Mar. 16th, 2017

crossover_chick: Doc looking very sarcastically over his shoulder (BTTF: in a sarcastic mood)
Started with a crash on the highway making traffic drag -- that wasn't where the signs said it was when we finally got to the right exit (I'm guessing it was cleared by the time we reached where it had been), continued through discovering my PeopleFinder submission from a couple of weeks ago for CAP had been returned to my SUPERVISOR'S e-mail address despite me being the one who sent it, and ended with my parents seeing a house, liking it enough to make an offer (without me giving my opinion on it, mind -- I didn't even see pictures of the place until I got home) -- and then discovering the guy who listed it may not actually own the house, and. . .yeah, it looks like we may have very narrowly avoided being scammed. *sigh* I didn't even get a full page on "Fixing You" today -- I was just too unmotivated after supper to keep going with what I wrote before it.

On the plus side, I've caught up on my Valice Multiverse tumblr queue; read this rather interesting and hilarious folktale; and found out what was wrong with those reports that needed adjusting (turns out one of the other reports was double-counting gifts from last Friday, so once that was sorted it turned out a lot more of them matched up than I thought). So some positives to the day, at least. Still, I'm glad tomorrow's Friday. Just three days and I still need a weekend. Which may have some more snow showers in it thanks to it being colder than the norm. . . *sigh* I just need to go to bed, really. Hopefully tomorrow will be somewhat better. Night all!

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