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It's been very low-key Christmas over here, but I did get some nice things from the parents:

-->The gum from last night (stocking stuffer staple)

-->A Burt's Bees strawberry-flavored lip balm (also a stocking stuffer staple, and something I always need in winter)

-->A box of Ferrero Rocher (aka, that candy that looks really fancy but is in fact filled with NUTELLA -- no, seriously, look at its Wikipedia article; still tasty as hell though)

-->The BTTF soundtrack on CD (I only had Part III on CD before)

-->A Discworld 2017 calendar (I didn't even know they made one! :D)

-->Two new bras (this is very important as I had only one "good" one left, and those suckers are EXPENSIVE)

-->A new purple sweater

-->Two new pairs of pajamas (one thicker, one thinner, both purple; also a very important present as one of my old pairs has been worn to almost literal shreds and another is waaay too short in the legs)

-->New slippers (because, like one pair of pajamas above, I'd worn the old ones down to pieces -- both had big holes in them by the time I got to throw them out today)

So yeah, a fairly practical Christmas. Nothing wrong with that -- and, of course, I have my birthday to look forward to as well. :)

Right now, though, I have a few presents to give out! My tumblr stories are all set, but the I have to cover my DW peeps too. So, without further ado:

Ael: New To The Academy )

Gigs: Greeting The Newest Van Dort )

Moose: Not Quite Plushy Yet )

Mad Scientist: How To Keep 'Em All )

Okay, that's everything for now! I'll probably have another mini-update later. . .I'm gonna go play some Vampire: The Masquerade -- Bloodlines, then see what's up with tumblr and watch some Helloween. Later all!
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I just happened to notice the time as I was passing through and realized it was too perfect for posting up everyone on DW's Christmas fics. XD So without further ado:

Rose: Not-So-Secret Garden )

Ael: You Wanna Take My Picture )

Moose: And Colty Made Three )

Gigs: Everything Begins Somewhere )

Mad Scientist: There's Always A Worse Verse )

Merry Christmas, everybody! I'll be back later to tell you all about my day! (Spoilers: I've got my freaking window open because its in the 60s, today is AWESOME)
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For those of you who aren't lurking on tumblr, anyway. (Well, Moose is, but I still think she uses Dreamwidth more, sooo. . .) Read and enjoy!

For Moose: You Spin Me Right Round )

For Gigs: Let's See How Far We've Come )

For Ael: I Can't Blame Him For Not Betting On Me )

As for my own haul -- well, the big gift was Lenny, so I was honestly surprised to find a couple things under the tree and in my stocking this year. Turns out Mom and Dad didn't think I should be deprived of my standard goodies -- a couple new packs of gum, pack of breath mints, a box of Ferro Rocher, a new calendar (cupcake-themed!), and a few pairs of new soft socks (I particularly like the polka-dotted ones XD). I also got the new Hallmark BTTF ornament (light-up flying DeLorean) and ReAction's Marty McFly figurine from my aunt and uncle. So that was nice. :) And I've still got a gift from my other aunt coming up tomorrow, along with whatever b-day presents I get.

For now, though, gotta finish off posting the fic for the tumblr peeps. Later all!

Gift Fic!

Dec. 25th, 2013 03:19 pm
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All right, I'm back, and I bear presents! For my good friends:

Sibs Will Be Sibs )

Cadence Is Probably Getting One Too )

Couldn’t Just Order Up Some Nectar? )

Merry Christmas guys, hope you enjoy! Now I have to go do my tumblr friends. . .and after that, I think I'll try out a little Alice with my new controller. . .
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It's been a good one for me so far, all things considered. Dad's toothache has subsided some, and my cold is on the way out, so let joy be unconfined! Let me give you the current present list:
-->Sudoku Book (this was my Christmas Eve gift)
-->MLP Mystery Mini figure, which, when unboxed, proved to be a glow-in-the-dark DJ Pon-3/Vinyl Scratch
-->Set of 3 Lip Smackers that look like they can go on a keychain
-->Black Aperture Science rubber bracelet
-->A cupcake calendar set (includes regular-size and mini 16-month calendars, an address book, and a 2-year planner)
-->A set of new sheets (needed these)
-->2 things of Icebreakers gum
-->A thing of Icebreakers mints
-->A brush and comb set (I think this was to get me out of the bathroom faster when I shower, but I actually really needed a new brush)
-->$25 Barnes & Noble gift card
-->Thud! (the next book in the Discworld)
-->Alice In Tumblrland (a comedy book of mini-stories adapting fairy tales for modern times)
-->Set of 24 Gel Pens
-->Ferrero Rocher candy
-->New set of PJs
-->2 pairs of new bed socks
-->The "Atop The Fourth Wall" DVD (yay! :D)
-->2 sets of the BTTF Lego DeLorean (reason? both my parents and my aunt and uncle next door got me the set and Mom simply hadn't remembered she'd grabbed it. I'm still debating whether to keep the spare in-box or make two DeLoreans)
-->A USB X-Box 360 controller (remember how I kept saying that I wanted to try A:MR with a controller? I'll be doing that in a little bit)
-->Back In Time, the new BTTF Chronology (to go with the lexicon)
-->A new laptop battery, which is currently plugged in and at 36% remaining (I've been meaning to get one for AGES)

