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I think what happened is that I really want it to be the weekend already (even if we are supposed to get thunderstorms of doom) and thus school feels like a prison -- especially when I have a bunch of RP replies and suchlike to do in my free time. Caught up now, at least, except for one message that I may or may not complete this evening. We'll have to see what happens. (Person has been duly warned reply may be delayed.)

I'm actually doing the housesitting thing right now -- surprise night out on the owner's part means surprise night in for me here. Been pretty quiet, at least. Last thing I wanted today was an emergency situation. Not when I'm feeling a bit twitchy, kthanx.

Things of note today:
-->My morning RIpta bus? Got in early. I'm serious -- somehow, we managed to get in a full ten minutes before I had to get my other bus. I was in absolute shock. And very worried this meant I'd have to deal with a really late afternoon bus. Fortunately, this was not the case -- though we got the weird little trolley bus again, and there were periods of worrying beeping on the way home. (I've come to associate beeping with bus breakdowns -- happily, nothing of the sort happened on that ride).

-->Weyr Wednesday happened, so we have lots and lots of pictures of dragons. Current and Firework, Pearl and Jade egg, Jade and Sulfur egg. The Jade is named Tai, after Jason Tai, lead composer on A:MR -- there's a track called Jade in the soundtrack, sooo. . . I also hatched a Nightshade, which I have named Solanace after the scientific name for the nightshade family of plants, Solanaceae (whole thing wouldn't fit). Current attempts are Wisp and Ruby, though I gotta wait for the Rainbow/Gold to enter the nursery before I can try again for the latter.

-->Got in one Hearthstone win after my shower today -- Valeera (Rogue) win against THE SLOWEST MALFURION (DRUID) EVER. I swear, there wasn't a turn that my opponent didn't let go to the fuse (the hurry-it-up alert when your time's about to run out). I dunno if they had lag or were just not paying attention, but damn it was annoying. Felt good to kick their ass. And fulfilled two quests while I was at it.

-->Finished up Chapter 9 in "In the Land of the Dead" and started Chapter 10 -- which is the Bumby-centric chapter. I've actually got some good chunks of this written already, but it'll be nice to link it all together. Then I can start proper editing and maybe get that up sometime this century so I can move onto "Remembering You."

And now I should get back to answering tags and at least starting to draft a reply to that one message. . . G'night, sleep tight!
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Was going to go over at 6:30, but now I'm not needed til 7, so I figured I'd slip in a quick update right now. Theme of today -- hot and humid. It's in the 80s inland, and while it's only 70s here, both areas feel rather thick air-wise. We're supposed to be getting thunderstorms tomorrow, and this sort of weather makes me believe it. Hopefully it won't be anything too bad.

I have dragon pictures on my tumblr: Eggs and Dragons. My Kite just hatched today, and came with the name of Gale -- isn't that cute? :) And my Pearl will be entering the nursery later tonight. Now I just gotta get my paws on that Firework dragon. . .

Just one Hearthstone match today -- loss with Thrall to an Uther. I had some early success, but then I kept getting cards I couldn't use, and he had some really good stuff that leveled up his minions' attacks -- bottom line, I ended up getting creamed by one whose attack rose with every card played. I need to win a few games so I can get some gold and buy more packs -- I don't have any of the fun cards, it seems.

Wasn't feeling "In The Land of the Dead" today for some reason, so instead I did some editing on Chapter 4 of "Forgetting You." Intending to have Chapter 3 of that fully cleaned up and posted for this upcoming Friday.

All right, I should take care of a couple of things before I need to pack up to go -- first, though, if you like concept art, check out this tumblr: Bronze Wool They've been posting some AMAZING CB concept art lately. :D
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My nose has been annoyingly runny all day. Constant getting up to blow my nose. Eeeeggguh. I hate getting sick, I really do. At least it's just a cold and not norovirus, like was threatened earlier this year. Meeeh.

