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A) I had a weird dream last night that I actually remember a bit of. In it, I discovered my Alice Dolly and my other toys were alive.

No, it wasn't a nightmare -- it was a comedy dream. XD I happened to catch Alice Dolly moving her eyes, nearly panicked and ran out the door screaming with her (while she flung up her arms to stop me), then I realized she honestly meant me no harm and just started playing with her and the other dolls. Discovered the Tap & Roar dragons aren't very fond of the first part (though it's not like they can bite). Favorite part was me going to ask Victor Plush and Alice Dolly something -- only to see them looking embarrassed with lipstick all over Victor's face. Cue me laughing and apologizing for interrupting.

B)My friend Gigs made a ponyform of her alter egos, so I might as well share the pony form I made of me:
Pony! )


"When Worlds Collide -- REALLY Collide" is FINALLY. DONE.

I finally got sick of waiting around, found a chapter break, and threw it up there. Enjoy the long-overdue last chapters of the NaNo Saga That Would Not End. I have a [ profile] charloft prompt to answer for [ profile] 8butterflyboy8.
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So just a couple of quick things tonight:
First, we have a post in the Inkwell featuring the three Victors. Its supposed purpose is to help tell Victors apart, but TTV's kinda right in me just wanting to babble on about them a bit.
-TTV: *knowing smile*-

Second, final NaNo Wordcount:

67000 / 50000 words. 134% done!

Yeah, I did manipulate things a bit to get it that exact. Tomorrow is my day off (we'll see if I actually DO take the day off writing), then we'll get back into the rotating schedule while I figure out holiday fics.

And now, bed. Night all!
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*tries to make this entry quick*
-->I think I've fixed my website troubles! It came to me last night, while I was mulling over something [ profile] anonymoose_au said, about it possibly being the length of the code causing my problem. It just smacked me out of the blue:
I could put TWO Custom HTML elements on the page!
And dividing up the load seems to work -- Chapter Six of Secundus is now unbroken! Here's the main Secundus page -- as you can see, we're up to Chapter Eight. I'm still working on Chapter 9, so expect a delay there.

-->[ profile] 8butterflyboy8 has found himself a place to hang out, maybe -- [ profile] charloft. Ironically, today's "mun-day" prompt was basically "hey, tell us about yourself!" so I got to make an introduction post. We'll see what happens from here. :)


66085 / 50000 words. 132% done!

-OD: *he and tentacles eye me* "Stopping at 65,000," hmmm?-
*blush* Well, I hit a good part. I may go for 67,000 even instead and take December 1st off.
-VD2: What about the holiday fics?-
Dunno -- maybe I'll do something like I did last year and do 12 Days of Secundus Christmas. I do want to play in the universe a bit more.

-->Random note -- my BTTF watch battery finally died -- well, the OTHER one died. Turns out I have two in this thing, one for the digital display and one for the hands. No worries, though, both are replaced and the watch is working fine. (Though it's weird for me to see the hands move, as that battery died long before the one for the digital display did.)

Yeeps, I really gotta hit the sack. Night!
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For a fairly quiet Sunday. Back to the grind tomorrow, though I only have two more weeks and a day to get through before I get almost a month off.
-D: So no having to worry about school for Christmas or your birthday, hmm?-
Nope! :D It's great.
Anyway, didn't do much today beyond walking, poking around the web, and "Secundus," so here's the wordcount:

63815 / 50000 words. 128% done!

Yeah, I'll definitely make 65,000. In fact, depending on how it goes, I may just have my final wordcount for the month be 65,000 and take the 30th off.
-VD2: That would be acceptable. Though it would be nice if you posted something on that day.-
Well, I do have that last 30 Dances fic. . . .
Anyway, not much else to say. Except I just found out today Leslie Neilsen died. :( RIP, Mr. Neilsen -- you were a great actor.
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On the Sims front, there's a big Doc update at [ profile] ink_sec_sims. I've achieved his goal of becoming a warlock! :D I also played the Jones family in Eureka -- Porthos continues to irritate me with his refusal to eat unless he's starving, but Allison's finally pregnant! Now to get some Elixir of Life into her so she doesn't become an elder while her baby's a toddler.

