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And to my favorite mad scientist, Doc Brown! :D Yeah, couldn't let his birthday go by without a 10:04-er. And, thanks to Mom's baking yesterday, I even got to have cake and ice cream. :) Life is good.

Pretty low-key Sunday -- my parents went out for a bike ride mid-morning, and I hung around the house catching up on my YouTubery, mainly. Though I did go outside and spend a little time in the backyard to get some fresh air and sunshine. Got into the 80s today, shockingly enough. I swear, the weather is just getting more and more screwy. . .but you know me and my hatred for the cold, so I'll take whatever warmth is thrown at us.

YouTubery mainly consisted of catching up on my Helloween -- The Evil Within 2 and Secret of Mana. Helloween largely faffed about in the first, gathering up collectibles and running around investigating side missions. The game does seem to be an improvement on its predecessor, but there's still a fair whack of stuff that feels ripped off from other games, and Helloween already thinks the story is a load of bollocks. But he seems to be having a lot more fun than he did in the original, so that's good. The second -- well, he did a set that was nearly TWO FREAKING HOURS, so obviously he likes that one. :p Lot of running around the world, gathering weapon orbs, chain-casting spells to ruin the lives of enemies, running away from enemies whose lives refuse to be ruined, and failing to stop the villain's plans because this is a video game and you're never allowed to just do that unless it's final boss time. :p Good stuff, though I'm glad I took a couple of breaks while watching it. Don't need to feel completely brainwarped by the 16-bit.

In writing news, wrote a new entry for the "Victor gets a color from Barkis" story that instead takes place when he actually GOT the color, at the rehearsal. I'm probably going to rework what I originally wrote into Victoria's perspective instead -- after all, she would have gotten a color from him too. (Maybe she gets green, and only notices when the fire flares green because it's winter and thus there aren't many plants around?) Then we need a wrap-up story where I set up the OT3 thing, then I can get to getting Alice into the group. (And the side Lizzie/Bonejangles.) And here's me thinking this would be a simple side project I could switch to when things weren't going well with "Fixing You. . ." Still fun, though, and I'm looking forward to seeing what people think of it once it's postworthy.

And in video game news, I went ahead and bought the Spooky Stuff pack for Sims 4, so after Wheatley was done with work, I had him throw a Spooky Party! It was a pretty low-key one, as the household doesn't have a ton of money for decorations, but there were some cool costumes on display, the guests shared candy and watched a bad horror movie with Geeker, and pumpkins were carved! I was deeply amused when Alice (whom I invited mainly to have a neighborhood face in the guests) carved a cat pumpkin all on her own. XD It made Gold Level, which unlocked a special costume for them -- dunno when and where I'll wear it, but it's out there, so, yay. :) Ironically, given I'm a bit ahead on my Sims and I post them on Wednesdays, this update is going to go up AFTER Halloween -- but it's just the day after, so whatevs. :p

Right -- now that I'm done with the YouTube scene for a bit, it's time to catch up on some other websites, and do some queuing over on Valice Multiverse. Can't stay up too late, though -- driving test tomorrow! I'm trying not to be nervous. Helps if I don't think about it too much, so off to distract myself some more! Night all!
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Yes, this being one of the important dates in the trilogy, I have made the effort to get a 10:04 update! Not that I did anything particularly BTTFy today, admittedly. . .though I did wear my Save The Clocktower shirt. So that's gotta count for something. :)

Things that happened today:

-->Went up to the neighborhood that makes up the RI DMV road test area. It's -- not in a good area. ^^; Mom actually drove us up, since there was talk of road construction and of course neither of us knew exactly where the place was. I took over once we reached the actual road where the DMV was, and drove us around for a while. Did pretty well, despite the roads being in fairly miserable condition -- and covered in speed bumps in some places. BIG ones too -- I'm guessing people were really fucking flying around there before they did that. I did miss a stop sign at a four-way stop and thus didn't come to a complete halt. Nothing came of it, but I'll have to be extra-vigilant when it comes to the test. I did handle the eventual return to the house on the highway well, though. 95 isn't quite so scary once you've driven a bit of it a few times. I'm still nervous, but -- it's residential roads. I think I'll be okay.

-->Went ahead and wrote something completely different today -- a snippet of the Holistic Coffee Shop AU! Hey, my mind's been on the Dirk Gently channel recently -- might as well run with it. Get it out of my system a bit. It was fun stuff, though I'm still not entirely sure in my ability to write Dirk and Todd. . .eh, I'm sure Hel (my DGHDA-loving friend who kind of dragged me into the fandom) will enjoy it nonetheless.

-->Played some BioShock! Didn't get a chance to yesterday, so I figured I'd make up for it today. Been exploring the workshops, gathering materials for the bomb I need to make to blow open Ryan's office. Irritatingly, it appears one of the parts I need -- I have to get off Big Daddies.

Guess who's already gotten all the ADAM from the level's available Little Sisters and was hoping not to have to fight more of those diving suit horrors. To be fair, I'm getting a lot better at killing them -- and I was able to cheese one particular fight by noting the Daddy always got stuck in a particular area -- right next to a handy turret, no less. . . So that was all right. Don't appreciate how so much stuff in this area is damn near impossible to hack, though. At least I have some spare automatic hacking tools. . . I also have to figure out how to get into an area underneath some stairs, as I can see goodies and an audio diary. Hmmm. Well, I do have a walkthrough favorited on my iPad. . .