Not too much to say (largely because I have other stuff to attend to), though I will direct you to these posts for a few of some of my dragons. I've also hatched a Fungus (Shroom), a Spark (Tesla), and a Ruin (Insidious). I've got one of the Fire/Dark hybrids currently in my nursery -- and fun times, I've got Jabber and Wocky together for breeding. XD

Another win/loss day in Hearthstone, by the by -- I got beaten by a Garrosh who managed to survive my initial attacks and got a bunch of good cards in play (also, I stupidly didn't take out a minion that I could have). However, Anduin weathered the storm of a Gul'dan and managed to defeat him -- or, rather, managed to get the guy to concede after he realized smashing me with his minions meant nothing when I had my own lethal minion on the board. XD

And now I've got a bunch of stuff to take care of on both tumblr and Dreamwidth, so I'd better get to that. G'night all!


May. 6th, 2014 09:14 pm
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Red curse has arrived, too murgh to give you anything of real substance. However, I can provide two bullet points:

-->Got two wins in Hearthstone today as Jaina -- though only one of them was a legit win, against another Jaina. I faced up against a Garrosh with my custom "Blast 'Em" deck, got a few earlier hits in -- and the guy (or girl) conceded. XD It's like, dude, give me a chance to actually wail on you a bit before you choose death!

-->DragonValing going well -- two new dragons to catch! The rereleased Bouquet and the new Seasonal dragon the Sprout! :D Light, Water, and Earth for that second one, which amuses me. They also released a new larger Seasonal habitat, which I also find acceptable. Though as I understand, it takes up a lot of island space. . .eh, I'll find room. Also:
Double Emerald )
Oh, and BTW? Backflip released a new game called DragonVale Wings -- a "casual flying game," they term it.

It's kind of like Robot Unicorn Attack only with their iconic Fire dragon -- you gotta guide the dragon through a course while avoiding obstacles. I keep imagining RUA's soundtrack to it whenever I play. XD It is fun, though, and good time-killer for few minutes.

Okay, gonna try to make this one a genuine early night -- so later!

Book Switch

May. 2nd, 2014 09:33 pm
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Finished the third Science of Discworld book the other day. Again, good stuff, even if the higher-level math stuff kind of made my head spin a bit. The wizards were in truly fine form with this one -- and I liked their defeat of their enemy.
Some Spoilers )
All in all, good stuff, and I hope I can get my hands on the fourth eventually. Right now, having finished off all my Pratchett, I'm rereading an old favorite: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Silly fun with a penchant for fine literature -- what more could you ask for?

Been a pretty good Friday overall, I have to say. Class went well, the weather started off kind of rainy but actually got rather nice, and I managed to finish up the new chapter 3 of "In the Land of the Dead" without incident. Got utterly creamed by both real-life person and the AI in Hearthstone, though. Still have some deck-learning to do. Ah well, at least I unlocked some of the Druid's basic cards.

As for DragonVale, I went ahead and upgraded the Epic Breeding Island to the Epic Breeding Sanctuary -- I have the gems for a change, so might as well use them. Still no sign of the Emerald, but I'll keep trying. I did, however, get a pleasant surprise when I got my Snowy Olympus egg last night:
Picture )
So yeah, that was nice. :D

And now I should take care of my tags and suchlike. One final picture for anyone wondering what my new haircut looks like, though -- I took a selfie for posting on tumblr earlier:
Short Haired Me )
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This morning I got the notice that my Sandstorm and Thunder were making a Lapis. :D This means that I've swept all the April dragons (excluding the Motley, but thanks to joining DragonVale during Bring 'Em Back I already had two). Hopefully the streak will continue for May!
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Not quite as warm as the last one, plus kind of windy, but still! :D I got out three times today -- cashing my paycheck, looking for Cadbury Mini Eggs (couldn't find a small bag, ended up settling for a pack of M & Ms), and going out for just a plain old walk. Felt good to be out in the sunshine and fresh air, let me tell you. :) And I believe it's supposed to be in the 50s from this point forward, so that's a hopeful sign of spring.

Today was mainly a day about catching up on stuff online -- RP tags and YouTube videos. I also finished first pass editing on the first chapter of "In The Land of the Dead," so hopefully that'll be able to go up soon. Tomorrow, though, I might do a quick edit pass on the first chapter of "Forgetting You" and get that up on my website. Need to get things moving on there again.

