Feb. 7th, 2017

Wet Tuesday

Feb. 7th, 2017 10:53 pm
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While the wintry mix never really reared its head, it was certainly rainy and miserable pretty much all day. And the weather's only supposed to get weirder: tomorrow's forecast is kinda drizzly, but with temps up in the 50s. Thursday, however, is supposed to be a nasty snow storm, to the point where the weather forecasters are already anticipating closings! And then Friday is supposed to be clear but pretty damn cold, then SOME form of precipitation returns on Saturday -- I've seen both rain and snow on different sites. What was it Lewis Black said once? "In four days, I experienced five seasons?" I guess we'll see what happens. . .it's not like I'll say NO to a snow day. (So long as it's an actual snow day and not an early release, since that rarely ends up with me actually getting home early. Stupid commute. . .)

In other news, Chapter 13's edits are done. I revised the ending of the chapter and I'm just -- I'm full of squee over it, seriously. I might go for another early update tomorrow just so I can squee over it with people. (It's a heck of a lot shorter than the chapter that proceeded it!) Just one more chapter to go, and "Remembering You" is done, w000! Of course, that means I'll have to start on "Fixing You. . ." Though I think I'll take a quick break first, maybe do a prompt table for some of my other AUs. It's been pretty much Forgotten Vows all the time for a while -- I could use a bit of fun in other worlds.

I also got the Cuddlepile (AU where there's an OT6 with Victor, Victoria, Emily, Alice, and human versions of the White Knight and the Hatter (Christopher White and Richard Hatter respectively) going on in roughly the modern day) explanatory post up on The Valice Multiverse, which is nice. Already starting on the Born With Thorn one -- I'm getting into the less-developed/smaller verses now, which makes things easier. And it's actually helping me develop some of my verses more (for example, Valice: Madness Returns has a definite spin-off date now from the main verse -- it's the end of Chapter 16 of "Finding You"), which is great. Even if this is taking way longer than anticipated, I'm glad I'm doing it for that alone.

So yeah, pretty productive night! And I got hot chocolate out of it too. :) Right now, though, it's time to answer a few last things and wrap things up. Thursday may be a bit up in the air, but I definitely have work tomorrow. Night all, sleep tight!

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