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The family comes home tomorrow, so I finally get to sleep in my own bed again starting tomorrow! Yaaay. I mean, I'm grateful for the cash that will be coming out of this, but it really will be nice to sleep in my room on my schedule. I was starting to get a little confused on the day because of all this "waking up early" business.

However, the erratic sleep has not left me entirely a lump -- as I hoped, I've finished off "Forgetting You" by the end of this month! The very end, granted, but still. Read it on or on AO3. I will also eventually have it on my website. Future fanfic plans:
-->February will be dedicated to getting "There's Always Tomorrow" up at last
-->When that's done, I'll start work on editing and finishing "In The Land of the Dead," then "Triskaidekaphobia"
-->Then we'll start on "Remembering You" and "Fixing You"
Subject to change based on schedule, of course.

DragonVale update of the day:
-->I'm two pieces away from completing the statue of Kairos, so of course all I'm getting is duplicates. Ah well, those last two pieces have to come at some point.
-->I now have a Meteor dragon (Shooter, after shooting stars), a Salamander dragon (came with the name Crimson), and an Evergreen dragon (came with the name Leif, ALMOST kept it until I realized "Needles" would be better). I should also have a Quicksilver incubating in a few hours, and I'm getting either a Fog or Rain from Tidepool and Borogoves.
-->8 million and counting! I just want that fifth island so I can build Air and Metal boosts and finally arrange all of my dragons properly. Then I can start building more habitats.

And now, I have a few tumblr tags to attend to, along with a thread for [personal profile] butterflyboy. G'night all, and I look forward to updating from my ROOM again!
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Yes, we have come upon the penultimate chapter of "Forgetting You!" I hope you all find it satisfactory. Read it on or Archive Of Our Own. Just one more to go -- and I've actually been working on the two simultaneously, so that'll be coming up pretty quick. After that I'll be focusing on getting "There's Always Tomorrow" up while I work on the next stories in the sequence -- "In The Land of the Dead" (half-completed, focuses mainly on Alice's sister Lizzie in -- well, see the title), "Triskaidekaphobia" (multi-POV set of shorts about Victor's week as Thirteen), and "Remembering You" (next main in the arc, all about recovering Victor's memories and wrapping up after Bumby).

Some DragonVale updates -- I have a Thunder to sell once it finishes incubating, and I grew up Jethro and bred him with Lavawing to get a Brass dragon, also incubating. Jethro is currently competing in the Metal event at the Colosseum -- Vulcan brought home a Gold in the Earth, so that was nice. I've also been racing again -- some good cash prizes, but mostly I've gotten food and experience. One bit of the Time Claw too, though, so that's nice. Sneezy Quested and brought home 150,000 dragoncash -- right now Monty is off Questing. I'm also building a new Large Lightning habitat, a new Large Cold habitat,, and my first Large Air habitat -- which takes TWO DAYS to build, are you freaking kidding me DragonVale. I also really need to take stock of my dragon situation and figure out where to go from here. While it's been convenient to have duplicates of some dragons, I'm starting to think it's time I sold a couple of them. I really need to make a better list of the dragons I've got and where they can and should live. Might do that later. . .

Right now, though, I've got other fish to fry. I may report back later, but for now, adieu!
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I present to you, Chapter 24 of "Forgetting You!" In which we wrap up the Dollhouse chapter and get ready for the final confrontation at Moorgate. Just two chapters to go, people! I'm hoping to have this wrapped up by the end of January, though depending on how long it takes to do these last two chapters, I might have to allow for a little bleedover into February.

Today felt weirdly like a Saturday -- probably because I had classes this week, so my brain automatically interprets "no school" as "beginning of weekend." :P Still, it was good. I got my chapter up, just like I wanted, read a little more of Dragonsinger, did some housesitting for Mom, and of course played DragonVale. That's been going well -- I'm almost up to level 14, and I currently have nineteen dragons, with two eggs incubating. Doc and Lavawing produced a Scorch dragon, which after some agonizing I've named Solder. (I was going to name him Smolder, but I accidentally left the "m" out and then decided Solder worked just as well.) Elsa and Stane have given me a Mountain dragon in the shell, while Doc and Flitvine have given me an incubating Ash dragon. I'll be breeding another pair overnight, though I dunno which pair I'll be trying yet. I still want that Pepper dragon. . . Oh, and I started the process of getting the Gemstone Island, so I can try breeding gemstone dragons later. Having little beauties that produce gems would be endlessly useful. Still, that's probably far in my future -- I need to think about reordering my parks a bit and setting up new stuff. I cleared out a lot of rocks on my other island the other day, so now there's at least a bit more space. . .

