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And I was sucked into TV Tropes again for a while, so not much to report on the internet front. I do have some new additions to my DragonVale park -- Geoff, a Glare dragon, and Bluster, a Wind dragon. And I've got a Flash dragon cooking in the nursery, and Lumin is making a Sand dragon with Dino. I find it very amusing that we have two "superhero" dragons -- Flash and Gamma, referencing, well, the Flash and the Hulk. Wally's already taken as a name in the description of the Flash dragon, so I'm gonna name mine Barry after one of the other claimants to the name. :P Gamma might be Bruce or Banner, we'll see. I'm also still after more Olympus dragons -- tried for a Cyclops, am getting a Quicksilver. *shrug*

With not much else to say, I'm gonna go ahead and steal a couple of memes from Moose to fill journal space:
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And now it's time to catch up on a few things I neglected thanks to TV Tropes and Linkara playing Pokemon Omicron.
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Since money issues have been on my mind lately. . .

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and by "popular" I mean "one" :p

This is a meme I've basically put together using questions from memes I've seen on LJ and tumblr, mostly. I combined/eliminated duplicates, of course, and even added a question of my own here and there (would you believe none of the ones I found asked when your character's birthday is?). Anyway, at least one person wanted to see it, so here it is:
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Whew! Pretty epic, huh? We've got questions from those old surveys I did back in the LJ days, the 30 Days of Character Development meme, and two memes I saw on tumblr. . . Ah yes, one here, and. . .damn it, really don't remember where the other came from. It's on tumblr somewhere. . .

Anyway, enjoy your meme! I've got tags to answer.
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