On the RP front, Alice has asked a question of the Nexus, thus setting up probable future plot for her and [ profile] deadgirlsliekme. I should get Steve & Gary out at some point too, they haven't seen action for a while.

And on the NaNo front, today's wordcount:

61505 / 50000 words. 123% done!

Not too shabby. I'm reasonably certain I can get to at least 65,000 by Tuesday. Maybe even 70,000.

Still not sure what to do about the website, though. Suppose, if worse comes to worst (short of just deleting the site), I could offer up webpage files or something for download. Rather fix the coding issue first, though. Hmmmm.
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I'm still trying to figure out what's going on with my Weebly NaNo site. I've come across this bit of code or text at the end of the broken "Secundus" chapter:

parent.resizeMe("scriptInclude460691907617144347"); parent.setInterval("resizeMe('scriptInclude460691907617144347')

Haven't the slightest clue what it means, but it marks where the page stops displaying properly. I don't know why it's doing this. I pasted in the text of Chapter 3 of "When Worlds Collide" into the "paragraph" element they provide, and all of that shows up fine, albeit without formatting. And yes, I could go in and bold, italicize, and otherwise add in code myself --
Except that I would want to KILL THINGS afterward! It's already a pain in the ass to put up fic here or on devART, where you have to do all the coding yourself, and what I put up in those cases are short fics! Do you know how LONG some of my NaNo chapters get?!
-D: There have to be alternative options.-
-VD2: There's no file upload feature at all?-
There's SORT OF one -- it allows you to upload a file that visitors can download. I haven't seen a damn thing for uploading HTML files and just using them as site pages. There's also an "embedding documents" feature for Pro users, but I'm annoyed enough without paying them money.
-M: So, what are you gonna do?-
Part of me is saying "Fuck WOT's rating and go back to Free Web Town." Part of me doesn't want to give up on Weebly just quite yet. I don't know, I'm indecisive at the moment. It's a bad habit of mine.
-OD: *tentacles gently patpat* Well, whatever you decide, we'll support you.-
Thanks, guys.

On a nicer note, the wordcount!

59595 / 50000 words. 119% done!

Actually, I wrote more than it looks like -- NaNo wordcount and WordPerfect wordcount rarely agree. I'm just happy that I will indeed make 60,000 words.
-TD: Think you could go for 75,000? A NaNo and a quarter?-
Only four days left -- I dunno. It would be nice, but I'm gonna try and be happy with whatever I get.
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It's been a quiet, low-key day around here. Our Thanksgiving lunch was bacon mushroom cheeseburgers and French fries, and they were yummy. :D The burgers were turkeyburgers, though, so I guess it sort of counts for the Thanksgiving spirit.

The muses are over at the Inkwell today -- the gang served up a nice big meal today, and then Clockwork got out the catapult. You see, somebody saw the "Punkin Chunkin" commercials on Discovery and realized, "Hey, I have something that can fling such objects!" *good-natured eye rolling* Boys. Since they're busy splatting pumpkins all over the Inkwell's yard, though, we need something else to entertain you. And fortunately, I have something!

Butterfly Boy icons!

"Uh, what?" I hear you ask. "What's so special about his icons?"

They're from concept art and storyboards I found online. I made them all myself.

"And what's so special about that?"

I made sixty.

Yes, I see you all staring in shock. I'm dead serious. Here, allow me to supply proof:
The many faces of Victor! Well - actually, the many variations on anxiety of Victor. )

Yeah, so, I went a little icon-happy there. Feel free to come up with funny captions/keywords for any of them (and if you do, share!)