So yeah, a good haul -- AND this is without my other aunt's present, or the "missing present" -- my parents ordered some books from England, but they didn't get here in time. I'm pretty sure those are The Harper Hall trilogy (I'm a little surprised they couldn't find it among our piles of books O.o), so depending on when they finally show up I'll probably count them as a birthday present.

Now, let's have the final drabble of this Christmas season:
Twenty-Fifth Day )

All right -- I'll have gift fic up in another post in just a moment. Right now I must answer a rather urgent call.
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Christmas Eve -- and I'm still getting over my cold and Dad's got a bad toothache and Mom's been running in and out to her job. So -- yeah.

On the nice side, I have FINALLY gotten [personal profile] deadgirlslikeme and [personal profile] save_us_alice engaged! DGVictor hasn't given her a ring yet (it's at home -- he'd planned to give it to her for the New Year) but the conversation's made it pretty obvious how things are heading. I figured it was about time, and that he might as well make his intentions clear among some good friends. :) Cutely enough, today's drabble also deals with the "Pocket Nexus" group:
Twenty-Fourth Day )

So that's that -- I have to do my usual round of catching up to do. Merry Christmas Eve, all!
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Well, today was kind of a wash -- but then again, I DO have a cold. Fortunately it seems to be clearing up relatively rapidly -- I didn't have nearly the nasal issues today that I had yesterday. Developing a cough, though, which is annoying. And it took me way too long to start up today, to the point where I spent a good portion of the day lying down and doing nothing much of anything.

On the other hand, I did manage to get the vacuuming done, and get my last Christmas fic written, so that's something. I also watched a movie with Mom and Dad -- another Edgar Wright/Simon Pegg/Nick Frost venture (they're the people behind one of my favorite movies, Hot Fuzz). This one is called The World's End, and it's -- well, I'll put it behind a cut:
Spoilers Abound )

All right, now to give you the day's drabble:
Twenty-Third Day )

All right -- and with that, it's time to take on Twitter and tumblr! *cues up the focusing music*
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As if my body didn't hate me enough with the whole "period right before Christmas" business, I now also have a cold. Fortunately not too bad of one, but the runny/drippy nose is already driving me nuts. Erugh. . . Guess I'll just have to load up on the vitamin C and hope for the best.

Surprisingly, even with my nose dripping every five seconds, I was surprisingly productive. Got all my Christmas presents written save one, and I'm pretty sure I can knock that one out tomorrow without a problem. I also finally listened to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, another one of my holiday traditions. :D I seriously love "Christmas in Sarajevo" and "Wizards In Winter." Christmas isn't complete without them. Now I just need Blackadder's Christmas Carol and I'm set. :D I also -- gasp, shock -- played some Sims today! I did so mainly to get a picture of Bayard for Forgotten Vows's icon set -- I wanted something that showed him looking happy and playful. To my surprise and joy, this did NOT involve moving him and Splatter in with a temporary family. Turns out I'd forgotten 8 Sims in a household also means two pets, so I went ahead and moved them in with Victor. He'll take care of them during the last days of his incarceration, then bring them along when he moves out and goes to live with Alice. I have to keep them out of frame for official updates (barring Victor saying hello to Bayard, under the pretense the dog is just passing through), but that shouldn't be too hard. I just hope I can get Victor out there sooner rather than later!

Speaking of icon sets, I'd like a suggestion or two about another new icon to add to [personal profile] forgotten_vows: a Moonlight icon. I figured the little guy should have one, but I've got three candidates and I'm not sure which is best. You can see my choices here. A comment or two would be welcome! There's another Nest O'Flitts egg meme up, and I'd hoping to have Victor interact with one or two lucky new owners. :D

And after all that, here's your drabble:
Twenty-Second Day )

All right, I'm going to watch the latest episode of My Little Pony, then take a stab at RPing (if my nose lets me). Later all!
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We have gotten into the Christmas spirit around here! Sort of. You see, Mom and I decided to give making gingerbread houses another go. I'd found a recipe/tutorial for a smaller variation, which I sent to her, and we gave it a whack. Results?