Main update of the day comes from DragonVale -- I have rare dragon pictures! Also a fun story that relates to one, so let's show those:
Eggs and Dragons )

So yeah -- good day, can't complain. Now back to the tumblr business! G'night all!
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DragonVale Hoooo )

Not too much else to say today -- I was gonna take a turn housesitting, but the people changed their plans. Not too annoyed -- didn't have to pack up my stuff and truck it back and forth, and I got to watch last week's MLP over an early dinner. (Flim and Flam were back! I like those two asses. XD And I still can't help but think of them as Trixie's older brothers for some reason.) I also did my editing on Chapter 14, so that should go up tomorrow as planned. Getting close to the end here, folks! The one thing I didn't do is Sims, but perhaps I'll take a turn on that tomorrow. We'll see.

Right now, I've got RP tags to answer, so good night all!
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Other important update of the day: Chapter 13 of "There's Always Tomorrow." Read it, love it, or hate it. Me, I have tags to answer. Later!
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Figured I might as well show off my Clover and my Carnival, especially since I recently moved the Clover to a new habitat (finally freed up that Earth habitat for my Earth/Plant hybrids):
Pictures! )

Not much else to report on that today except a bunch of fails in trying for the Aquamarine and the Sakura. And I actually wouldn't be surprised if there's another dragon coming up soon. You see, the 20th is the first day of Spring.

As in, the Spring Equinox.

Batten your hatches, Gigs, because I think we've got another epic on the way. May be wrong, but it seems the perfect opportunity to release it.

In other news, edited some more of Chapter 11 of "There's Always Tomorrow," got a bunch of tumblr RPing done, and added some pages to my "Magic and Death" section on the website. I even got some stuff for later in the week on victorluvsalice drafted. Surprisingly productive Sunday, all told. I'm glad of it -- lazy days are good, but having a few things off the to-do list is good too.

For now, I gotta answer a few last tags, then get ready for bed -- g'night all, sleep tight!
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DragonVale's got a St. Patrick's Day icon, which is adorable. But, even better on that front:
Look What I Got )

I also played a bit of A:MR today, and I found my missing bottle from the Hatter's Domain! I'd apparently skipped over the one in Always Elevenses, which is behind a door you have to shrink under and at the top of a bunch of invisible platforms. Guess I just ran past it the first few times. This just leaves one to discover in The Mysterious East -- I'll have to go hunting. And watch that video on where the bottles are in that chapter. Hmmm.

Other than that it's largely been a lazy Saturday, and I don't give a damn. It was a long week, and I needed some laziness. Did get some editing done on the next chapter of "There's Always Tomorrow," though, which is good. And I am doing some RP tags on tumblr, though that's always a bit slow on Saturdays. People out and about, I'm guessing. Ah well, I like the quiet well enough. Right now I might just go track down that bottle video -- later!
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Yup, I've gotten one of the local rare dragons of DragonVale -- the Celtic! Which I have indeed named Seamus.
Bumming Around With Rainbows )
Still no luck with the Clover though -- I keep getting Mosses and Forests. Hmph. Also no luck with the Carnival -- that's Mosses and Trees. And now we have the Sakura dragon in the mix, which will probably involve lots and lots of interesting fails. Ahhh, the pleasures of trying to breed rare dragons. . . I added a Giant Earth habitat to my mix too. Figured it was about time. The more money I can get, the better.

Not much else to report on, beyond the weather being miserable today. Cold all day, and snow in the morning -- and lucky me, I have two stops where I have to wait for the bus OUTSIDE. I was in a mood when I arrived on Lincoln's campus this morning, let me tell you. Fortunately it seems to have dissipated. Hopefully the upcoming weekend will help me feel better. Still in my adjustment period.

Need to hit the sack shortly. Sleep tight, all!
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Lost pretty much my entire afternoon to it, with brief breaks to check up on DragonVale. At least I got some writing/editing done in the morning -- even if I did wake up a bit late. Ah well.

