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Okay, so it's an associate's degree in English from a community college, and I don't even have the diploma yet (they mail them to you), but still! Did the whole "pomp and circumstance" business with the robe and such, then the folks and I went out to eat. Outback restaurant, which we haven't been to in a while -- food was great, and our waitress was fantastic. :D Always nice to get a good experience there.

I also got some cash from my parents and my aunt and uncle next door. Which totals, together, $600.

Fucking hell, I was not expecting that. I mean -- I thought I was going to get a little gift card to a store or something. Not a month's buffer on my rent. (Which I really need, because I need to find a job while I decide about furthering my education. Mom's suggested online classes, which sounds great because that'll leave me free to do other stuff.) I mean -- wow. That's -- I hope they understand how much I appreciate it, I really do.

Of course, the price of the day out is productivity, but I've got some stuff I'd like to share with you. First up is some fanfiction I wrote for [personal profile] forgotten_vows, inspired by thinking about how he'd get settled into his new home. There's three stories so far that sort of serve as "hole-fillers" explaining a few things he did "off-screen", and Mallow Snippets: Soak is the first. Strongly inspired by me researching Victorian bathing habits, by the by. Victor's used to tin baths you drag in front of fires, not fixed-plumbing tub/shower combos. :P I'll try to get the other two up soon.

The other thing is more of a repost of something you've seen before: "Losing You" is up on my website. So if you ever want to read it there, feel free. I'll be adding "Finding You" sooner or later. Gotta get back to "Forgetting You," though -- I'll try and start on that again tomorrow.

And now I really should make an effort to catch up with my RP tags. Oh dear, that's the one really bad thing about being away all afternoon and evening. . . .
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RP scene for me was pretty dead most of the day -- last-minute tax preparation, perhaps? At any rate, this actually worked out pretty well for me in terms of fanfic. I watched Corpse Bride just as I'd wanted to, and spent pretty much the rest of the afternoon/evening working on "Losing You." So, BEHOLD:

Losing You -- the Super Collector's Blu-Ray Edition! Comes with updated bonus feature For You Were Not The One!

I'll be putting both of these up in their final forms on Archive Of Our Own later too, but I wanted people to get a chance to read the new versions. Next up will be the edits of "Finding You!"

Oh, and speaking of editing, Chapter 7 of "Forgetting You" has also been updated, hopefully with a less-abrupt beginning than before. Yay editing!

And for what it's worth, I got pretty far in my magic system revamping last night! I just need to tweak the spells now. :) So yaaay for me, I guess.

And now I believe there is chat going on, so later!
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I've just completed uploading "Losing You" to Archive of Our Own! You can read it here. This could be called the "HD version" of the fic -- the plot's the same, but I've fixed some mistakes and cleaned up awkward spots. Next up, "Finding You" -- which should go up faster since I already edited the hell out of that one.

Just finished Geology and Spanish -- up in about a half-hour is Creative Writing. I really hope we keep up the trend of getting out early enough for me to catch the 6:16 bus home. I also hope I stop feeling so stiff soon. Ugh.

It's Done!

Jun. 21st, 2012 11:43 pm
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Here's the final version of "Losing You" -- not too different from what I originally posted, but there's been some tweaks here and there. Now I just gotta figure out how to do "Finding You" -- fewer chapters that are really long, or more chapters that are on the short side? Hmmm. . . At least I'm making good progress on it -- almost done with the "Victor's Birthday" episode.

Not much else to report, except that it's freaking hot and may stay that way for a day or two yet. Also, possibility of thunderstorms. Fun!
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But lack of anything to really say about my day has made me say "screw it." Here's the version of "Losing You." It's not that different from the version you guys saw here on LJ, but there's been a few tweaks here and there.

I'm still working on "Finding You" -- I'm just about up to the part where Victor surprises Alice with a piece of cake for her birthday. I'm looking forward to writing that scene. :)
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And here's the last chapter! Setting the scene for what comes next. . .
Where Victor Doesn't Realize How Bad It's Going To Get )

And that's that! I'm still working on "Finding You" -- finished either the first or second chapter. Depends on how I'll be splitting things up. I might share some first drafts of Alice finding the Victor memories, though. We'll see.
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The penultimate chapter!
Victor Can't Catch a Break )

Thoughts? Tears? What have you?
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I honestly don't have much to report today beyond these two small items:
A) I am doing the 100 Drabbles of Summer for [ profile] charloft with [ profile] secundus_cast
B) Played my Houndsditch asylum challenge, which continues to be boring (though Victor did learn lifelong happiness)

So why not continue the saga of Forgotten Vows's painful backstory?
Awkward Explanations Ensue )
Thoughts appreciated!
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Yeah, sticking with "Losing You" at the moment. Anyway, here's Chapter 4 in the saga of "wrecking Victor's life:"
The Everglots Reappear )
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Yeah, still iffy on the title, though I seem to be falling back to the "Blank You" side. People seem to like them, what the hay:
Pastor Galswells Improves EVERYTHING )

Thoughts appreciated!
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In response to popular one person's demand, we present "Losing You," chapter 2:
Things Start Going Downhill )
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I actually finished "Losing You" the other day -- I think that's the quickest I've ever written a chapter story, even one as short as this. I'd like to get another pair of eyes on it before I start posting it up at, so. . .you guys want to look at it, tell me if it works or not? Here's Chapter One, which is basically "what happened immediately after the movie ended:"
Losing You, Chapter One )
Yeah, I know I usually write Victor as an insomniac, but I figure I can give him a break when he's clearly been through quite the exhausting ordeal. Anyway, tell me what you think!

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