Feb. 22nd, 2017

crossover_chick: Doc in goggles and holding a big old plug with the words "feeling sparky..." (BTTF: feeling sparky/creative)
Though I managed to get most of the things from yesterday done -- Bob's spreadsheets have all their ID numbers set, the pledge billing slips should be good to go, and I got another import in, as well as a direct debit and an extra credit card payment. Almost done with the names for CAP, but that needs a little extra TLC. Ah well, should be good to go tomorrow.

As for tonight:

-->More written on "Fixing You" -- things are coming together now, especially since I'm up to a scene I've technically prewritten. Story is taking shape!

-->Watched Helloween's first impressions of a new Berserk game (as in the manga/anime series). He likes it, and it was reasonably fun to watch him play through the first bit. Combat's a hell of a lot more fun to watch than the previous Berserk game he was playing -- not nearly as slow. Yay fast combos!

-->Also watched that clip of Doc and Marty visiting Jimmy Kimmel Live that I somehow managed to miss a couple of years ago. YouTube was an ass and wouldn't let me watch it until I fiddled with my adblock, but I eventually got it working, and it was so worth it. Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox still have fantastic chemistry, and Huey Lewis showing up in the audience as his "Band Judge" character was amazing. XD Good stuff.

-->Did a little more queueing for my main tumblr -- though one of the posts I've made, a round-up of all the Forgotten Vows Verse fics I've done, I've already realized is incomplete. You see --

I'd completely forgotten I have a few Christmas shorts from that verse hanging around. AND I'm pretty sure I also forgot a Secundus 25 Foods prompt trying to figure out where the former were. . . I need to do my taxes this weekend -- maybe I should also take a moment and hunt down every last fic that's either Forgotten Vows or Secundus-related so I can finally have complete lists of everything I've written for those two universes! (I suppose it says something that I've been prolific enough in these universes to FORGET all the stuff I've written for them. . . Though, interestingly, two of my Forgotten Vows Christmas fics are now AUs because I wrote them before I nailed down the main story.)

Anyway! Time to go bed, I think. Hunting down drabbles can wait until later. Supposed to be pretty nice tomorrow -- 50s by the coast, possibly 60s inland. Keep your fingers crossed! Night all!

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