-->Caught up on some more videos in my Watch Later queue (OutsideXBox fun, mainly), Helloween's Secret of Mana set from last week (the heroes have gained the power of Shade magic, from an elemental that looks positively Lovecraftian; also they now have the ability to summon and fly around on an awesome dragon! And you can control them doing so in a semi-3D way!), and his latest Darkwood set (he's out of the forest, but his passage out has led him to an arguably even creepier swamp, full of things like Human Spiders and the like. Also eyeballs in the ground, but the comments insist those are friendly, or at least not actively hostile. . .). Tomorrow I'm marking for The Evil Within 2 sets, along with possibly the next Secret of Mana -- that last one is almost TWO HOURS, though, so we'll see. Depends on what else I might want to do.

-->Mom made cake! :) Chocolate bundt cake -- yummy. Always nice to have a little treat.

Okay, rest of the night should be spent catching up a few things -- I think I'm just gonna queue my RP replies, I'm not really feeling up to any long threads. (And it's not like there's a heck of a lot happening over there right now. People busy with school, from what I can see.) Get the next chapter of "Secundus" up on AO3, watch a couple more things in the Watch Later queue, that sort of stuff. Perhaps it's not the most productive to-do list, but it's the one I have. :p Night all!
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I said I was going to set aside some time to watch the first episode of Season 2 on BBCAmerica, and I stuck to that! Watched it this evening with my ice cream. Main takeaways consist of:

-->SOMEONE has to write a Dirk Gently Aperture AU, seriously. That beginning sequence in Blackwing was just -- pure Aperture

-->Farah needs a vacation

-->They really missed a trick not doing a Dirk/Todd bodyswap in the first season, because Elijah proves he can play Dirk-in-Todd here perfectly with Todd going a little nutso looking for connections

-->I am fascinated to see how Suzie's arc is going to go


Aside from that truly nightmare-fuel moment, though, the show remains good and I am raring to go for episode 2! . . .Which I'm not sure how I'm going to watch, thanks to not having BBC America, but I've seen some talk of livestreams. . .

Other things that happened today:

-->A little more backing-up practice in the parking lot of Stop & Shop -- I'm actually getting better at getting into the spot -- straightening out still remains tricky, though. As does not going too far back, but -- yeah. We also took a night drive around some of the nearby neighborhoods to get me more used to driving at night. Found some truly terrible roads (seriously, it amazes me just how badly a road can sink in over a sewer line) and actually got lost briefly because we ended up in a unfamiliar, ritzy 'hood. Got to see some cool Halloween decorations, however -- a lot of people around here really like the inflatables! Nice to have such excitement for the holiday.

-->Finished up another part of "The Technicolor Phase," though I think I'm going to end up editing it since I feel like I wasn't able to properly express one of the key themes -- getting colors from people who are important to you. I like what I wrote, and I'll probably keep the same basic idea, but I think I need to do a sort of "prequel" bit at the beginning where I go back to the rehearsal and properly establish Victor getting a color from Barkis. Yes, Barkis -- anyone important can give you a color in this verse, and "important" doesn't necessarily mean in a good way. Emily and Lizzie both get colors from their murderers after all.

-->I also made some edits to my two latest Forgotten Vows Verse shorts on AO3 -- neither had a proper summary, so I went ahead and fixed that. Much better. Thinking of reordering them too, so they come between "Finding You" and "Forgetting You" like they do in the timeline, but that can wait a bit, I think.

-->Cleared out most of the messages in my inbox -- I've just got one last thing, and I'm mostly done with it, sooo. . .

Current project -- get my Valice Multiverse queue done, then maybe watch some of the things in my Watch Later queue to free up some space. Got a busy weekend ahead -- tomorrow we go and check out the actual spot of the road test. *bites nails* I'm sure it won't be bad, it's just -- you know. The reality of the situation really hitting me. . .

Well, I don't have to think about it too much tonight. Off to see about my replies -- night all!
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It's STRAIGHTENING OUT. Going backwards isn't so much of an issue as going back in STRAIGHT. I can get the initial turn pretty well -- it's straightening out so I'm inside the lines properly that is the issue. I also tend to overcompensate for the size of the car -- I tend to be worried about being too far out in front, so I end up too far in and over the line in the back. *sigh* Well, we had a decent practice session today in the casino parking lot (a side lot that doesn't get very full), and we'll see what happens tomorrow. And Saturday, and Sunday. . . *deep sigh* Cripes, I hope I pass this test. Mom and Dad seem to be of the opinion I will, and I'd like to think I'm a good enough driver to manage, but -- we'll see. (At least I know I'm better than this super-scary driver on the highway that was weaving all over the road. Fully expected them to hit either the cement wall on one side or a car in the other lane. Yikes.)

I did get some writing done -- switched to "The Technicolor Phase" today, and things went easier. Might stay with that a couple of days, then go back to "Fixing You" and see if I can shove past that minor block I've got going. I think my brain's just a bit more in a poly verse setting at the moment. . .which, really, is fine by me. I just also want to get my main writing project a little closer to done. I also posted A Dream Journey on AO3 -- decided it was okay to keep in the main verse. (It's technically a crossover with the game Journey, but only in the sense that Victor's dreaming a situation similar to the final level. Not anything canon-breaking for the verse.)