Well, with that in mind, let me just share my latest dragon pictures with you all:
All Growed Up (Mostly) )

And now to sneak in some productivity before it's tomorrow. Later!
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I've grown up two of these (Theseus and Lumin (formerly Lumen -- I decided to change it because I actually do like the "i" version better, and I was thinking of the word "luminous" right before naming him), but I'll show you pics of those tomorrow. For now, ickles!
Because Baby Dragons Are Cute )

Not much else to report from the world of DragonVale -- been winning money in races, rearranging islands (my Fire/Lightning one is getting a little crowded), and growing food. And breeding, of course, but so far I've just gotten eggs that I'm planning to sell, none that I want to keep. Still, got the Winter cooking, so that's something. Though I just looked up the Seasonal habitat -- apparently it only holds two dragons?? That's kind of bullshit. Ah well, at least it's relatively cheap. Current plan of attack is to start breeding Light hybrids, while also trying for the other Olympus dragons. I might also take another shot at a Treasure dragon -- Electrum sounds fun.

In other news -- not much. I've got a week until my class starts, so I'm just taking advantage of the quiet and such. Actually slept in slightly this morning (although that was partially because I'd forgotten to readjust my alarm). Might as well get it in now, I suppose. Come Monday, things are gonna change.

As it is right now, though, Monday's still about six days away, and I have shit to get to. Later!
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My Moonstruck has just hatched, and been dubbed Emily (though she came with a pretty awesome name on her own -- Europa. Maybe I'll do that for the Moon dragon, if it doesn't come with its own awesome name). Have some pictures:
Struck By A Moon )

There's not much else to report from the game, save that Nithogg and Tidepool are making me a Coral dragon. Once I have that and the Magnetic, I'll have all the "standard" dragons from that list. Then maybe I can start adding Light hybrids to the mix. Or maybe I'll hold off just a little longer to get my islands looking halfway decent first, and figure out where I have the most room for new habitats.

There's also not much to report from my life -- it snowed yesterday, dumping a wet 5 inches on us. Bleck. It's supposed to warm up as the week goes on, though, so that's something. Still would like to get out and about a bit. Also been RPing and gradually poking at ideas involving the DG-Victor/Save_Us_Alice wedding plot. I should make some sort of post on that at some point. . .let me just standardize what I've got in my head a bit more right now. Feels good to finally get these two hitched, I have to say. :)

And -- that's it for me for now. Later all!


Feb. 15th, 2014 06:37 pm
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"The dragons will finish breeding in 11:53:13. Hurry them up for 12 gems?"

I've got it! After feeding Attar up to Level 14 and Mimsy up to Level 13, I'VE GOT THE MOONSTRUCK! :D :D :D I shall name it Emily, since everything in the description reminds me of the "Moon Dance" sequence. XD (I was originally going to name a Bouquet dragon that, but now I think I'll name that one, when I get it, Victoria.)


Well Then

Feb. 14th, 2014 01:41 am
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Even if I don't get the Moonstruck, it appears I'm building a Moon habitat anyway, because Gana and Echo are pulling the 48 hour thing again, and it is definitely nighttime. At least this time I know to just bite the bullet and build the big one. (Attar and Mimsy appear to be making a Smoke this go-round. I suppose I should just be grateful all my Moonstruck-fails are short-time fails.)
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Past the most annoying day of the red curse, and onto recovery. Been a pretty quiet day mostly -- I worked on Chapter 5 of "There's Always Tomorrow" (I almost wrote "Forgetting You," dear lord this is what I get for working that story over a year), looked for a job and got myself out there a bit more, and played my games. DragonVale is being positively evil -- they've released another new Valentine's dragon, the Moonstruck. Naturally it's a new Moon type, patterned after a moth. You get it by breeding the Love and the Rose dragon together.

And it's only available until the end of the 16th.

