Mar. 15th, 2017

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Both in going to work -- as I said yesterday, I had an hour's delay this morning -- and in one of our tasks -- certain parish reports had to be held back because they need adjustment reports. . .except I'm having a hard time figuring out what the adjustments ARE. Need my supervisor to help me, and she's only getting back tomorrow (storms stranded her for an extra day). :( Well, hopefully tomorrow we can clear all of this up and get it moving again. Fingers crossed.

Also some delayed news for you -- I forgot to mention I bought some more Sims 4 stuff packs! Specifically, Perfect Patio Stuff (necessary for those lots my friend Nebby made), Romantic Garden Stuff (since I felt it fit in well with the former), and Kids Room Stuff (as one of my couples DOES have a small one now who would benefit). I am holding off on the others, though Origin was really pushing Vintage Glamour Stuff on me. Funny how I managed to never buy a stuff pack for Sims 2. .but then again, you get a bit more this time around with these. I still think the ice cream maker from Cool Kitchen Stuff is awesome. :) Really need to try out the popcorn maker too from Movie Hangout. . .

But that's for later. Today:

-->I got more of "Fixing You" written (on their way to the Ball & Socket to reunite with Arthur and Lorina, while chatting about stuff like why June is at Houndsditch -- as you can imagine, Bonejangles nearly panics when he learns Bumby hired her and Alice has to quickly calm him down)

-->I found the time to watch the next Sims Supply Vampires video (rapid-aging the baby born in the last video because James apparently hates toddlers and didn't consider the fact that kids and teens had to go to school, then building her new little cell apart from the others)

-->I did more of my tumblr queue, including another Londerland Bloodlines snippet and getting this old Christmas fic up on the website (which has clued me into the existence of a RELATED Christmas fic that I AGAIN have to track down. . .it's Victor and Alice revisiting Houndsditch for the holidays, only to hear Charlie's being adopted)

-->I answered all my PMs and comments (thanks to the power of "having some break time at work to draft things out")

Doesn't look like a heck of a lot, but I feel quite productive nonetheless. And as I do have a normal day of work tomorrow, I'd best to get bed. Night all, sleep tight, here's a cool music video to enjoy either before bed or when you wake up!

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