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Michael J. Fox turns 51, and Johnny Depp turns 49. Neither of them look it at ALL, do they? O.o
-M: *really hopes he inherited that good aging*-
-TTV: *him too*-
Anyway, I've been going around and doing birthday-related things. There of course is a party in the Inkwell, and I gave Forgotten Vows a silly hat for the day. Though I also gave him a nice enchanted night light, since he's arguably the one most afraid of the dark. The best present he got was his Alice finally coming back for a little while. I will be taking full advantage of this. :D
Anyway, I believe I have two final prompt fics to finish off two tables, so let's have those:
Drabbles88 -- Prompt 75: Solistice )

25 Foods: Prompt 16 )

Okay, that's two prompt tables OFFICIALLY DONE! *throws confetti* Now, to answer tags of all kinds to keep the birthday mojo flowing. Later!
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Meaning, I've got Chapter 20 up, and I've got a related Drabbles88 for you! You can consider it a hole-filler between it and the upcoming Epilogue:
Drabbles88 -- Prompt 33 )

So yeah, enjoy all the Secundus-y goodness! I've got some stuff to catch up on. Later!
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1. My ankle's doing better -- it's already easier to walk and move it. It does have some swelling, though, which is annoying. I've been trying to keep it up and not walk too much still. And I've got some ice on the swelling. Hopefully I'll be better sooner rather than later.

2. We have an [ profile] ink_sec_sims update: Emmett Brown -- has a rather boring day. It's tough when your Sims live alone. I gotta get Carmen into the family. Also a Servo. Also Dee. I need to do lots.

3. Might as well have another Drabbles88, am I right? This one's short and -- maybe not sweet. You'll see:
Drabbles 88 -- Prompt 6 )

Okay, now I've got to figure out how to best keep the ice on my foot. Later!


May. 6th, 2012 11:25 pm
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Well, done writing-wise, anyway -- I finished "Secundus" this morning! Right now it clocks in at 252 pages exactly. We'll see if it stays that way as I give the final chapters a quick look-over/edit before posting. But yay, second NaNo project finished! To celebrate, let's have a Drabbles88 from the Secundus-verse:
Drabbles88 -- Prompt 83 )
-VD2: Now remember, there's still "The Tale."-
I know, but now that I have two under my belt, I feel a lot more comfortable finishing that one. And again, I'm probably just going to finish up the "ball" chapter and then leave it for this year's NaNo. I've got other stuff I want to get going on, after all.
One other update of note -- we've finished another cycle of [ profile] ink_sec_sims. Enjoy an update from the Turret/Notamoron house.
And now, there is a Helloween Alice Let's Play to rewatch while I make sure I'm up on everything I should be up on. Night!
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It's been tweaked, and now I think it's ready to get a smile:
Drabbles88: Prompt 8 )

Hope you enjoyed that! Now I really have to consider bed.
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First off, have an update from [ profile] ink_sec_sims -- The Van Dorts have a pleasant day Nothing too ground-breaking in this update, though Victor's slowly inching toward teenager-hood. So that's a good sign.

Secondly, how about I give you guys a real Drabbles88? Because we haven't had one of those in a while.
Drabbles88 -- Prompt 69 )

Ah, feels good to get something else up. And I'm doing very well with "Secundus" as of late too -- we're almost to the part where Victor goes mad. Climax, here we come! But first, tumblr. Later!
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Though I still have a few that -- well, I like them, but I don't know if I can fit them to any of the prompts. So -- anyone want to give me a hand? Here are the two stories that aren't assigned yet:
Quick Fics )

And here are the available prompts:

  • Hours
  • Thunder
  • Solstice

Any fits you see, or ways to make one of them fit? Or should I just leave them here as standalones? Opinions appreciated!
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Otherwise known as the day of poor Jennifer getting screwed around. Dragged off to the future in a time machine, knocked unconscious. left in an alley, taken to her future home by the police, discovered that her future life was kind of crappy, and then had a personal encounter with her future self that resulted in her fainting and hitting her head on the door.
-J: My only consolation is that Doc and Marty weren't exactly having a nice day either. Well, Marty certainly wasn't.-
-D: Even though I technically did none of that, allow me to apologize for my canon self's actions.-
-AJ: It's okay, Doc. I know it's not really your fault, but the Bobs.-
Indeed -- this is what happens when you suddenly have an extraneous character in the time machine at the beginning of the unplanned sequel.
In terms of honoring the day, I watched part of the future sequence of Part II over dinner (chicken noodle soup), and I wrote what I hoped to be a Drabbles88. However, I can't see my way to fitting it to a prompt. >.< This seems to happen to a lot of the things I write for the remaining Drabbles88 prompts.
-VD2: What are the remaining ones, anyway?-
6. Hours, 8. Weeks, 31. Snow, 33. Thunder, 69. Clock, 75. Solstice, 83. Green -- You'd think at least three of those would be easier to fill, but I'm not getting ideas that fit! I just --
Hang on.
-TD: What?-
I might be able to use one of those, if a slang variation fits. Just a sec.

Hmmm. Looking at the definitions for "to snow someone," such as "to burden them with something" or "to block someone or something in," Snow might fit this one. You tell me:
Drabbles88 -- Prompt 31? )

And now, back to coming up with birthday presents for Doc's birthday tomorrow. I'm glad I switched to just "the most important people to the character give presents on-screen" format -- this gets tougher every year. *ponders*
-TTV: I think the real stress would come from knowing you have to come up with something appropriately incredible for Butterfly Boy.-
Actually, I think I've got him set -- for Clockwork, at least. He's gotta give something to his Doc too. . . .
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Even if I feel like the celebration's been curtailed a bit by bad weather. I had a tough time going to sleep last night because of a MASSIVE thunderstorm just as I was going to bed (and then when that rolled through, I woke up because I was way too hot), and another one came through during supper and stayed around until about 9. Yikes.
-M: Hey, it hasn't been all bad. You got the party at the Inkwell going, and everybody got their wishes posted on Twitter.-
That is true: The Inkwell party is hopping, and clockworkdoc and VictorPlush commented on the significance of the date on their Twitters. I also posted something on my Tumblr. Amusing note -- while Victor's exactly two years older than Marty, with the actors, it's switched -- Michael is exactly two years older than Johnny. I just noticed that. XD
-M2: Hard to believe Mike's turning the big 5-0.-
I know. It's so weird to see him get older, since I always thinking of him in terms of Marty. . . . *shakehead* I hope he's having a good birthday.
Anyway! Since today is a birthday, fic must be posted of the birthday boys. Let's have a Drabbles88 for Marty, eh?
Drabbles88 -- Prompt 25 )

As for Victor, have a pair of Author's Choice drabbles for the 100 Drabbles of Summer challenge -- including one for "birthday," natch. :) I'm having a blast writing these.

Okay, I've got a thread to finish up for the party, then some stuff to post over in [ profile] charloft -- I'll catch you all later! :D
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Folks are back from Block Island -- they had a good time. I also started my Alice playthrough today -- I'm up to the first Skool level.
-VD: What's the difficulty?-
Medium -- I figure that strikes the best balance. *will probably never attempt Nightmare without yanking up the cheats*
-M2: Heh -- God Mode?-
Maybe -- but I wonder if I could get away with just giving myself the Deadtime Watch. Life becomes a lot easier when you can freeze time at will.
-TD: But only once per level.-
Once is all I'd need on the earlier levels. And the best part, according to a certain Let's Play, is that the damn thing works on bosses before (and including) the Mad Hatter!
-D: But not the Jabberwock.-
No, damn his eyes. Well -- eye. That right there is the main reason not to do Nightmare -- how the HELL would you get past your second boss battle with him?! When Helloween tried it, the damn game ended up crashing because he'd died so much or something! Ah well, that's for the future if I ever DO give it a go.
As for the present, I believe I said I had a Drabbles88. Well, here you are:
Drabbles88 -- Prompt 73 )
So yeah, hope you enjoy! Me, I gotta prep up for my last full week of school. And keep my fingers crossed for warmer weather. Why the hell was it so cold today?!
-TD: Trust me, all of us would like to know.-
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Finally worked it into an acceptable form, I feel:
Drabbles88 -- Prompt 82 )