DragonVale, why do you hurt us like this? Seriously, only five days?? I've got my Love and Rose breeding right now, but they're giving me an 8-hour something. (Kind of hoping it's a Willow, since that's another one I have to check off. . .) My other breeding experiments of the day gave me a Sonic (Gana and Echo, finally done with the new Sun), an Air (Nithogg and Tidepool -- I was briefly very confused until I remembered that particular breeding bit), and a Smoke (Attar with Biff, and I'm just glad it wasn't another Tree). I imagine most people are going to have Moonstruck fever or curse out Backflip for making it so limited. Me, I'm just gonna cross my fingers and hope.

Actually, I took some pictures of my dragon islands today for a tumblr update -- allow me to share them here:
Messy Isles )

Yeah, they're not exactly pretty, are they? But I need cash more than paths at the moment -- and if I'm going to be doing any upgrades to any habitats (still tempted by those Giants), I'll want to be able to move things around a bit.

Other big news of the day -- my Barnes & Noble order arrived! :) Well, orders -- two things direct from B&N itself, and one sold through their marketplace. I initially thought, "Well, I'll have to get batteries for my camera if I want pictures of those" -- and then I remember my damn iPad is a camera.
So Here. Pictures. )

And that is the news of the day! I'm off to answer things. Night!
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Today was a good DragonVale day. :D Not only have I managed to get all of my dragons onto island where they're being positively affected by boosts in the best way possible, I've managed to do it with a minimum of spending money! :) I do have new Metal, Earth, and Cold Habitats building, but they're pretty necessary, and the second two were relatively cheap, so. . . Kairos also gave me a hand on that front -- I could use him again, so I used him to speed up the building of the Treasure habitat, the hatching of my Silver egg, and and a bunch of other stuff. He be useful. :D

Anyway, I have a few pictures for this update:
Dragons! )

Not much else to report -- quiet day around here. I watched some of the special features on my "Going Postal" thing -- mainly deleted scenes (that really did need to be deleted) and some of the interviews. I also played more Fruit Ninja -- unlocked the Northern Lights blade for a goal. It's beautiful and I'm mentally calling it the "Tundraful" blade. :D I work that poor iPad Mini so hard. . .

Right now, though, I do have something on tumblr to answer, so laters!
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We had snow today, and I didn't have much to do after editing some of Chapter 3 of "There's Always Tomorrow" and fixing up a little of the Forgotten Vows Verse magic system, so --

I played Sims.

And I did an Inkwell Secundus update.

Yeah, after a very long dry spell, I figured it was time to get back to these guys. And with more snow predicted Wednesday, and this upcoming Sunday and Monday, there may be more updates just because. Either that or more of me playing A:MR with the X-Box controller. I still have two bottles to hunt down in my Victor profile. . .and I might just try for all the peaches in the scrolls too. Might as well full 100% it, right?

Not much else to report -- it was snowing all day today, so no chance to get outside for anything. Mostly I DragonValed. Doc, my Lightning, has been busy doing all the breeding today -- his adventure with Petal gave me a Flower, he produced an Iron with Army (my Scoria), and he and Sunny gave me a Cactus and what looks to be either a Firefly or Scorch. Spiny and Sunny gave me a Pepper earlier (irony -- I tried for so long to get one of those, and now I'm getting them when I no longer want them. Meh.)

I also got the Fifth island, and discovered the horror of Huge Trees -- a million and two days to clear. Hmph. Fortunately, there's only four, so I can clear them gradually -- and I had more than enough to clear off the rest of the junk on the island. Once it's mostly clear, I plan to start rearranging things for best boost placement. I'm using this post as a guide (thanks to [personal profile] gigs_83). It's a bit out of date, and I've removed the Opposite dragons since they're never positively affected by boosts, but it's a good starting point. I have enough dragons to make this all worthwhile too -- I'm up to 57, counting Kairos and my duplicates. But hey, that's pretty good. And once my new eggs hatch I'll be up to 60! I just hope I have room for everybody. . .

Other things: Blazing got me a Gold Trophy in Air, Monty's taking on the Cold Event in the Colosseum. The Racetrack keeps giving me food and experience -- I'm actually pretty close to leveling up again. I've upgraded a few more of my dragons to Level 11. I keep getting visitors apparently flying off the sides of my islands. :P

And now I'm thirsty, so I'm going to get a drink. Later!

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