Also, I've got tumblr tags to answer at the moment, so later!
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We're into the home stretch before the holidays! But before we get to our drabble of the day, I have another bit of fic that I owe you. In honor of the anniversary of "Forgetting You," I present you with Chapter 23 -- aka the one that still makes Forgotten Vows wake up screaming sometimes. It even comes with a soundtrack: In The Dark, by The Birthday Massacre, which also lends its name to the chapter title.

Chapter 23 on
Chapter 23 on AO3

Now that you've had your daily dose of darkness, let's have something that's also tear-jerking, but in a much better way:
Twentieth Day )

All righty, your fic update for the day! I know it's kind of early, but I'm a vague state of not knowing if I'm doing a night housesitting shift or not, so I figured I'd get it up now and out of the way. Enjoy all your reading material!
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Happy Friday the Thirteenth! Have a chapter of "Forgetting You" to celebrate! Maybe it doesn't deal with a certain someone being "Thirteened," but it's the Dollhouse, so that's more than creepy enough:
Chapter 22 AO3
Chapter 22

And to help wash that down, a bit of angsty sweetness:
Thirteenth Day )

Today was kind of a tired day for me -- I really dislike waking up before the sun. Ah well, I have a weekend off now. . .and I HAVE been getting lots of good advice for the job search and resumes and things like that. I'm feeling a lot more hopeful about actually finding something. Though I'm really looking forward to the interview tips after the holiday -- I feel like I really need those. Mom and I also have a project lined up for next weekend -- mini gingerbread houses! :D Seriously, these things are so cute -- you can put them on mugs! Perhaps we can make a whole mini-village with different little candies and suchlike. I'm looking forward to it. :D

Right now, though, I have other stuff to get to, so later, all!
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And I find myself kicking off the Christmas season with a glut of Forgotten Vows Verse! Let me provide you the links to the latest chapter -- which, I should say, is the Rutledge Asylum chapter, so there is creepy imagery. Particularly involving what Victorians thought of as good for mental health and what happens to our ginger-haired companion from the early levels. So yeah, if you're squicked, read with caution. That said, links:

Chapter 21 on

Chapter 21 on AO3

Fortunately, the drabble I have for today is at least slightly more upbeat:
First Day )

Not much else to say, except that I have been deprived of my Castlevania by YouTube being a douche to Helloween4545. I want to see the end of "Order of Ecclesia" darn it! Hopefully he'll be able to get it up soon. . . Just been a rainy and miserable Sunday. Fortunately I had nowhere to be. Gotta start planning for Tuesday, though. Ah yes, waking up early, how I did NOT miss you. . .at least it's only for six days over two weeks. And if it does help me find gainful employment, it'll be worth it.

Anyway, I may take an early shower, and I do have some RPing to catch up on, so later!
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And so we come to the last of the Backie Days -- well, excepting a date I somehow always seem to miss; November 22nd is I believe the anniversary of the release of Part II, so I'll try to remember to do a 10:04 post for that day. As it is, this is the last of the days seen in the trilogy, with Doc sending Marty off to the Old West, which loops the trilogy back around to September 2nd. Here's our final quote:

Doc: *preparing to send Marty off* Well -- good luck. See you in the future.
Marty: *cheeky grin* You mean the past.
Doc: Exactly!

I always liked that exchange, and the one in Part II that it mirrors. XD Oh time travel, you cray cray.