Not too much else to report today -- I had two tests at school, but I managed to do well on both (well, I think I did well on math) and managed to catch an earlier bus home. I played a little Sims -- had a nice quiet day with Inkwell Secundus's Doc, then started on Wonderland Park in Steampunk Gulch. I did the chunk that functions as a hedge maze:
Picture Here )
And I found this awesome website focusing on 1876 Victorians, so I'm very happy. I has info for stories!
-DW: *amused* Why don't you finish the ones you have first?-
This is a point. Let me get on that. . . .
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-->Obtain Maskerade, the next book in the Discworld series that I need to read
-->Obtain the 25th Anniversary BTTF minimate set
-->Get a [ profile] eurekasims and [ profile] revison_doc update up
-->Get that still-unprompted Drabbles88 up
-->Reinstall "American McGee's Alice"

I finally managed to find something that fit at least partially, so, at long last, that Drabbles88 I've been mentioning here:
Drabbles88 -- Prompt 64 )
Whew, and that's out of the way! Now I just have to reinstall AMA. Maybe I'll do that tonight, before bed.
-HD: *eyes me*-
I'm not going to play it, just see if I can get it up and running. Playing it is reserved for May.
-WRM: Because of Alice's birthday?-
And it being the month before the release of the sequel, yes. Now then, I gotta go put a link to this prompt over in [ profile] 8butterflyboy8. Later!

Oh, before I go, I might as well say: Happy One Year Anniversary, How To Train Your Dragon. :D
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First off, my most heartfelt wishes to the people of Japan, and anyone else affected by the recent disaster. I'm just -- wow. Is it just me, or can that side of the world not catch a break lately? *sends good vibes*

On happier subjects, I finished Interesting Times today! Have I mentioned how much I love the Discworld? :D Fantastic book. Rincewind! Twoflower! Everything is awesome. The villain is appropriately nasty, and gets a fantastic comeuppance. Also, we learn more about Twoflower in a way that makes us want to give him all the hugs. Also? He can be epic. Really. And poor Rincewind, always being -- well, Rincewind. And the small bits at the University were great. :D Now I just have to locate a copy of Maskerade. Time to visit the Lancre Witches again!

Also accomplished today -- a new playthrough of Episode 2 of the BTTF Telltale Game. Last time I kind of screwed up the order of events, so this time I took a few notes from the walkthrough and did things properly. Meaning I got to hear some new dialogue, see a few new scenes -- it's great. Still really, REALLY looking forward to Episode 3, though. Bring on -- Control Valley?
-Docs: *are really NOT looking forward to Episode 3*-
*patpat* Look, it's not really you --
-D: Having him as an option is still rather disturbing.-
Don't worry, by the end of Episode 4, I'm sure that particular plot will be set to rights.
Anyway, having done a fresh playthrough, I'm ready to present you with one of the Drabbles88 I wrote up! Finally picked a prompt for it, though it might need some explaining:
Drabbles88 -- Prompt 72 )

