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Yes, you get a double-whammy today, which is why I'm here early. First up, Chapter 16 of "Forgetting You" has been posted! Read on or AO3. It's short, especially compared to the previous chapter, but I think people will enjoy it nonetheless. :)

Secondly, I have an update from Steampunk Gulch for you all! Our favorite family the EVL Liddells were quite busy today, so let's get right to it:
Badges, Robots, and Juice, Oh My! )

Well, that was fun. :) I might remake EVL if/when I switch over to Sims 4 -- Felicia too, maybe. Though it'll be a shame that they can't be magical right off the bat. Ah well, hopefully we'll get an EP with spells and hexes not too long after release. I'd buy that one in a heartbeat.

Anyway -- I've got to take my shower, then check up on the tumblr and whatnot. Later!
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Played Sims 2! Yes, I know, you may all faint in shock now. I've just been so caught up in the news over Sims 4 and looking at Sims-related channels and suchlike that I decided I really needed to get back into the game. Not to mention I had both BTTF decor and new Disney-inspired "trees" (seriously, the giant leaves and mushrooms I downloaded showed up in build mode under the tree category) to look at in the game. So I fired it up -- after quickly putting in place a fix to make sure the game would start. EA apparently broke the Sims 2 launcher. Meh. Still, got into my game fine, played a quick day with the EVL family fine, so let's have a short update on how they're doing:
Holy Crap, They Liiiive )

Anyway! That's my adventure of the day -- beyond getting Forgotten really mad at me for a certain piece of fic I posted. . . So I'll take my leave now before he catches up with me. (BTW, link is NSFW!)
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But first, fanfic news: Chapter 6 of "Forgetting You" is up! It's a shortish chapter focusing on Victor in Billingsgate, but I think it's pretty good. At the very least, I hope you'll enjoy it.
Now, onto the Sims stuff. I visited EVL and his family over in Steampunk Gulch, and they had quite the productive day:
They Even Went To The Store! )

Whew! Pretty long update, no? But it was good to check in with this lot again. (And if you're wondering where I found the time -- Spanish teacher was sick. I didn't have school today.)

Okay, I've been bouncing between this, watching Helloween's latest Nier LP set, and RPing on tumblr (after RPing here on Dreamwidth). I need a break. Good night, all!
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Yes, the other day I actually went and played Sims again! Who would have thunk it? To be fair, part of the reason I played was because I'd recently gotten some new downloads and I wanted to check them out. You'll see an example of the best download at the end of the post. For now, though, who wants to check in with Emmett Victor Liddell and family of Steampunk Gulch?

We'll see if I can get back into playing Sims on a semi-regular basis over the break. For now, I have fanfic to do!
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The Wild West adventure continues! What happens is pretty much covered in the subject line, only Doc manages to rescue Marty and prove he's a total badass. Also there is Clara foreshadowing. Lots of it. And an ice maker that takes up half of Doc's shop. And the discovery that horsepower can't be taken all that literally. And exploding engines, I believe. Yay.

Now, I believe I owe you a Sims update -- but first, a fic update! Chapter 9 of Finding You is up! Enjoy Victor being adorably clumsy.

Now, Onto Sims )

Hope you enjoyed that! Now, I've got to wrap things up in my last hour or so before bed. School tomorrow, bleh. At least I only have one class to get through.
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Emmett Victor Liddell! Remember him! Of course you do, I used to blather on about him endlessly. Well, he's back, and another one of his kids has entered a new life stage. So let's check in on him and his family, shall we?
Back To Steampunk Gulch )

Hope you enjoyed that! Felt good to get back to that family. And yes, I know EVL didn't visit his shop today. I'll get on that next time I play them -- I do want to unlock more families in that hood. Maybe I can time it so the Unseen University wizards go to college at the same time as Lorina. . .
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Yup, EVL Day! Let's see how the family's doing:
Nell Has Toddlerized )

In other news, thought up a good gift for Marty that everyone in the Inkwell can "donate" to, so he's settled. Now I just need gifts for the Victors. . . Also got the red curse, so that's lovely. /sarcasm Still, can't complain too much. I'm just hoping for nice weather tomorrow so I can get an ice cream treat in honor of the ultra birthday tomorrow.
-TTV: *laughs* Ultra Birthday?-
Hey, I have FOUR characters technically celebrating now. What else should I call it?
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First: Watched the MagFest "Southland Tales" crossover review with Linkara and a bunch of other Channel Awesome reviewers. Confusing as hell movie, but the review/snarking was good. And the ending was great. You see, the reviewers get pissed at Linkara and tell him he's got to use time travel to get them the hours they wasted back. Now, Linkara's cosplaying as the 7th Doctor during the review, so I thought he'd find himself a prop TARDIS.


The BTTF theme came on, and he used somebody's DeLorean.

Linkara, have I mentioned lately that I LOVE YOU?

Second: EVL update! It's on the shortish side since he didn't visit the shop today. But hey, some stuff happened regardless:
Such as Bending The Seasons To One's Will )

And that's it for now. Expect a Ink Sec Liddells update tomorrow, and we'll see if Alice gets her new sibling!
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So yeah, let's meet the newest member of the family.
Busy Friday )

So yeah -- just one more kid to go! George or Lorraine!
-M: Hey, I thought it was gonna be Marty or Jennifer?-
Changed my mind -- I seem to have a "parents of the mains" theme going here. Marty or Jennifer can be in generation 3. Need to raise up this kid from a baby first anyway.
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What can I say, I like EVL and his family. And it's not a particularly long update, so there's that for you guys:
Relatively Quiet Day )

Yes, I'm a Sims addict, so what?