Been a bit of "can I really catch up with everything" day on many fronts, thanks to watching BTTF with my breakfast, having lunch with the family, catching up on my Helloween (hour-long Valkryia Chronicles video!), and doing productive stuff -- I'm still not wholly caught up on tumblr. Getting there, though! I also cannot say that the day was a total wash, given that I bring you Chapter 20 of "Forgetting You!"'s mostly back to normal, so I was able to do my update. Here's the chapter on, and here it is on AO3. Allow me to say right out that it does have some slightly-icky content -- you see, we get into Bumby's journal, and while I don't say anything explicitly. . .it's Bumby journal. So it shouldn't be too bad, but still read with caution.

While I'm here, I'll also show you the post I made on tumblr last night: Pern Crash It's basically my idea of a goofy sort-of crossover that would put Pernese fire lizards into Victor and Alice's world. (One day I will actually read a Pern book, I promise. Given my love of fire lizards, I'm thinking I should concentrate on the Harper Hall trilogy.) The main idea I have at the moment is a vaguely-formed variant on the Forgotten Vows Verse, but I'm hoping to come up with a more unique one at some point. I'll keep you updated if that happens, if only because I might use Pern Crash for another "X Amount of Short Fics" thing.

As it is, right now I've really got to get properly caught up on things. Happy trails to you all, and enjoy the last of the BTTF days! (Well, last of the in-canon ones, as I said.)


Nov. 5th, 2013 10:04 pm
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Happy Day Marty Goes To The Past And Gets Mistaken For An Alien! XD As promised, here is your quote:

Doc Brown: Then tell me, Future Boy, who's President of the United States in 1985?
Marty McFly: Ronald Reagan.
Doc Brown: Ronald Reagan? The actor?! *scoffs derisively while gathering blueprints* Then who's Vice-President? Jerry Lewis?!

"Take that you mutated son of a bitch!" was tempting, but you can't beat the joke that Ronald Reagan himself made his personal projectionist rewind. XD

Today is actually really busy when it comes to various holidays/days of fandom celebration. Let's see, it's:
-->Guy Fawkes Day
-->V for Vendetta Day (because of above)
-->BTTF Birth of Flux Capacitor Day
-->Liddell House Fire Day
-->Chester Van Dort's birthday (I chose his birthday before I learned the date of the house fire and decided not to change it)
-->The date Alice confronts Bumby in the final chapters of "Forgetting You"

Whew! Although speaking of that last, I have your promised Chapter 19! and AO3 versions. I hope you enjoy -- thoughts have been positive so far!

It's been a fairly quiet November 5th for me -- I did the Tuesday cleaning, watched the November 5th stuff over lunch, wrote, caught up on the social medias, put up the latest chapter, and caught up on tags. Nothing more to it, really. Tomorrow I'm doing housesitting and will start on Chapter 20 -- which needs some serious rewriting thanks to the addition of Chapter 18, but I'm actually looking forward to it. Watching this story grow and change is pretty awesome.

Anyway, I'll leave you on a BTTF fic rec in honor of the day: The Zero Out series, consisting of "15 Minutes Above The Fold" and "The Boy's Handy Guide to Averting the Ontological Paradox by Brown, Polchinski & Bootstrap." It's an AU about what if Doc's calculations were off when he tried to test the DeLorean the morning of October 26th. The first story is actually image-based, all done in the style of the Hill Valley Telegraph reporting what happened. It's pretty neat and I encourage you to give it a look.
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A short session tonight brought me out of the Deluded Depths and into the beginnings of Chapter 3! I'm very proud of myself -- all snouts, all memories, all Radula Rooms, and only one bottle missed. Like I said, I'm not going to stress out too much if I don't get 100% completion on the Victor profile, but I'm glad to have snagged all the memories. Notes on tonight's session:

-->You know that one area where you have to jump on invisible platforms to get to the last memory in the chapter? The one that gave me so much trouble the first time I tried it?
MADE IT IN ONE GO. :D So proud of myself.
-->For some reason, it looks like there's a word written on the -- well, boob -- of Alice's Siren dress. I happened to get the camera into a position that showed it, and -- well, I'm sure it's not actually a word, but it sure looks like one. Also, that dress really is pretty close-up.
-->Nearly fell off the slide, as I do. Fortunately I was able to quickly hop back on.
-->Having the Teapot Cannon in the first Colossal Ruin fight makes it RIDICULOUSLY short. XD Particularly since I've got the fully upgraded version. Love you New Game Minus! XD
-->Also, in that area, the piranha skeletons have scrimshaw on them. It's neat-looking.
-->Last Radula Room was also done with a minimum of pain, fortunately -- throwing bombs, keeping on the move, and using the Cannon helped a lot. I admittedly had to use Hysteria at the very last moment, but that's because I shrank when I should have dodged once then got into an awful position while focused on the last Menacing Ruin. Honestly, sometimes, your worst enemy in A:MR is the camera.
-->Graphical glitches ahoy -- when Nanny and Alice are driven away from the burning Mermaid, the guy driving them isn't actually holding the reins. :P Of course, you see him from the front for like half a second, so it's not too big a deal.

So yeah, next time we do the Vale of Doom and start the Mysterious East! Currently, we read fanfic I've written! Yup, as promised, I have a double update for you (first link is, second is AO3):
Chapter 18 of "Forgetting You"
Card Castles In The Sky

I hope you enjoy (although judging by the brief skim-through I gave of my first review, I may have to clarify something in Chapter 18. . . *shrug* We'll see)! In the meantime, I've got some tumblr RPing to do. . .
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They had a good time on Martha's Vineyard -- did lots of cycling, went all over the beaches, all that good stuff. I'm glad -- Mom needed a vacation. They even brought me back a new sweatshirt, to replace my old tattered purple one. It's very cozy. :D I would have gotten fudge, but they couldn't get a decent-sized piece -- only ones that would have either a) made me sick or b) taken up too much space in the freezer. Meh. Well, we have caramel sauce in the fridge -- I put it on my ice cream both yesterday and today, so that'll hold me. I also tried a popcorn ball from the local drugstore's Halloween aisle -- not perfect, but still pretty good.

I had another rather quiet but good day -- morning was spent doing the usual round of catching up on stuff, I had a nice "Helloween Plays Metro" lunch, took a lovely walk (weather was fantastic) and then it was time to upload Chapter 17! :D You can see it on or AO3. It's a nice little chapter that will hopefully hold you over until I can finish and edit Chapter 18. I think that one might go quicker than I'd thought, but I make no promises!

The one glitch? My parents wanted to have supper together, so we ate rather late. As a result, I'm feeling rather rushed at the moment in catching up with certain things. At least it was good -- lobster and crab ravioli. Much better than the last seafood supper Mom brought in.

Back to the normal routine tomorrow -- as it is, right now I've got tags to answer. Later!
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Yes, you get a double-whammy today, which is why I'm here early. First up, Chapter 16 of "Forgetting You" has been posted! Read on or AO3. It's short, especially compared to the previous chapter, but I think people will enjoy it nonetheless. :)

Secondly, I have an update from Steampunk Gulch for you all! Our favorite family the EVL Liddells were quite busy today, so let's get right to it:
Badges, Robots, and Juice, Oh My! )

Well, that was fun. :) I might remake EVL if/when I switch over to Sims 4 -- Felicia too, maybe. Though it'll be a shame that they can't be magical right off the bat. Ah well, hopefully we'll get an EP with spells and hexes not too long after release. I'd buy that one in a heartbeat.

Anyway -- I've got to take my shower, then check up on the tumblr and whatnot. Later!
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Fortunately it seems currently to be a little on the quiet side (people do things on the weekend!), but I'm still sure I've got some stuff that needs doing. So I figure I'll very quickly do the update today now. And what is said update?

Chapter 14 of "Forgetting You!" Here on and here on AO3. The title should tell you everything you need to know. :P

If you're wondering why I'm only catching up on tumblr now, quick list:

-->Woke up at 10:30 A.M.
-->Dad asked me to help him clean up the house around 11:45 or so, which took a while
-->Wrote some on my dark take on Snow White
-->Went for a walk
-->Had lunch
-->Did final edit on and uploaded Chapter 14
-->Mom came home so I went down to talk to her
-->Did my Twitter update for VictorPlush
-->Mom and Dad came back from grocery shopping and we had supper
-->Looked at TV Tropes page for the TV adaptation of The Colour of Magic (we've been watching it with supper)
-->Took shower
-->Read some of Monstrous Regiment (100 pages to the end!)
-->Had dessert (chocolate Jell-o pie) with more TV Tropes

So yeah. At least I was productive? Anyway, time to catch up and do whatever tags I have -- later!