And finally, remember Butterfly Boy's dark fic the other day? It's turned into an RP thread, so I'm actually playing Victor as he actually goes Creative in the story (more or less). It's -- kind of creepy, actually.
-TTV: I noticed. I'm actually very glad you haven't got the appropriate icon for it.-
Scary Shiny Goggles scare ya?
-TTV: When they're on ME, yes. And you reading more "Madness Returns" news is not helping.-
I can't help it! GameTrailers showed a bit more footage from the game! *is intrigued like whoa*
Anyway, best get back to Touched!Victor.
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It's a Drabbles88! About the Trilogy universe! *all gasp in shock*
-D: *rolling eyes goodnaturedly* Okay, so it has been a while since you've written for straight BTTF, but does it really warrant that reaction?-
Yes, I believe it does. In continuing with the "I'm obsessed with the kidlets" theme, today's fic is all about a certain child's birthday -- thought not in the way you may think:
Drabbles88 -- Prompt 9 )
Speaking of kids, I'm making some progress on the "Secundus" grandkids. I have some couples and some preliminary kids:

Chester Van Dort & Allison Laidlaw: Walter Van Dort, Emma Van Dort (Walter's the other name Victor would give a boy, while Emma is just a name Allison likes)
Vincent Van Dort & Mabel Lloyd: Virginia Van Dort, Henry Van Dort (I wanted to continue the V theme with one kid, while Henry was one of Alice's alternate names for a son (yeah, Grandma and Grandpa get a lot of solicitations for names))
Lorina Van Dort & Douglas McFly: Norman McFly, Benjamin McFly (Norman's an in-joke toward the first Part II script (it was what Marty Jr/Douglas was GOING to be called), while Benjamin I just picked off the list)
Marlene McFly & Jules Brown: Electra Brown, Hector Brown (Doc DOES get the time machine working, and Jules and Marlene end up history nerds with a bit of an emphasis on Greek history. Electra, of course, is a shout-out to the card game, and I decided on Hector after coming up with the above excuse for Electra. :p)
Verne Brown & Mary Elizabeth Wright: Dorothy Brown (I just like Mary Elizabeth and Dorothy)
Isaac Brown (Still working on him!)
Jonathan Lloyd & Charlotte Dodgson: Franklin Lloyd, Flora Lloyd (adopted) (Again, just names I liked. I also figured Charlotte, being adopted herself, would be open to adopting another little girl.)

All of this is still a bit in flux -- Isaac needs a family, while I'll probably add a couple more kids to a few of these couples. All of them having two kids is way too neat.
-VD: Was that part of the reason behind Isaac?-
A little, yeah. I kind of wanted to give either Marty or Doc a third kid for variety, and Doc won out. And since I follow the fandom's tendency to give him a girl for the third kid (or, in Trilogy's case, two girls for the price of one), I decided on a third son to mix it up a little.
-J: I think you've got a bit of an addiction to making family trees.-
Hey, there are far worse ways for me to be spending my time.
-TTV: I have to ask -- are any of the grandchildren Touched?-
I would imagine a few are, yeah. Lorina probably passes it on to at least one of her kids, and Doc's strain would show up somewhere in the boys' families. This is a sciency lot in general, after all.
-TD: *laugh* Oh, we're more than aware.-
Okay, I'm running out of things to say here, so let me leave you with some weird-ass Z names I found on that Victorian Era names site:
Girls: Zona, Zylphia
Boys: Zebulon, Zedock
There were some other weird ones further up in the alphabet, but these are the ones that REALLY stuck out. For obvious reasons.
-TTV: *stare*-
-VuM: Suddenly "Fitzwilliam" doesn't seem so bad, huh?-
-TTV: I'll give you that it's better than "Zedock."-
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It's been a quiet one for me, though I do have some updates for you:
A Turret family update over in [ profile] ink_sec_sims (though it's not anything too epic)

The turrets' birthday party -- please go, if only to see Butterfly Boy's present

And, that Telltale Drabbles88 I was working on!
Drabbles88 -- Prompt 70 )

And that's about it for the nonce! I hope everyone had a good first of the year. :D
-VD2: No resolutions?-
Only one - finish "When Worlds Collide." And since I'm actually pretty close to the ending I want, I think I can actually keep it. (I'd add "The Tale" to that as well, except that I think I'm only around the midpoint on that. We'll see.)