Not much else to report -- queues are as done as they'll get for the moment, stuff is mostly reblogged and answered, and I am tired. Time to tackle those two last comments, then hit the sack. Night all!
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Five-car accident on the way into work, Mom got caught in the traffic from two separate crashes on the way up to get me after work, and I heard sirens go wailing past at least FIVE TIMES tonight. I don't know WHAT is going on, but apparently, the population of RI is having a severe "not able to drive" crisis.

Partially as a result of Mom getting held up on her way into the city, we ended up not going to the casino parking lot -- instead, we went to the parking lot of a local church, and I practiced backing up there. Getting a better handle on it now -- I feel a little more comfortable going backwards, and I'm getting the directions down. Coudln't really practice going between the lines of parking spots, though -- the lot has seen MUCH better days, and the paint was faded basically into invisiblity. I DID, however, with a few false starts and stops, back up into our driveway. Which was a task, as a) my Dad's truck was there, and b) our driveway is on a hill. Managed it -- not perfectly, but managed it. New plan is to go to the casino lot tomorrow to continue practice.

Unfortunately, between that, making muffins, and a bad case of writer's block, no writing today. :( Always annoys me when I can't get that done. Especially when it's a case of "I know where I want to go, but how do I get past this one preliminary bit first. . ." Just have to make a new effort tomorrow, I suppose. Either that or switch back to "The Technicolor Phase" for a bit. *shrug* We'll see.

On the plus side -- the BBC America site has the first episode of Dirk Gently Season 2 up for free! :D I know how I'm spending my Friday evening! :D I doubt all the episodes will be released this way, but at least it's a start. :)

Okay, I have some stuff I have to answer, then it's off to bed. Night all!
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Went off to the shopping plaza parking lot to practice my reversing -- I'm still having some trouble, though I managed to get into the spot once, at least. Dad had me go around and weave my way backwards and stuff like that. It's just -- hard to wrap your head around which way you need to go sometimes. Not to mention I'm still nervous about going back too fast. . .and the power steering remains a bit of an ass -- we had to quit a bit earlier than I believe my parents wanted because the turns were getting hard again. Hmph. Well, we're going out again tomorrow night -- this time to one of the local casinos, since they have a huuuge parking lot. Just gotta keep practicing.

I DID end up Googling what the actual driving test might be like, since my parents suggested it. Found a reddit thread from people who've driven it. Doesn't sound all that bad -- mostly residential streets and suchlike. I know how to handle those. The thread IS two years out of date, but it at least calms my nerves a little.

Work was all right -- though I started off the day having to call AGAIN to see about getting my X-Rays transferred to my new dentist. Gonna contact the new people either tomorrow or Thursday to make sure they got them. Hmph. There was the CAP workshop, which was very well-attended and seemed to go pretty smoothly. People getting excited about contacting alumni again. The rest of my day was spent clearing up returned mail (of both the electronic and snail sort). Hey, someone's gotta do it, and the envelopes were starting to pile up.

Writing-wise -- didn't get quite a full page (which is my usual goal), but I wrote some more on "Fixing You," which is good. Lizzie getting annoyed over coming SO close to both Alice and Victor, while they reassure her, mostly. Feel like this section is a little rambly still, but it is tighter than it was before, I believe. And I can make more edits when I move into doing each chapter individually.

And I got my queues done -- Valice Multiverse and VictorLuvsAlice. I actually had time to predraft a reply or two on Valice, which was useful. Got some fun threads going on there. :) And some fun ideas lurking on VLA.

So yeah, productive day, I'd say. We'll see how tomorrow goes -- for now, I gotta get to bed. Night all!
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Mostly because my parents were busy getting projects done (we now have a shoe bench and trim for the living room bookcases) and were just too tired to tackle teaching me to back up. I did have a longer drive home from work than usual, since Mom had to go to the fabric place -- did a little merging and suchlike. Worked out fine. We also realized there's a closer lot to practice in (a shopping center), and I managed to disabuse them of the notion I would want to go after supper (I want to take my shower at a decent hour!), so we're gonna get that done tomorrow afternoon. I don't think I'm too terrible at backing up (I mean, I get out of the driveway each morning, and parking spots) -- it's just I get nervous going too fast in reverse. So yeah -- practice that.

Rest of the day has been pretty quiet. Work was mostly roster maintenance. Weather was rather icky -- chilly, with passing sprinkles. I still got a walk at lunch, it was just shorter than usual. But I got some more written on "Fixing You" (went back to add some stuff about the Liddells knowing the Houndsditch kids, and now they're talking about Lizzie and Bonejangles's fateful Halloween trip), and I'm a bit ahead on my main tumblr queue (did my Sims posts for Wednesday, featuring Temporary Nudist Emmett XD). So that's nice at least. Rest of the week is probably going to be stressful (CAP meeting tomorrow, and of course the upcoming road test. . .), so it's nice to have one quiet day.

And now I should really get to bed. Night all!
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In convenient List Form!

-->Wrote another short for "The Technicolor Phase," as I was on a roll with those. Though "short" seems like the wrong word, given how long these are getting. . .at any rate, wrote what was going to be the piano duet in this verse except Emily interrupts Victor when the tries to get it started and instead they have to use their words. Kinda sorry I missed out on the piano connection, but as this is a poly fic with Emily staying with Victor and Victoria in whatever way she can, I feel there will be other opportunities.