Now, I wanted to have another page of "Secundus" up for you today, but it appears Chapter 6 of same suffers from the same glitch as Chapter 2 of "When Worlds Collide." More research will have to be done. In the meantime, here's what NaNoWriMo said my winning word count was:

58178 / 50000 words. 116% done!

Not bad, eh? I'll hopefully be able to share it with all of you later.
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Had a decent day at school, though I'm glad to be out for four days. Too much college wears on your nerves.
-D: Well, after this, only two more weeks, and then you get about a month off.-
I know. :D It'll be lovely.
Anyway, some updates from the world of the RP and Sims journals:
A Furkin update from [ profile] revison_doc. I meant to post this sooner, but I just kept forgetting, what with, you know, my other computer dying. And yes, the house I have built for them is on the impractical side, but once they all have jobs and are getting good paychecks, I'll see about remodeling.

Dee's Nexus intro to the gang -- in script format, as I didn't feel like talking to myself all night. Crossposted to [ profile] clockwork_doc and [ profile] dee_lorean81, so sorry if you see it twice!

And, my wordcount:

54822 / 50000 words. 110% done!

Onto Chapter 8, where Emily will make an appearance. I think I'm gonna try to get at least another 10,000 words out. I think that's more than doable, especially with my four days off now. *write write write*
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--->I'm too used to having my messenger programs load automatically. This was a problem on the Old POS too, of course, but it's a little weird to not realize you're not getting any updates or anything because you forgot to turn your programs on.

--->EasyShare software and WordPerfect all loaded up. EasyShare seems to be okay, but WordPerfect's a bit glitchy, it appears. I had a brief moment where it kept telling me I couldn't save my work because it couldn't open the file. And trying to open up my stories via it led to the application freezing. I think this is because my current WordPerfect program is from 2002. Have to look into getting a more current version.

--->I've plugged my old computer speakers into Chester, but I can't seem to transfer my audio output to them. Must fuss with that.

--->I just don't feel right being on the laptop this late. And the big gap where the Old POS used to sit is throwing me off too. *hates adjusting*

--->On the plus side, wordcount:

52690 / 50000 words. 105% done!

Not as good as I was doing, but the pressure's off to win, so. . . . I'm still gonna be focusing on Secundus throughout the month, though. When December comes, then I'll go back to my other stuff (Secundus will remain in the line-up, of course.)

All right, time to put on some music, as it is way too quiet.
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50000 / 50000 words. 100% done!

And yes, I seriously stopped at exactly 50,000 words. I kept an eye on the wordcount in WordPerfect so I could. XD We achieved total domination as Sir Christopher met Victoria.
-VD2: So -- now what?-
Not sure, though I definitely want to keep going and see how much farther I get. I just don't know if I want to set a specific goal, like 75,000. Though next year, I'm seriously thinking that, just to finish the story within the month, I should do a double NaNo.
-D: *eyes "When Worlds Collide"*-
. . .I could finish a story in 100,000 words! I'm sure I remember how! Somewhere deep down!

NaNo News

Nov. 20th, 2010 11:55 pm
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(Eat fresh)

47455 / 50000 words. 95% done!