Busy Day

Oct. 26th, 2010 10:04 pm
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Today is also a day of firsts -- the first time travel experiment ever, the first time travel experiment involving a human, the first time Doc died--
-D: Hey!-
It's true! And, after the mess in the first movie is fixed, we have the first alternate reality created by misuse of time travel thanks to Biff Tannen courtesy of the sequel.
-M: I gotta say, most of those are pretty sucky firsts.-
We know, Marty, we know.
Anyway, been a pretty good day for me. I watched Part II this afternoon, which was nice. Ahh, Backie goodness. I also updated revison_doc and did Dee's birthday party! So yes, a lot of today was me busy talking to myself. :p
-VD: I'm sure Gigs will reassure you it's a sign of intelligence.-
*snrk* I also have a drabbles88 for you -- I couldn't post it on Doc's birthday, so I'll present it to you now:
Drabbles88 -- Prompt 12 )

And now, while I'm here, a bit of babbling on the Telltale game and the latest news on that. I hadn't actually watched the third video/blog when I posted the link yesterday, so it came as a bit of a surprise to me to see Young Emmett Brown. I'm a little worried -- yo, Telltale, he's BLOND -- but I'm doing my best to remain optimistic. Which is really helped by the line at the end of the last video:
Marty: The usual? You lead a pretty unusual life, Doc.
Doc: It's an unusual universe, Marty.

*giggle* So true. Oh, BTTF, you are so great. *fingers crossed for the game*
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I've finally gotten under 500 words (497, to be exact) and into a form I like. So here it is for your reading pleasure (though let me remind you that there's the possibility of spoilerage -- I honestly don't remember discussing this particular bit in my LJ before):
Drabbles88 -- Prompt 62 )

So yeah, hope you enjoy that. I gotta figure out something to do to keep Victor from at least bonking me one.
-TTV: You can't say you don't deserve it.-
I probably do, but if I can use bribery to get myself off. . . .
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Specifically, Happy Birthday to Jennifer Parker/Claudia Wells, Huey Lewis, and my dad. We've had a pretty good day over here -- the muses have been holding their own little celebration for Jennifer (including taking care of the 10:04 post). As for the real world, my family actually ended up coming back home early -- the state park we went to was FILTHY. And I mean FILTHY. There was trash EVERYWHERE. And the employees seemed more interested in getting into trash fights than actually cleaning up.
-J: Eugh.-
Yeah, I know. We barely stayed a hour and a half. But we had a pretty nice time just hanging around the house, and Mom and I still got in our walk.
-J2: That's good, I guess.-
Yeah, considering I don't know the status of the walk tomorrow. It's supposed to be another hot one, and I've got work. . . *shudder*
Anyway -- since today is a BTTFy birthday, I figured I should post fic. Even if the only thing I have ready is George-centric. Still, writing is writing, and I really do want to knock off another Drabbles88. So, here we are:
Drabbles88 -- Prompt 74 )
Well, enjoy your fic, everybody! I'm off to find some Jennifer clips on YouTube.
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-Muses: o.O?-
Well, I figured you could do the 10:04 thing in your own journal.
-TD: *grin* Ah, okay.-
Anyway, to celebrate, I thought I'd post that drabbles88 I wrote a little while ago. Which, uh, doesn't feature the lady of honor. ^^; To be fair, the BTTF/CB proto-universe IS a trilogy effort. . .
Drabbles88 -- Prompt 4 )