-->Played Sims 4 -- got Emmett safely moved into the Embers/Kosperov household! And then spent probably more time than necessary trying to figure out where to put his shit and what to sell from his old place. I COULD have just transferred Eric directly over to his house (the process for moving a Sim into a household allows for that), but Emmett had a lot of stuff I wanted to take that I couldn't get into his personal inventory for some reason, so I ended up leaving Eric in the family for now to get all of Emmett's furnishings transferred to the new place. Eventually I got everything working, but man, did it take a while. *nods* But ah well, Emmett is now happily living with his girlfriend on a lot with TONS of room for a rocket and other sciencey stuff, and Eric has an empty house waiting for him in the future. Good times.

-->Went out with Mom to practice my backing up skills, which didn't go as well as planned. First location we tried was the Stop & Shop parking lot, but there were just too many people there coming in and out and cutting through the parking spaces. Then we found an empty lot by a medical imaging center, but it was really small and didn't allow a lot of room to maneuver. I ended up temporarily mucking up the power steering with too many "stop and turn the wheel" actions because I was trying to avoid going backwards too fast and hit the curbs. New plan is to go up to Lincoln Mall's parking lot tomorrow and get some practice in there, with more room to breathe.

-->Watched Helloween's latest Darkwood sets -- poor man got mauled a few times (just going out his front door proved to be super dangerous one set! He finally gets to craft some armor and it's almost immediately wrecked), but he's gotten himself a hunting rifle, tracked down the mysterious Doctor who stole his character's "escape this bullshit key," and survived a few nights with chompers and dogs constantly breaking his barricades. Good stuff -- he's probably at his funniest when he's playing a game he doesn't care for, but it's satisfying in a different way to see him tackle a game he truly enjoys.

-->Watched the latest episode of "Halloween Wars" -- happily, the most annoying "face of the team" got sent home today for making a pretty damn awful display. Seeing some actually nice stuff from the top two teams, though -- gives me hope that this series can be good again. Just keep up the quality, you two!

-->Got ValiceMultiverse queue done, w00~ Not too many replies, thankfully. Otherwise I would have been up all night.

So yeah -- I guess I got a fair amount done today, but DAMN if each didn't take up more time than I'd like. And I'm still stressing out about the driver's test. . .gotta take this week and get everything for it settled once and for all. Right now, I have to go to bed and see about getting some sleep. *deep breath* Night all!
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This seems to be becoming the norm for me. . .not sure I approve. Anyway, list of what happened:

-->The usual cleaning, both of my own room and the living room (helping Mom out by vacuuming the rug)

-->A drive up to Cranston Wal-Mart to get various things and to help me practice my driving a bit more (went smoothly, happily)

-->Another short on "The Technicolor Phase" -- Victoria's perspective in this universe on meeting Emily (this version has a twist -- since they give each other a color, Victoria and Emily actually CONVERSE in this world, and Emily learns Victoria is Victor's fiancee; Emily's follow-up short will have a different context for the piano duet)

-->Watching Helloween's first set of his new The Evil Within 2 LP -- he's already making a running joke out of punishing himself for starting to compare the sequel too much to the original (which he thoroughly disliked). He does think that this game is putting in more of an effort into the scares department, although stuff "inspired" from other horror games is already making an appearance (namely Resident Evil -- there's one part that feels ripped from the RE7 DLC) and there are some HILARIOUS clipping issues. Between that and the lurking Saltoween, I feel this is gonna be a good one

-->Watching more "Outside XBox plays Hitman" because fun times -- Mike again caused copious chaos and murder in his runthrough XD

-->Currently doing a bit of the RP thing, because yes

So yeah. Better get back on that last one -- night all!
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No major disasters at work, happily -- finished off that nasty roster (flash fill helped) and got another project for CAP done, along with some imports and suchlike. Pretty productive, for the most part. I like days like that.

Writing today was on "The Technicolor Phase" -- wrote the "Victor meets Emily" short. Good times -- I like me a panicking Victor. XD After that and supper was BioShock -- I'm winding my way through Hephaestus, and it is AWESOME. Geothermal steam/dieselpunk goodness. :D Although the splicers are getting annoyingly tricky -- one set of assholes kept turning out the lights on me in one corridor, then posed as corpses. I managed to see through that trap, but a couple others managed to get the drop on me. My old pals Mr. Machine Gun and Mr. Shotty are making short work of them, though. As well as Insect Swarm -- I have officially passed the point of "oh yikes body horror" and gone to "fuck this is useful." Especially since I don't have to aim quite so precisely like I do with some of the other plasmids. I also got the Target Dummy plasmid recently -- VERY handy when fighting Big Daddies! Proximity mines are also useful in this regard, at least now that I'm fighting Bouncers that charge at me. I've killed two and saved all the Little Sisters in the level now. Go me. Currently I'm tracking down the supplies I need to get into Ryan's office. While Ryan taunts me over the radio -- get over yourself, jerkwad. I already know that you're getting a golf club to the face.

And then -- well, it's been catching up on websites and generally puttering around. You know, the usual Friday stuff. Really should get going on queues and answering comments, though. . . At least I have a little less to watch this weekend than usual, thanks to already being caught up on Linkara. Although Helloween has a super-long opening set of his new LP -- The Evil Within 2! Let's see if he likes this one any better. XD Something to look forward to. For now, night all!
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Officially have another dentist appointment for a cleaning -- October 28th, 10:45 AM. They got back to me after work, and after getting all that straightened out I called Thundermist, told them to cancel the appointment they made, and to send my X-Rays to the new people. Really hope there isn't going to be problems. . . My mouth STILL hurts a bit from the X-Ray device. Ugh. Fingers crossed things go better at the new place.