In other news, the parents have gone on a little vacation to Block Island. The weather has reacted to this development by being stubbornly cloudy, rainy, and foggy. >.< God damn it. I was kind of hoping to enjoy some nice weather while I was home alone. And of course Mom's at Block Island to hit the beach. . . *sigh* Keep your fingers crossed it gets better tomorrow.

And now, I am starving and will have dinner.
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What can I say, I like this family. I'm starting to understand why people like doing legacies now. Anyway, let's see what they're up to:
Plenty )

Upcoming events in their lives:
-->New child (Either William or Nell, depending on sex)
-->Having Tom make toys for the kids
-->Getting into the Gardening Club ('cause why not?)
-->Getting the kids into private school
-->Getting Felicia Gold Gardening and Pottery badges
-->Getting EVL a Gold Fishing Badge
-RPD: I applaud your ambitions, but -- why that last one. You've said before they don't eat.
True, but I like getting stuff, and he's already got the bronze. Besides, maybe one of their future kids will be the one who wants to run a grocery. In that case, I'll gift him/her with lots of fish and produce so he/she can stock up before starting.
-RPD: Ahh, and short-circuit that problem you have with William Van Dort in Inkwell Secundus -- not being able to fish through much of winter.-
Indeed. Making the most of all this good fortune the parents are having.

Anyway, not much else to report (exceedingly gloomy day out here), and I think supper's up in just a moment, so later!

More EVL!

May. 16th, 2012 08:30 pm
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Because I felt like playing the family today. Let's see how they're doing in their new house:
Pretty Damn Well, Honestly )

-D: They certainly lead very productive lives.-
They do! I'm looking forward to meeting the new baby.
-RPM: What's this one going to be called?-
I was thinking either Nell or William -- second kid's being named for CB characters. Third kid will be either Marty or Jennifer, for BTTF.
-RPD: Do you even have room for three kids?-
I'll probably hold off on #3 until Lorina's grown up more and thus can get into college, freeing up her room. Not like EVL and Felicia can't afford plenty of Elixir of Life.

Anyway! Nothing much else to report -- been icing my ankle, and the swelling's gone down a lot. Maybe eventually it'll be an ankle again. Right now, I've probably got stuff to do on tumblr, so later!
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I'm giving it a couple of once-overs before posting to try and make sure it's good -- and that I've caught all the typos. Should be up tomorrow. In the meantime, want a fairly short EVL update?
New House! New Season! )

Shorter than the usual update, I know, but I was getting adjusted to the new house, and I wanted to keep things simple. Next update should be longer just because I'll be going back to the store. Want to keep that rank climbing!

Now, back to editing Chapter 19. Later!
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Slightly shorter update since I didn't visit Little N'Local Robots, but still got plenty of interesting stuff, I think:
In Particular, A Birthday )

So yeah, next update will be in new digs. You excited? I am. :)

Also, check out this post of Butterfly Boy's on tumblr. It's seriously the glowing butterflies! O.O How awesome is that!

Also, 10:04 post! :D How long has it been? (Probably since last November. . .)
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Let's see how things are going in Steampunk Gulch!
One Step Closer )

Yeah, still trying to decide between a redesign and a move. I don't think I've ever moved a family like this before. Moved just one or two Sims out, sure. But the whole family? Usually once they get to their main hood, they pick a lot and just stay there. Hmmm. Still, I really do think they need more room. . . I'll decide by their Sunday. Though if anyone has any advice, I'm game.
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I told you I'd have a new one up! Here's Chapter 17, The One Where Victor Goes Mad! Also the one where Alice makes a rather epic entrance. Enjoy! :D

And now, for EVL's half of the update:
Busy Friday )
So yeah, hope you enjoyed that. And any thoughts on what I should do about the housing situation (remodel the current place again, or pack up some things and move) would be appreciated.
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Shall we discuss what's been going on with EVL and family since we last checked in?

Toddler Skilling and Bad Reviews )

And that's your Sims update for the day! I dunno how exciting you found it, but hey, the gang's consistently improving themselves. And Lorina's already proving to be a skill-building dynamo. We'll see what sort of person she turns out to be, and thus what business venture she'll be best suited for. As it is, right now I've got tumblr business to attend to. Later!

EDIT: Okay, can I just say that it's really annoying that the preview feature tells you JACK SQUAT if something's wrong with the cut tag?
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Yup, took advantage of the opportunity to turn Lorina into a toddler early. And, actually, for a day that EVL didn't end up going to his store, a rather lot happened. Let's get the low-down:
Please ignore that cuts look STUPID now )

And that's the EVL family for another week! Seriously, though, 1 Grouchy. . .that kid's going to need some major encouraging.
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As in, it's only covering one day of their lives. But it was a pretty complicated day, since their new baby was born! I think I might go ahead and switch to an "updating one day at a time" schedule for EVL -- while it was nice getting two days out of the way each update, things are just too busy right now in his life. After all, we've just added a whole new member to the family, AND his business is rather rapidly gaining rank. (Frankly, playing that feels like playing a second day.) So yeah, let's dive into this:
It's A. . . )

Well, I hope you enjoyed that! Now I'm off to ponder the eternal puzzle of where the chapter breaks should go in "Secundus."
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And the Weasley twins, while we're at it. Simon's birthday post is up for anyone who's interested -- a bit low-key this year, but I've been doing birthdays for a few years now. Forgive me if I streamline?

Additionally, I have a page of unused pictures for my Restful Springs site. Nothing too interesting there yet, besides a second kitchen fire I didn't mention in the actual update. I'm still shocked that a Sim autonomously extinguished a fire. When did Sims grow brains about such things?

Speaking of Sims, we've got an EVL update to get through! Hope you like gardening and stores!
And badge earning! )

And that's it! Yes, you have to wait until next week for the baby to be born. Consider it my April Fool's prank on you. :p

And now, I have a few things to take care of before heading to bed. Cripes, April already. . .

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