Finished Chapter 6 and into Chapter 7 -- I'm introducing Sir Christopher Lloyd the White Knight right now. Emily will also be introduced in this chapter, and Victoria will be meeting the White Knight. Emily will probably meet Richard in the next chapter, and then we'll have what I call the "sunlit days" section, where all the couples have a bit of happy time before Lewis gets jealous, Barkis arrives, and things start going to hell.
-TTV: *sigh*-
It wouldn't be a story without conflict! Though speaking of conflict, my damn Weebly site has run into a problem. The code broke on Chapter 2 of When Worlds Collide, and I have no idea how to get it to unbreak. (For edification purposes, the chapter does NOT end "Just then, his watch beeped." The links right below it should be centered, and the footer's all screwed up as well.) I've sent in a support ticket, so we'll see what comes of that.
-TD: Can't you just upload the web pages directly?-
Can't find any way to do that. Maybe I should poke around more. . . .
Weird note of the day -- Weebly also sent me an e-mail saying, "Yay, your site's popular!" Over 198 page views, apparently. Wonder how many were me checking up on what I'd uploaded. :p
Other news of the day: The Ink Sims Update Post is up at [ profile] inkwell_bar, for those of you who fell behind in reading it/prefer your updates to come in chunks. And [ profile] 8butterflyboy8 tried to cheer me up over at [ profile] dear_mun. I've been feeling a little crazy lately because a lot of schoolwork is coming due soon, plus I'm doing NaNo and I want to have time for Sims and such as well, so. . . . And yeah, I'm really itching to get him out and about. Maybe that Inkwell post isn't such a bad idea. (And I ought to update in either Dee or Doc's journal about Dee's introduction to the others. Might do that in fanfic form, though.)
Anyway! It's almost midnight, so I shall be taking some break time in order to stave off the crazy.
-HD: *eyes me knowingly*-
MORE crazy, then.
-VM: You can get crazier?-
Oh hush.
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44885 / 50000 words. 90% done!

Victor's just had a revelation that'll set up the pairings. Poor guy, his love life is so awkward.
-TTV: You think YOU would have a talent for avoiding that.-
Awkward makes for good storytelling. If it pleases you, though, I think we're going to avoid "hyped up on caffeine" Victor.
-TTV: Good.-
Okay, back to work on the NaNo site.
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41940 / 50000 words. 84% done!

I think the 50,000 word part is gonna end with Chapter 6, possibly the beginning of Chapter 7. Victor's just about to meet Victoria. The two families are meeting in a coffee shop -- shall I invite disaster and give Victor a cup?
-TTV: I think you're going to be doing quite enough to him at the end of the story!-
Aww, but you're so funny when you're hyper!
-TTV: -.--
We'll decide later, they haven't even gotten in the door yet.
And in other news, I decided to go ahead and do it: Check out my NaNo Site Still not sure what I'll do about BTTV, but at least for now you get to read my NaNos. Weebly's way of building sites is a little weird, but I rather like the drop-down menus. So far, only the "Secundus" portion of the site has the actual story on it, but I'll be uploading the "When Worlds Collide" and "The Tale" bits over this weekend. I hope you enjoy!
-VD2: Well, having them up on their own site just might give you the push needed to finally complete them. . . .-
Oh hush.
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39393 / 50000 words. 79% done!

We're starting Chapter Six, and Victor's parents have come onto the scene! Nell is being horrible as usual. I think Victor will meet Victoria and realize he's fallen in love with Alice this chapter. Next chapter should introduce Emily and start getting couples together. (Yes, I do intend to have a real plot at some point, but this actually needs to be done.)

Oh, and I'm really sorry if I've been late/missing tags -- hotmail's down, so I'm not getting alerts like I should. *grumble*
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Of course, this one's short, as it's just my word count meter:


37155 / 50000 words. 74% done!

Just a pinch over three-quarters of the way done. And I just finished Chapter Five. *shakehead* I'm disturbingly good at "verbose," it appears.
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35121 / 50000 words. 70% done!

Cheshire is advancing the theory that Victor isn't really scared of much -- he's just mad as a hatter and thus never felt comfortable around the normals.
-TTV: . . .Anything I could say to try and refute that sounds like an insult to either myself or to Alice and DG Victor. Is this your secret justification for your OTP?-
. . .Holy crap, maybe it is. O.o
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Word Count

32805 / 50000 words. 66% done!

Victor Van Dort is currently experiencing the weirdest tea party of his life. I love writing Victor at the Wonderland tea parties -- it's so much fun. :D

And [ profile] 8butterflyboy8 has a new entry with the cast list, so to speak: Characters Galore Though it occurs to me I ought to edit it to add at least March and Cheshire to the lists. . . .
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Today with less chasing!