Work day was mostly "technology is awful" and "new projects ahoy." One of the printers lost the IP address for the server it was on and thus couldn't communicate with our computers, so we couldn't print from it for a while; then one of my coworker's computers went down thanks to a botched Microsoft update; then my antivirus refused to update. So that was fun. Also fun is having a new CAP project (they want a full report of all the people/schools we currently have on our system) and having to edit a roster AFTER THIS NONSENSE SHOULD HAVE BEEN DONE AND OVER WITH. Apparently the people worked hard to edit it, and the actual data clean-up hasn't started yet so we can sneak this one in, but -- uuuugh.

In more positive news -- have finished Dirk Gently Season 1! Finale was really good, if kind of worrying for a moment with just how badly the mains got hurt. :( And of course there's the dark way the episode ends. . .but hey, fixing that is what Season 2 is for. Hopefully I can find a way to watch that that doesn't involve waiting for it to come out on DVD and renting it from the library. *nods* Don't want to be left behind again. But yes, very satisfying to finally see the show properly. (And damn, that soundtrack is awesome and I want more of it.)

Also got some writing done -- the gang has decided that Bumby being eaten by a Ruin is simply the Land of the Dead liking its poetic justice, and Mrs. Plum has brought food for everyone! More wedding talk is upcoming because of course it is (I guess it's warranted though, and pays off with Victor and Alice getting married at the end). And more Victor dark thoughts that are happily interrupted by puppy. Just moving along with this! As for fic posting, here's Victor's take on the scene where he and Alice first met in "Finding You." Actually wrote this one first, ages ago -- funny to think this series has been in the works in some form or another for over five years. Wow. . .

And I just cleared out some of the stuff sitting in my inbox, did some queuing on tumblr, and caught up with my websites. Time for bed. Let's see how Friday the 13th goes! Night all!
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Work went all right, although we had a protest outside around midmorning. Something to do with nurses losing their pensions at a certain hospital and blaming the bishop for it. I'm not up on all the facts, sadly. It was loud, though -- they were proper upset. As they should be, though I would imagine the problem would be coming from the hospital administration? *shrug* Nothing bad happened except some shouting, so there's that, at least. I caught up on the stuff I missed the other day and did some website work for my supervisor -- when the website DID work, that is. Runtime errors -- gotta love 'em. At least there's still plenty of other stuff to do.

Watched Dirk Gently after supper instead of before as we ate a little earlier today (my parents had to return a scale to Wal-Mart because they couldn't read it -- dial was too small). Second to last episode, with fun time-loop shenanigans and lots of angst. It's pretty cool to see everything fit together, even though I'm still trying to figure out just where Spring's machine ends up after all this is over. (It's kind of existing in two places at the same time thanks to the time loop. . .) One more episode to go to wrap everything up and prepare for Season 2! Looking forward to it -- I already babbled on about all my ideas for AUs in my queued Thursday post for this week. :p

Did some writing on "Fixing You" -- Lizzie assuring Alice no one in her family blames her for what happened, and then shutting down Victor's blaming of himself for what Bumby did. Talk is now on Bumby getting eaten by a Ruin as his ride down to Hell -- they're trying to figure out how something that should only exist in Alice's head managed to do that. (Reason: because I believe in poetic justice.)

And I caught up on all my websites, refilled my phone's minutes/service days, and sent an appointment request off to who I hope will be my new dentist explaining my situation. Pretty productive Wednesday all told. Now I just have to go to bed and get some sleep for the remaining two workdays. Night all!
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Gonna try to sum up things fast as I need to get to bed for work tomorrow:

-->Got a good chunk written on "Fixing You" -- Alice just has a breakdown about how she should have recognized Bumby, poor thing. Everyone's running in to comfort her, but still, ouch.

-->Dentist visit went -- poorly. Getting there was all right for the most part (I did have trouble merging into another lane at one point, and we got behind some car that was weaving aaaall over the road), but the actual visit -- I have NEVER had that much trouble with X-Rays before. Mostly because I've never had them taken from so many angles before. I have a rather small mouth and a gag reflex that can get bad, so. . .and the hygienist wasn't very helpful. Kept telling me to breathe through my nose, which was decent advice, but the tone was rather condescending. My mouth STILL feels all beat up from the equipment. . . And then the doctor came in and started talking about me being down for some fillings! I was baffled until I remembered the whole "not-cavity" that happened on my last Thundermist trip down in Wakefield (where some spots showed up on my X-Rays, but not in my mouth -- dentist came to the conclusion some grooves in my teeth were showing up like cavities, but I didn't actually have any). He also said there's apparently a cavity in one of my wisdom teeth and recommended that I get it just plain old taken out, which is the first I've heard of that. And then I didn't even get a cleaning, which I thought was just standard for any dental visit?? *sigh* Between all of that, and Mom telling me that that particular Thundermist has horrible reviews, I'm looking for a new dentist. Think I've found one -- hopefully I don't have to go through the whole rigamarole with the damn X-Rays again. Don't think my mouth could take it.

-->Played some more BioShock -- I'm well into Hephaestus now. Got my main quest, got some threatening messages from Ryan, killed a bunch of Splicers (Insect Swarm is actually quite useful and I'm glad I got it despite the body horror), hacked some safes, and even successfully killed the first Big Daddy of the level. Making good progress now! We'll see what happens later.