Final Tally

Aug. 4th, 2013 11:33 pm
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3,389 backers, $222,377 raised, and there's still a chance that Susie and Roger will be providing voices. They've still got the alternate PayPal funds to count up too.

:D I am really happy about this. I was lukewarm on Otherlands at first, but as the idea's grown and evolved I've really come to like it, and I want to see what they can do with these shorts. Besides, it gives me more inspiration for Victor's own "Otherland" in the Forgotten Vows Verse. Speaking of which, Chapter 13 of "Forgetting You" is up! I do hope you enjoy it -- it's back to Wonderland for our dear Alice!

Main other things that happened today were taking a walk (it's been really nice outside lately, I've been enjoying it) and making muffins. I actually spent a lot more time away from my computer than I thought I would -- we had an early supper because of Mom having to leave early, so from after my late lunch (during which I watched more of Helloween A-Ranking Valkyria Chronicles, though today was just a "let's vote on the squad!" vid) to a while after supper, I was supremely unavailable. Good thing my tags didn't pile up too much in the meantime! Very good thing, actually, since I'm still fighting off the tireds. Bleh.

And right now I'm hungry -- I think I'll get caught up on Twitter over a snack.
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Which I do appreciate, because I felt a bit like the Energizer Bunny last night on tumblr. Yeeps. Anyway, spent the day hiding out in the air conditioning again because anyplace in the USA that is not Alaska is on fire. Seriously, heatwave all across the country. Supposed to break this weekend, though -- hooray. I'll just be happy if the humidity goes away. It's been sticky.

Anyhow, I have a present for you all -- Chapter 12 of "Forgetting You!" You can read it on or on AO3. It's a chapter of snippets, basically, with Victor helping Alice with her issues and having issues of his own with Jack Splatter. Next chapter we get back to the game again, so it's back to the LP for me! Been a while, but hey. Still good.

I also went ahead and did a casting calling for my "Avengers AU Weekend" that I'm doing on tumblr -- you can see that here. As you can see, a few choices were made simply on the basis of "this would be amusing" -- mainly Carpenter as Thor and Goldie Wilson as Nick Fury. I'm working on "origin stories" for each of the heroes -- you'll see those either tomorrow or Sunday, depending on how long all of this takes. I also still have my photocomics to share, I'll start on those tomorrow. (Maybe I'll throw one or two into the queue. . .)

Anyway -- need to go back and see what's cooking in RP land. Night all!
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Let's celebrate with a fic about British people! XD Seriously, though Chapter 11 of "Forgetting You" is finally up! And probably full of feels, judging from the review/message I just got about it. You can find it on and on AO3.

Not much to report today, honestly -- I let myself sleep in some because of the holiday, and when I went outside my room and discovered it was destined to be very hot and muggy, I spent the rest of my day hiding in my air conditioning. Because, really, you could FEEL the humidity pressing down on you today. Ugh. On the plus side, I got Chapter 11 edited -- as you can see -- and finished off my dark take on Red Riding Hood. I'll let that sit for a bit and start on one of my other ideas next. Also been busy RPing -- poor Butterfly Boy has been dragged into a scheme set up by the Joker to rob Agatha Heterodyne's summer house in Secundus, while Forgotten Vows continues to meet new people -- and doing modly things -- answering people's questions, making sure all comments have been taken care of, that sort of thing. :) So yeah, honestly a pretty busy day. I'm glad I was able to get it all taken care of.

And now, back to doing things on tumblr! After I look at Alice: Madness Returns fanart.
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As a late supper has completely thrown off my schedule and I feel like I'm kind of racing to do stuff. But! I did get a few things done! I made some further tweaks to the districts page of [community profile] mallowhallow, and I got up Chapter 10 of "Forgetting You!" Read it on AO3 or on

Now, back to work!
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We have a Chapter 9! Feel free to enjoy it on either or AO3! This is easily my favorite chapter so far. If only because it involves Victor being badass and lots of feels.
-TTV: It's either I have to be completely badass or completely broken with you, isn't it?-
That is an excellent sum-up of the situation, yes. Awesomeness or angst, there is no in-between.