Yeah, we're not the best at this. XD We were going to have four houses, but the pieces kept breaking, and the icing wouldn't stick, and one started to collapse as we tried to decorate the roof, so we ended up just going with the two best. That pile of "firewood" there are some of the leftover pieces Mom cut up. The snow is SnoCaps and coconut with a sprinkle of confectioner's sugar, and the lights/wreaths are mini M&Ms. I think we ever get it into our heads to try this again, we're just going to buy a kit. The "homemade" way doesn't work out well for us.

Thanks to that and general "red curse" malaise, it hasn't been the most productive of Saturdays. Nevertheless, I have a drabble for you:
Twenty-First Day )

And with that, I should go ahead and get something up on my personal tumblr before dinner. Night!
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We're into the home stretch before the holidays! But before we get to our drabble of the day, I have another bit of fic that I owe you. In honor of the anniversary of "Forgetting You," I present you with Chapter 23 -- aka the one that still makes Forgotten Vows wake up screaming sometimes. It even comes with a soundtrack: In The Dark, by The Birthday Massacre, which also lends its name to the chapter title.

Chapter 23 on
Chapter 23 on AO3

Now that you've had your daily dose of darkness, let's have something that's also tear-jerking, but in a much better way:
Twentieth Day )

All righty, your fic update for the day! I know it's kind of early, but I'm a vague state of not knowing if I'm doing a night housesitting shift or not, so I figured I'd get it up now and out of the way. Enjoy all your reading material!
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Last day of workshop before the holiday break, w0000! It was a pretty low-key day -- just browsing around a few websites getting a few more tips on stuff you can look at, then more resume revising and cover letter building. I made myself a cover letter template, updated my resume on, did some job searching -- aaaand I might have taken a little time to look at once or twice. ^^; Sue me, it was quiet. At any rate, I am spared waking up at six in the morning for two weeks, yaaaay. And Christmas and my birthday are imminent, yaaaay. I still need to write some Christmas fics for people, though I've got four out of seven done (though I may write a bonus eighth drabble for another friend). Two were ultra-easy -- I can only hope the last three will come just as easy!

Speaking of fic, your drabble for the night:
Nineteenth Day )

Okay, time to get to tumblr -- but first, I have to moisturize my hands, my knuckles are not doing well. :(
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As I slowly get driven insane by my own body. . . I really hate PMS. I also really hate that something ALWAYS seems to come up whenever I make the vow to get on the RPing front earlier. Today it was a combination of having no idea when I was going in to housesit (note to self, never pack up early again), not having internet while housesitting (Mom left me the lady who lives there's iPad Mini to use, but given it had none of my bookmarks/passwords, it wouldn't have helped me much -- and as things turned out, I didn't even use the damn thing; I was in the middle of reading A Christmas Carol when I got the 'yes you ARE coming over' call and I ended up finishing that instead because I really do like that story and wanted to read it before Christmas), and making the stupid decision to go on TV Tropes (can I at least partially blame Helloween for playing the sequel to The Suffering and making me want to look it up). So yeah, I've had to slowtime DW threads and take a hiatus day from tumblr again. At least tomorrow is my last class, so I'll be free to stay up late again to catch up. And hopefully the red curse will just COME already so I can have it over with. Meeeh.

Well, I'm just full of Christmas cheer, aren't I? Here, let me make up for it with today's drabble:
Eighteenth Day )

Okay, there's at least one more DW tag I should do, and then. . .honestly, I kind of just want to sleep. Which is probably a good thing, seeing I do have to go to bed in a half-hour. Night!
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Everything is rushed and no breaks can be taken -- though I will say I had a pretty good day, even if we had to deal with snow and freezing rain. My resume is looking very good right now. :) And hey, just one more class before I'm off two weeks for the holidays! Ahhh, precious sleep. . . For now, though, I gotta give you your drabble, then answer some tags, then answer some more tags and you know the drill:
Seventeenth Day )

All right, off to get to work on RPing!
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My day's been. . .let me just say I didn't get much done online because of an extended cleaning period and an extended writing period. On the plus side, Chapter 23 of "Forgetting You" is coming along nicely. So, before I have my supper, shower, and massive catch-up on Twitter and Tumblr again, let's have my drabble of the day:
Sixteenth Day )

And now that I've dropped that little bombshell, on to Twitter! Night all!
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It has been a most lazy Sunday -- with the weather outside being very very slushy and me wanting to finish off Helloween4545's "Metro 2033" LP. Good stuff -- and I will be forever amused that he kind of stumbled into the good ending, only to get annoyed when the sequel turned out to go from the bad one. XD Anyway, this means I don't have a lot to say about the day (I genuinely did spend it almost entirely watching the remaining videos of the LP), so let me just post this latest drabble up before dinner, then we can get to the RPing.
Fifteenth Day )

Hope you enjoy that -- time for me to eat!
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Oh the weather outside is frightful~ No, seriously, it's starting to snow seriously around here I believe. It's been sugar-dusting almost all day, but now we're getting some seriously build-up. Help should be on the way past midnight, though -- apparently there's a warm front that will be changing this to rain coming up. So tomorrow will be in the 40s, but very very wet. But then it's supposed to get extra-cold again on Monday, so that might be a problem. Brrr.