-->Watched both of Linkara's latest episodes -- a semi-decent but sadly unfinished miniseries about Freddy's origins as the Springwood Slasher, and a pretty awful one-shot about a bunch of criminals robbing a drug store in Springwood, only to fall afoul of Freddy's predations one by one thanks to various forms of unconsciousness (either due to injury or drugging). Linkara's new storyline, the Contest of Champions, is looking pretty interesting though. Curious to see how it'll go forward. :)

And that was basically my Tuesday. Not exactly great, but it could have gone a lot worse too, I suppose. Okay, gotta hit the sheets now -- night all!
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Mostly because it was another icky, sticky, cloudy, drizzly day. Apparently these are the remains of Nate? My parents said something about that, but I really have no idea. . .at any rate, it proved to be another day made for staying in and watching things, which is good, because I did have plenty to watch. Namely:

-->Dirk Gently episode 5 -- I have come to the conclusion that I've seen almost every Bart & Ken bit from this show on YouTube, if not necessarily in order. That one channel that posts the clips really seems to like them. At any rate, I'd seen most of their stuff already, though that didn't mean it wasn't still enjoyable. And it was great to see some of the gaps in the Dirk & Todd stuff get filled in. And Amanda and the Rowdy 3. And the CIA, though that's more of a "Eeeeek" feeling. Basically cool show is still cool and I'm looking forward to watching more as the week goes on.

-->Helloween's latest Secret of Mana sets -- I had two to catch up with, and as they were both an hour and a half long. . .yeaaaah. I mean, it was fun (the gang saved Christmas! Or at least Santa Claus. . .they also took a detour into a creepy horror game about cultists for a while), but still. Whew. And there's still another Darkwood set I need to get to, as well as the latest Linkara episodes. . .I SHOULD be able to fit those in around my dentist appointment tomorrow, I think. They're a lot shorter, anyway (roughly an hour and a half's worth of material).

-->Also watched some more OutsideXBox Plays Hitman -- rather amusing look at how much Jane, Andy, and Mike's playstyle's differ (and to what lengths Mike will go to get his beloved explosion kills). XD

I did also do other things today:

-->Wrote some more on "Fixing You" -- conversation has taken a small tangent away from Bumby and toward Victor's feud with Jack Splatter, but that was going to come up anyway, and as long as it feels relatively organic. . .we're coming back around to the Thirteen stuff now. Poor Victor -- and poor Alice, who is going to have yet another guilt attack coming up here. I promise this ends happily!

-->Played Sims 4 -- Emmett ended up having another day off, so I had him cause a Neighborhood Dance Party for a bit with his satellite dish, then call Nikal up for a date. This one went extremely well -- they visited the Island Bluffs with its hot spring, and went swimming together.

Which led to skinny-dipping together.

Which led to bush woohoo. XD And after the skinny-dipping, Emmett did NOT get dressed until he got home. He literally just -- stayed naked. I did not know my favorite scientist did not have shame! XD It's great to see him and Nikal finally having a successful relationship, though. They're now officially boyfriend and girlfriend, and before I saved I put a bunch of Emmett's stuff in his inventory because I fully intend for Nikal to ask him to move in with her when I next play her and Eric. (And then Eric is going to move out into Emmett's old house because he doesn't want to be a third wheel and that keeps my current roster of five families working. Debating whether he should befriend Geeker and get him to move in with him later so Chell and Wheatley can just have their own updates without me feeling like I'm neglecting Geeks.)

And I'm currently catching up on tumblr, because what else is there to do at this time of night? Can't stay up too late, though, because of the dentist appointment. So better finish up there and maybe spend a little time getting my Sims pictures in order so I can do my next few updates. At least I know EXACTLY what I want to talk about on this upcoming AU Thursday. :p Night all!
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Especially when it's a downright miserable, rainy Sunday all day. Not conducive for going out. Here is my watchlist for the day:

-->Dirk Gently episode 4 -- cripes this show has some disturbing deaths! I feel especially for the FBI agent who gets his body stolen -- that was a HELL of an opener. And the lady at the end. . .ouch. Fortunately the bits in the middle were rather more amusing, and it's still fascinating to watch all the little bits and pieces I saw on YouTube properly fit together into a cohesive whole. Good stuff.

-->Helloween's Darkwood LP -- we are in the Old Woods, and things are getting creepy! Poor Helloween died three times trying to get to the new hideout before actually reaching it. Fortunately, he's gotten a lot better at surviving the night in his hidey-holes -- even if the monsters are paying less attention to his barricades. As he's demonstrated, though, a well-thrown Molotov makes most things leg it. Slowly but surely he is learning the ways of the woods. . . I'm dreading what's going to happen with the game's self-professed "Creepy House" though. Yeesh.

-->Helloween's last A Link To The Past set -- much heart piece searching, much beating up of strange creatures, much falling off of ledges and getting hit by projectiles he didn't need to get hit by. XD But Hells persevered and beat Ganon in the end, so good times all around. :)

-->Halloween Wars -- after briefly convincing ourselves that the Food Network had given up on the show, my parents discovered, nope, it's still on! Apparently we missed the first episode (which must have aired October 1st), but they repeated it at six today, so we watched it with supper, then reconvened at 9 to watch this week's episode. Initial impressions -- not as good as Season 1 (but then nothing could ever beat Season 1), but better than some of the crap seasons we've been seeing. There are people with some definitive talent here. And big egos, but that's always a given. And hey, the guest judge for episode 2 was Robert Patrick, aka the T-1000! So that was actually pretty cool. :) I'm hoping the remaining episodes keep up with the quality!