In other news, bit busier on the RP front, if only because both Victors got some more interaction from various friends. Forgotten Vows got a pair of bracelet teleporters for himself and his Alice from his new pal Opal, and he's met a few new people while still dealing with the female thing. Hopefully in one of the threads I'll be able to talk about why this transformation bugs him so much -- a combination of he's always thought he looked a bit too feminine anyway, which was annoying since he strongly identifies as male despite some stereotypically-feminine interests, and the feeling that his mother always wanted a girl, so he was constantly being held up to some hypothetical sister and found lacking. He also participated in a dreamscape meme on [community profile] bakerstreet that I sadly don't think is going to get many takers -- which is a real shame, because I wrote up this awesome description of one of his Wonderland domains, the Butterfly Jungle. Ah well. Butterfly Boy, in the meantime, is planning his wedding with Delusional Beauty Alice, and talking to Touched!Alia about her latest invention and her plans for the future. So, all in all, good day.

Nice weather day too, if with a few rather threatening clouds passing overhead from time to time. Still, I got in my walk, and that's what's really important. Hopefully tomorrow will be nice too!

Now I've got Comics Curmudgeon to read and music to listen to -- later!
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The edits are finally done! Chapter 8 of "Forgetting You" is up, at and AO3. This ends the "I'm revamping previously-seen content" era, and puts us back into the age of "revamping the first draft stuff." AKA, we're starting new content for you guys again! I won't make any promises for when Chapter 9 will be up, but I do hope you enjoy it.

All right, I'm going to have some ice cream, then go back to answering all the tags that I didn't get a chance to get to before because I was sleeping/catching up with other stuff/working on getting this chapter up/getting my Father's Day present ready.
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Though, admittedly, this year's birthday party was all about Victor -- specifically, [personal profile] forgotten_vows. Hey, he's the newbie, he deserves to be spoiled a bit. :P Been a pretty quiet if pleasant birthday day -- I watched clips of both boys on YouTube, listened to some Victor-themed remixes, and finished my edits on Chapter 7 of "Forgetting You" -- and AO3. I also took a nice long walk (beautiful outside today, about freaking time) and got myself a nice waffle cone of "Nana's Kisses & Snickers" from one of the local ice cream places. Chocolate ice cream with chunks of mini-snickers mixed into it. Om nom nom. Messier than I expected (it started melting fast, and the waffle cone ended up getting soft. . .), but still good.

Not much else to report on -- like I said, quiet day. I'm gonna go back to doing what RP I do have and getting Chapter 9 ready to go for when I get done with Chapter 8.
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First off, that chapter of "Forgetting You" I owe you all:

Chapter 6 on
Chapter 6 on AO3

As I said, there's lovely new content here, so please check it out!

Moving onto the second part of my title, we ended up going out for dinner tonight because my mom was in the mood (also because we don't have a lot of food in the house at the moment, I suspect). We were supposed to go to our favorite little pizza place, Dunn's Corners, but Mom came home late from what was supposed to be just a prescription drop-off, and since it takes about a half-hour to get up there, that plan was nixed. So instead we went to Camden's which was a restaurant and pub nearby. It was -- eh. Waitress was friendly and served us well, but right from the beginning we were nearly cheated out of a mozzarella stick in our appetizer (menu said six, we got five. Fortunately this was rectified by the waitress, and we ended up with seven). Dinner itself was nothing special, although I suspect I either ate a little too much of my ravioli and meatballs, or the meatballs themselves were spicier than I expected. I've got some heartburn, it feels like. Bleh. I'd hoped to have a cookie for dessert, but I don't think that's happening.

In nicer news, though, I would like to promote this image editing website! Free Online Image Editor It does still images and animated gifs! This is what I used to make my new [personal profile] forgotten_vows icon yesterday -- and four more of the five I uploaded today. :) He's up to 72! Seriously, check this thing out, it's pretty awesome.

Okay, I should probably go put this cookie back at some point. . . Also keep an eye on tumblr tags and asks. Later!

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