Feb. 21st, 2017

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Because OMG, how the work piled on today:

-->First Bob had me take on some spreadsheets he'd prepared -- I have to add the parish ID numbers to the parish names (not too difficult, but it does require some back and forth to match the right names with the right numbers) -- would have gotten more done on this today if everything else hadn't gone to hell

-->Then we had a weird problem with our credit cards where somebody's pledge had automatically populated a paycash when it shouldn't have, and pretty much my entire morning was eaten up trying to figure out how it had happened (end result -- random glitch as not even the blackbaud people could figure it out -- as the guy wasn't actually charged, we just deleted the paycash)

-->Then the pledge billing duplicates came in -- fortunately those were easy to handle

-->I finally got the GL done, along with the daily confirmation e-mails, direct debits, and credit cards

-->Apparently there's another mailing for CAP that I have to gather addresses for (thanks for telling me about that, R)

-->I also have to approve some pledge billing proofs

-->And of course there's another import from LC to handle -- not to mention I have to track down some "problem" maintenance to see what's going on from the actual pledge cards

Yeaaaah, not my most fun day at work. At least the time went by. *sigh*

Evening has been better:

-->Dad ruled out the house Mom and I saw yesterday (too close to the neighbors on one side, and the neighborhood isn't as nice as it looked), but Mom's already got a new possibility lined up. They're going to see that one tomorrow.

-->I got another page done on "Fixing You," though I'm still struggling a bit to get into my writing groove (I blame being in "edit" mode for so long). Still, it's coming together, and despite Alice worrying about Victor, they're having some cute moments together.

-->Caught up on Comics Curmudgeon and Cake Wrecks, as I neglected them over the long weekend.

-->Caught up on both tumblrs and set up queue for The Valice Multiverse (though I had to delete a frankly disgusting ask).

-->Answered all comments and PMs that I had waiting in my inbox, w000! Also left a review on a story that I've been meaning to catch up on, so that's nice.

Productive! We'll see how long I can keep it up. :P Right now, though, I should really get to bed. Night all!

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