So yeah, a lot of vegging out in front of the TV/computer today. Like I said, though, miserable rainy day, so. . . And I did do a couple other things, namely:

-->Wrote some more on "Fixing You" -- already starting with some major changes to the conversation between the Liddells, the Thatchers, and Victor and Alice. Time to force these people to stay on topic! No matter how painful the topic may be.

-->Played some BioShock -- I am done with Fort Frolic, and not a moment too soon! Mainly because I finally encountered those damn plaster-covered Splicers that masquerade as some of Cohen's artwork. Gah, talk about unnerving. Hate those assholes. . .and they're harder to kill too, which is really annoying. *grumbles* But I killed the final mini-boss of the level, ended up managing to slaughter another Big Daddy which I accidentally upset, got all the goodies available, and completed Sander's artwork for him. And then nearly ruined things by upsetting him fighting another Splicer -- fortunately I had a recent save and could undo that. (If you want all the weapon upgrades, you have to wait to kill him, you see.) I have now made it to Hephaestus, and am on my way to confront Andrew Ryan. After going through another level of horrors, of course. I gotta say it -- for Fort Frolic and the Medical Pavilion alone, BioShock definitely deserves to be called a horror game.

Not too bad for a Sunday, I suppose. I'm still behind on Helloween's Secret of Mana stuff, and the latest Linkara episodes, but hey -- I have tomorrow off too. :p I think I can swing something. For now, I got some catching up to do on Tumblr. Night all!
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Well, the house is officially Halloweened up! Mom and I spent most of the day going to the dollar store and getting supplies, then making decorations for the house. We already had a bunch of bats Mom made from sheets of black craft foam and googly eyes -- to that we added ghosts made out of white Styrofoam balls and white cheesecloth, some fake spiderwebs all over the front porch and bushes, some dark grey "creepy cloth" hanging over the front step, a glow-in-the-dark dangly skeleton for the mailbox -- and Mom transformed a couple of old pieces of slate she had into makeshift tombstones. It's all pretty cool. :D And tomorrow we'll be getting our pumpkins -- yes, we're making jack-o-lanterns again! Though we're not carving them until later in the month so they stay fresher longer. *nods* It's nice to be able to really get into the Halloween spirit again -- our old neighborhood was full of college kids who'd smash pumpkins and steal decorations. (As we learned the year we tried putting out my old dragon costume as a lawn monster just for kicks. . .) Here, everybody decorates their house -- and there's a lot more little kids around. Couple it with me already knowing what costume I'm going to wear (my BioShock Little Sister dress, since it's the 10th anniversary and I'm finally playing the game myself for the first time), and having the next day off thanks to religious holiday, and I think this is going to be a pretty fun Halloween.

I did manage to fit in a few other things besides that and the usual cleaning:

-->Third episode of Dirk Gently! Now we're getting into stuff that I haven't seen five million clips of on YouTube. Show remains good -- Dirk being Dirk continually amuses me, as does Todd being Todd. These actors are all so good, seriously. . .and it's nice to see how the plot actually fits together. Good times!

-->Wrote some more on "The Technicolor Phase" -- the Alice and Wilson colors drabble. I figured, the guy who was in charge of her treatment for her stay in Rutledge HAD to be important to Alice somehow. Now I have to figure out once and for all how the whole "colors" thing affects Corpse Bride's plot. . .honestly, I need to rewatch that movie sometime soon. It's October -- it feels right.

-->Played Sims 4 -- aged up Marty and Jennifer's son Douglas! Unlike in the movies, a lot more of Jennifer's DNA got through in this McFly kid -- he's already got her hair color. And her eye color, if I saw his face right. I made him a little Charmer because it seemed cute -- I'll have to hold another get-together at the McFly house and see if he makes friends with all the Newcrestians. :p

-->Got the next chapter of "Secundus" up on AO3: Victor and Alice admit their feelings for each other, yay! Rather looking forward to rereading the old "first date" chapter for next week. :) Helps get me in the mood to start "Secundus 2." :p

-->Doing the RP thing right now, though it's been pretty quiet tonight. Need to take the opportunity to catch up on my main tumblr -- at least I answered those questions hiding in my inbox. But I got Season 2 DGHDA clips to watch and probably fanfic to read, darn it. So let me get on that. Night all! :)
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Work was all about trying to finish off those rosters so they could be sent out to be updated, and -- well, we did what we could. At the very least, they all had the same columns in the end, even if I couldn't spend the time properly sorting out the information like I wanted to. There was just too many rosters in general, and too many that were in pretty cruddy shape. Missing titles, deceased people still listed, addresses written incorrectly. . . It was just too much, even for three people on the case. *sigh* Well, there's still quite a few that are going out in pretty decent shape. Hopefully that'll help us avoid the dreaded duplicates.

And then, coming home -- well, traffic out of the city wasn't too bad, but traffic in TOWN was something else again. Another guy turned right in front of me while I was trying to get through a light (to be fair, though, I had stopped for a moment to make sure I could squeeze past said light and not block the intersection -- sometimes it's tricky to tell). And once we got home, we found another bug infestation right on our front steps, which required Mom and Dad to go out and get some fresh bug-killing stuff. I don't know what sort of bugs they were -- desperately hoping not termites. Wouldn't that be a kick in the teeth. . . Keep your fingers crossed, people.