Not much to report on today -- I wrote up a few more drabbles for this series, watched more of Helloween's "Metro 2033" LP, and chatted with a few friends. One of said friends even made me fanart! Behold: Victor In Hysteria Mode!

. . .Yes, you're allowed to feel weird. I sure as hell did. XD But it's a great picture, and it really helps bring my vision of Wonderland!Victor to life. :D

Anyway, before I go fawn over that some more, I owe you a humorous-but-with-a-touch-of-creepy drabble!
Fourteenth Day )

Okay, that takes care of that. Night all, and hopefully by tomorrow we won't either be buried in snow or washed away by rain!
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Happy Friday the Thirteenth! Have a chapter of "Forgetting You" to celebrate! Maybe it doesn't deal with a certain someone being "Thirteened," but it's the Dollhouse, so that's more than creepy enough:
Chapter 22 AO3
Chapter 22

And to help wash that down, a bit of angsty sweetness:
Thirteenth Day )

Today was kind of a tired day for me -- I really dislike waking up before the sun. Ah well, I have a weekend off now. . .and I HAVE been getting lots of good advice for the job search and resumes and things like that. I'm feeling a lot more hopeful about actually finding something. Though I'm really looking forward to the interview tips after the holiday -- I feel like I really need those. Mom and I also have a project lined up for next weekend -- mini gingerbread houses! :D Seriously, these things are so cute -- you can put them on mugs! Perhaps we can make a whole mini-village with different little candies and suchlike. I'm looking forward to it. :D

Right now, though, I have other stuff to get to, so later, all!
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It occurs to me that maybe this one should have been the 13th, but I don't feel like switching them around. Let's have some "pre-AMA" angsty stuff:
Twelfth Day )

Another workshop day -- I really wish we'd stop getting our lunch late, getting up at six means I get hungry pretty fast in there. Still, it was a good ride. We talked about "elevator speeches" -- good, fast introductions to ourselves that make us seem employable, get people's interest, and help us network. We also had a guest speaker come in from the school's own HR department to give tips, such as making sure your resume has something that stands out on it, liberally use the job keywords, stuff like that. Tomorrow is actually all about resumes, and I hope to get some more good stuff out of it. That seems to be a major stumbling block for me.

On the more "fun" side, I got a few more Christmas drabbles written, and gave Chapter 22 another look-over -- should be ready to post by tomorrow. Seems appropriate. :P And then Chapter 23, aka the chapter everyone who replies regularly seems to be on pins and needles for, should go up no more than a week after, to allow for editing passes and to catch the story's anniversary. Yes, it's taken me a year to get this far. Then again, this is easily the longest of the stories. . .

No time to yap all day, though, I'm afraid -- I've got some tags to catch up on, and Twitter's still a complete mystery to me. And I have to get to bed early again, so off I go!
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Today's been another day of catch-up, but of a different kind. Specifically, I caught up on the vacuuming (I timed it for Wednesday since my activities/classes this week don't really allow for my usual two-a-week schedule), helped put away some of the laundry, did a round of housesitting for Mom (hey, extra cash), and made a new batch of muffins. I figured I'd get this sucker cranked out while I was waiting for said muffins to cool so I could put them away. After all, there's not a whole lot to report on beyond me also catching up on Disneycember, so I may as well give you your drabble now. And guess what? It's another blast from the past!
Eleventh Day )

All right, time to dive into tumblr while I wait for Mom to appear and supper to arrive. Though I'm honestly wondering if I shouldn't just take my shower now. . .
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Today is a day of massive catching up -- Twitter, LJ/DW, Tumblr (PARTICULARLY tumblr) -- but I've managed to make it through most of the catching up I need to do. I was even able to finish reading Frozen's TV Tropes page! I really do like that movie, and I will probably add it to the collection once it comes out.

Speaking of frozen things, today was snowy! Started shortly after I woke up and continued on at varying strengths throughout the day. We've had some accumulation, but not too much, so that's good. The real danger here is not snow, but ICE -- once it dips below freezing, the roads are going to be slippery as hell. And we're due a cold snap soon (Thursday is supposed to be below freezing all day -- and I have class, blaaaah), so it'll probably be tricky for a bit. At least I have my nice warm house. Not going out unless I have to!

Now, before I get back to the massive catch-up event, let me present you your drabble:
Tenth Day )

All right, time to do a few tags, then dive into tumblr stuff again. Wish me luck!

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