what happened in the Nexus and want to be closer to one another. I have no complaints.
-VD: There's no point in telling you not to think harem thoughts about Butterfly Boy, is there?-
Well, there is, but that's only because I usually consider a more general Victor for that role. ^^
-RPD: You are perverted, you know that?-
This wasn't obvious? Anyway, since it's Valentine's Day, I have a gift -- a new prompt table!
25 Foods )

Yum yum, right? And here's the shortest (and probably silliest) prompt I wrote for it:
Prompt 4: Coffee )

And -- crap, it's 11:05. I don't know --

Oh hell, if I don't do it now, I'll forget. Quick picture post!
Acquisitions! )

And I believe I have officially stayed up too late. Good night all, hope you had a good day!
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This one is the 30 Dances! It's one of the alternate tables over at [ profile] 30kisses.
30 Dances For V/A )
This table was a bit more difficult to do, but I think I managed to hammer out some nice stories. While the 30 Kisses ended up focusing mostly on the "Solicitor's Ward" version of Victor/Alice, this one is rather more varied, including more muse!fic and an entirely new universe I developed while writing a bunch of the prompts.

We'll get to that later, though. Like I said, I'm in a wedding mood lately, so let's have some muse-related wedding fic:
30 Dances -- According To You )
Enjoy the fic, and watch out for future installments!
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-TD: About time, huh?-
Yeah -- stupid printer problems. I've been waiting on this for months! Anyway, the book itself looks great. It's even got a few extra pages in the back with some of the images they previously offered as donation wallpapers. :D And the bookplate sketch is AWESOME. Since my scanner is being a little bitch, you'll have to settle for pictures of it after we framed it:
Gil Is The Best )

While that's the obvious highlight of my day, I have to say that Linkara was pretty damn awesome today too. He took on "Batman: Fortunate Sons," a 1999 graphic novel about Batman and Robin fighting this crazed rock star. It's basically about how everything connected to rock is evil.
-M: *jawdrop* WHAT THE HELL?!-
-M2: That's screwed up! Is this one of those idiots who thinks rock is from the devil or something?-
I don't know! Maybe he likes Jack Chick! (Somebody has to.)
-Martys: *fume, muttergrumble*-
-VD2: Moving along, how's the fanfic coming?-
Got some more written on "When Worlds Collide," got the first prompt of 30 Dances written in my notebook. I should also mention I've gone back and put tags on a lot of the fanfic in my memories -- I wanted an easy way to identify all of it, particularly the prompt fics. I'll be including all the tags on this entry so you guys can click back and see what's what.
So yeah, today, all told, has been pretty good.

Which means tomorrow's probably going to suck. *braces self*
-HD: Oh, don't be so negative.-
I can't help it. You've seen what happens when I'm happy!
-D: Go play some more Spymaster and try not to think about it.-
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Yes, I made a little fic table for the minifics I'm writing for Victor/Alice based on the [ profile] 30_kisses prompts. Somebody else did it for Ron/Hermione, and I was rather inspired. Here you are:
30 Victor/Alice Kisses )

And here's the first entry, so to speak. I'm still working on titles for some of them, and this one doesn't require me to say a lot. Which is a good thing, since I spent a lot of time watching "The Nostalgia Critic" AND I have a cold, so my brain is pretty much fried at this point.
Kiss 15 -- The Perfect Blue )

And with that, I'll be turning in, as I really do want to get enough sleep tonight. Stupid cough. . .
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Drabbles 88 Table )
Drabbles88 -- Prompt 1 )
Drabbles88 -- Prompt 32 )

These were the two I immediately thought of when I did the table. More to follow -- if I can ever stop watching "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" clips on YouTube.
*muses are paralyzed with laughter and thus can't berate me*
:D I have written, I'm working on my "Boy Genius" page right now. I'll try to do better tomorrow. Howevr, in the interest of sharing:
Greatest Hits: College -- Colin cracks up Ryan with "tapioca!"
If You Know What I Mean: Office -- Colin was never good at this game :p
Greatest Hits: Western -- Colin cracks up Ryan again with his idea of an Arctic Tern call
Irish Drinking Song: Knocked Over Xmas Tree -- Colin ROCKS at this game
Sound Effects: Firemen -- These poor women just couldn't get it right
Irish Drinking Song: Yelled Out Wrong Name In Bed -- This one was killed before it could start
Party Quirks: Neon -- this is the episode where Ryan broke the neon light on Drew's desk
Irish Drinking Song: Broke Up -- Colin regularly cracks up everyone
Irish Drinking Song: Graduation -- Colin probably SHOULDN'T be the last person, but then where would we get our fun?
HORWARD -- One of the more memorable screw-ups in Whose Line? History -- and hey, one that ISN'T Colin/Ryan centered!
Weird Newscasters: BTTF! -- And poor Ryan has to make a go at being Doc Brown.

I WANTED to share my favorite one, the "Improbable Mission" where Colin keeps yelling "the cat!!", but I can't find it! *snarl and smacks YouTube* Where the hell is it?
*sigh* I gotta go to bed. Night all.
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