Anyway, have a happy day, Clara -- I'm gonna get started posting stuff on the muse journal, and trying to think up things for the RP characters to do in [ profile] dear_multiverse. I actually do have one idea for Marty. . . .
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Today was a pretty good Saturday overall -- I had a good time at the mall. Weather was a vast improvement over December's trip.
-M2: I know, it was in the 40s! That's practically a heat wave these days!-
Tell me about it! Anyway, I hit all my usual shops. I hit Borders first, and used my gift card to buy a book:
Image Hosting by
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies
-TTV: . . . What?-
Somebody rewrote P & P to include zombie mayhem. I read the first few pages, and it looks FUCKING HILARIOUS. There's just something about Victorian-age women talking about fighting ZOMBIES that's really, really funny. The cover though, as you can see, is rather gruesome. Freaked my mom out.
-VD: I'm a little surprised it has no apparent effect on you.-
-TTV: *polite cough*-
-VD: . . . Good point.-
*snork* Anyway, I made a quick circuit of Hot Topic -- nothing there -- before hitting Newbury. They'd changed the store's layout, so I spent some time just wandering around and getting used to the new floor plan. Then I managed to blow my entire gift card (and then some) on three items:
Image Hosting by
Asylum Escape Sarah and T-1000. There was actually another set of T-2 mates (Motorcycle T-1000 and Battle-Damaged Sarah, but I decided to draw the line there)

Image Hosting by
G-2 era Ray and a glow-in-the-dark Slimer. I saw these before, and I couldn't help but fall in love with them. Besides, the other Bustermates need their "team pet." (There were also a set of ugly-looking creatures that were apparently from the GAME -- I decided to skip them because they actually managed to creep me out)

Image Hosting by
The GOOD DVD copy of Up. This is the purchase that caused me to go over -- I was determined to get the version of Up that had more extras than just the two shorts Pixar puts on every DVD (the theatrical short and the movie companion short). Of course, the good copy was more expensive, but what are you gonna do?
-M: No Alice or Corpse Bride stuff, huh?-
Eh, I wasn't really expecting any. I really did get into both fandoms waaaay too late.
-HD: Be of good cheer -- you're getting a sequel to the former, which could mean more toys.-
True! Or maybe a re-release of the old ones. Either way.
Anyway, after that was lunch at the Subway in the food court, then up to Dave and Buster's for games. Played some more Arcade Guitar Hero -- I'm actually getting really good at Beginner (the stage where you just use the strum bar). Got 95% on both songs I attempted. Also kicked ass at Mario Kart again, but I've had lots of practice on that.
-VD2: You know, for all your reluctance to get the behind the wheel of an actual car, you seem to have a soft spot for driving games.-
Hey, in driving games, if you crash, nobody actually gets hurt. Real-life crazy drivers are dangerous.
-D: She's got you there.-
Yeah. Anyway, finished off the trip with a hot chocolate from Ben & Jerry's. Which was tasty, but kept trying to go down the wrong pipe. (Also burned my tongue on it, but that seems to happen with EVERY cup of hot chocolate I get that isn't homemade.) So yeah, a good trip.
-OD: Even if it did result in more toys you have no room for.-
At the nonce -- I'm doing some more shelf-cleaning tomorrow. I've got a few ideas on how I could rearrange some stuff. . . .
In other news, Simon's had a lovely welcome to the Nexus, and I actually inspired someone to go watch the music videos he's from, plus "Geeks In Love" because that's cool too (and by the same people). Incidentally, I noticed something interesting about the latter video -- in the opening credits, the Too Much Spare Time Animation picture shows Simon and his squid! I'd noticed the squid before, but never Simon.
-RPD: *chuckles* I suppose this means you've settled on the idea of the boy from that couple being Simon's younger brother?-
Yup! They actually do look a little alike -- both red-heads with big noses. So yes, the boy from "Geeks In Love" is Carey Casey Garfunkle. Simon's parents weren't exactly good at naming kids, as you can see.
Also, I do believe I owe you guys fic. I'll be putting the Victor/Alice stuff in a post after this one (since I have to do the table as well), but you have have your Drabbles88 here. Warning, this one's a little on the depressing side:
Drabbles88 -- Prompt 71 )

All right, this entry's gone on long enough -- I have a table to fix up. Onward!

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