Fortunately, the day hasn't been all doom and gloom. I got to watch the second episode of Dirk Gently with minimal interruption. Good stuff -- again, I've seen a lot of it from YouTube clips, but there was a good amount of new material. I now understand why no one talks about the FBI guys -- they're basically only in this one episode, and they're kind of jerks. Still feel sorry for what happens to one of them, though. . . Episode 3 tomorrow, barring major complications!

As I'm on a DGHDA kick, I naturally did a new snippet for one of my DG AUs for my writing -- Barkis features, and he certainly gets his. *nods* The rest of the evening has been largely catching up on websites and doing queues -- I'm up to the first half of Sunday with my main tumblr, and I just finished my ValiceMultiverse one (funtimes with my Forgotten Vows Victor encountering a more canonical one). So fairly productive, I guess. Still gotta answer a bunch of stuff, but I'm getting there.

Ending on a birthday shoutout to my friend [personal profile] martyfan -- hope you're having a good one! Certainly a better Friday than I had, anyway. At least now I get four days off (even if one of them is for the dentist). Time to finish up my rounds -- night all!
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AKA it's come in from the library, and I ended up watching the first episode today! (with a break for dinner) Initial impression?

"Wow, I've -- seen more of this episode in YouTube clips than I first realized."

*snork* Yeah, I'm actually pretty familiar with the plot thanks to someone uploading lots of clips of episodes and a ton of gifsets and the like on tumblr, so a lot of what I saw was old hat. Still amusing/intense, though. And there was enough new material to keep me interested. It's pretty fascinating to see everything being set up and know how it'll all come together in the end. I may be missing out on the initial surprise, but -- well, tumblr. That ship loooong sailed. It's still a heck of a lot of fun, and I'm looking forward to watching the rest of it. And then hopefully finding a way to watch the upcoming Season 2 more easily. . .

Not too much else to report -- work is still all about the rosters (meeeeeeh), and writing today was on "The Technicolor Phase" (Lizzie reflecting on the color she got from Bumby -- remember, in this universe, you get colors from anyone important to you, and that can be people who have a negative effect on your life too (including ending it, as Emily too found out)). Caught up on tumblrs and did Valice Multiverse queue (TONS of questions, but at least they were easy to answer for the most part). Currently going to answer a few last comments, then try to get to bed -- though the Pats are playing a late game, so we'll see how easily I get to sleep. Have to see how far into the game they actually are. . .Wait, actually, parents just came to say goodnight -- just ended. We won, happily, though it sounds like it was one of those wins you're not all that proud of. Meh.

Anyway, one more day to get through before I get my four days off. (Even if one day is for the dentist.) Night all!
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Again, not much to report -- another day spent mainly working on rosters for this maintenance thing we're doing. It makes for long days, let me tell you. At least on days when my part-time coworker isn't in, I can do the GL and break things up like so, but still. . .at least the whole thing will HAVE to be wrapped up on Friday, so. . .just gotta keep at it until then. Hmph. At least I'm not in the same spot as one of my coworkers, who had to send her entire computer down to the IT people because it just wasn't working. Bleh.

Anyway, main points of the day:

-->More "Fixing You" written! I've largely reworked the gang arriving at the Ball & Socket by having the people there expecting them. Got to write a funny bit with the generals toasting Victor and Alice, then somebody else tries to toast Fixxler only to have to ask "who are you?" XD Fun times~ Now to see how the big conversation between the Liddells, Bonejangles and his mom, Victor, Alice, and Fixxler go. Lots of dialogue detours to cut out in that one, I'm sure.

-->Got my queue set up for the next few days on VictorLuvsAlice, which is good. Always nice to have that buffered up. I've been filling my drafts with potential posts too -- this is the time of year for Corpse Bride gifsets and Alice fanart, I've found, and it's a good idea to load up so my Tuesday reblogs are set for a while.

-->. . .That being said, there is a surprising about of porny stuff in the CB tag all of a sudden. O.o Unsure what the hell to make of it. Other than "look I like the threesome as much as anybody, maybe even more, but could Emily be ALIVE for some of these scenarios?" *makes face* Seriously, folks, spare yourselves having to draw her skeletal limbs and me feeling vaguely icky.

And, uh, that's a weird note to leave this on, but I've really got to get to bed so -- yeah, it'll have to do. Night all!
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No, there's no moving again in my future -- I'm referring to packing old general ledgers into boxes to free up space for new GLs -- we'd run out. Kind of tiring, tedious work, but I shouldn't have to do it again for a long while now. One hopes, anyway. Other than that, work was pretty bog-standard -- more roster stuff, interspersed with occasional other projects. Just pushing on toward the long weekend. . .

Did more "Fixing You" tonight, as per usual. Cleaned up some dialogue, and restructured a few things to cut out some unnecessary natter. I really just seem to enjoy seeing my characters converse in first drafts. . . I've also had to change around some stuff to suit the edited "In The Land of the Dead," as the first draft of this was written before I almost completely rewrote that. All for the better, all for the better. . .and for avoiding massive edits later on, like I did to "In The Land of the Dead." (And "Losing You," and some of "Finding You," and the new stuff in "Forgetting You. . ." Basically there are reasons "Secundus" is going up unedited on AO3 even though part of me really wants to correct the overdone Victor stutter in earlier chapters at the very least.) I WILL make this story work, and it WILL be awesome!

Not much else to add, really -- did the Valice Multiverse queue, though there wasn't much to it. Caught up on tumblr and all the other websites. Answered a bunch of comments. All the usual. *shrug* So I should really just get myself to bed. Night all!

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