And more spaces to keep it from being covered up by my icon!

And I don't have a witty line for this space!

30477 / 50000 words. 61% done!
Chapter 4 ended with an awkward semi-romantic moment between Victor and Alice, and Chapter 5 is all about a Wonderlandian tea party in the basement of Mad Hatter Haberdashery. I think Chapter 6 will start more plot-related things, as that's when the Van Dorts and Everglots will show up.
-RPM: How long is this going to be, anyway? Chapter-wise, I mean?-
I have NO FREAKING CLUE. I have a rough timeline of events, but I have no idea how it'll translate to chapters.


Nov. 12th, 2010 11:57 pm
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-Docs: *chase*-
-Docs: *chase chase*-
-Martys, Jennifers, and TTV: *eat popcorn*-
-.- You guys are such jerks.
-VM: Hey, we're not the ones who wrote about what is probably the most embarrassing moment in Doc's life.-
-TTV: You get no sympathy from me on the basis of that wedding night fic.-
*run run*
-Docs: *catching up*-
-TD: *readying a gun* Now, if you don't--
-Voice: No, please! I need her!-
*everyone stops and stares at Tie-Twister in confusion*
-Voice: Over here.-
*everyone turns to see Victor the Third, aka Butterfly Boy*
-TD: Stay out of this, newbie. This doesn't concern you.-
-Butterfly Boy: But if you kill her now, my world will never be finished!-
-MF: Your world's never going to be finished anyway; it's one of her NaNos.-
-Butterfly Boy: You need to at least give her - and myself - the chance! Please!-
-D: Did you even see the fic?-
-Butterfly Boy: I understand it's a h-horrible act of p-perversion, but I really would like my b-backstory completed. Also, Clockwork says t-that's it's really not the w-worst she's done.-
And he would know!
-HD: *arching eyebrow* This is the case FOR letting her live? I'm mad and even I know that's not a particularly compelling argument.-
-WRM: Yeah, this makes you want her to FINISH your story?-
-Butterfly Boy: I wouldn't exist without her! And even if it does turn out -- strangely -- at least it'll be mine. Please?-
-VD2: *stricken* Oh, God, please not the puppy dog look.-
-Butterfly Boy: *totally giving them the puppy dog look*-
-VD: *giving up because it's Victor and his puppy dog look would make Satan feel bad* Fine, she may live. But we want something in return for this!-
All you had to do was ask. . . . *gives Butterfly Boy all the hugs*
And while we're talking NaNo, wordcount:

28405 / 50000 words. 57% done!
Victor and Alice have had an awkward moment due to Alice having to tell him about her time in Rutledge, but right now they're getting along splendidly.
-Butterfly Boy: *half-joking* You're sure this is about me and not DG Victor?-
*pokes him gently* Once you're settled properly, maybe I can find you your own Alice.
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First, my word count for the day:

26262 / 50000 words. 53% done!

Victor's met Alice, the Cheshire Cat, and has been attacked by a snark, which Alice just killed. Not bad for a night's work.

Secondly, [ profile] 8butterflyboy8 has some updates:
The Basics of Victor: a little bio on him (with lots copied and tweaked from [ profile] deadgirlsliekme's old BTR app, admittedly)
The Basics of "Secundus": some notes I made to develop the world of the NaNo. Includes a lexicon of some of the terms, some general setting info, some specific info on Secundus itself, and a list of important places that also serves as a list of a lot of the in-jokes/crossover cameos

Thirdly, has a story by Bob Gale where he debunks a lot of BTTF misinformation. Under one of the stories is a mention of some actors who auditioned for Marty:
"I know for sure that we auditioned Johnny Depp"
-Martys and TTV: *STARE at each other*-
Between this and Alice's new "butterflies" trick in her sequel, I'm starting to wonder if my fandoms just WANT to be crossed over!

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